Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The C word

It's coming you know.
I have seen the odd twinkle of lights in the shops. Dunelm Mills has a sign out wishing it's customers a Merry one already. I've seen sightings of the first smug organized present buying person (yes, well done, jolly good). (Can you tell I'm not one of them. I feel a bit mean now. Sorry.) (Not very though). The turkeys are being fattened as we speak. Yes, the run up to Christmas has begun.


For all I'm a Christian I'm not really into christmas. Certainly not the expense and the angst of present buying and the "and all the trimmings". Plus I ahve a lot of extra work and have to think of a new way of saying "God loved us so much he chose to be born one of us, a baby in Bethlehem, ins't it amazing?" When really that sentence is all you need (Might try that at the carol service this year). PLUS if I do try and get organized my children tell me off because it is not December yet and far too early to be thinking about Christmas.
I can't win.

But I have now made 11 Christmas cards. One as a prototype of the card I will make this year. 10 as a template challenge on Carolyn's forum. I won't bore you with them all, just my favourites!

I'd do more like this but I only have one of these trees left. Plus look how much of that gorgeous may arts ribbon I used!
And this one uses DCWV Christmas stack. I ordered this late last year so I would have unique funky cards this year. And of course this year they arrived in the UK and everyone has got them... The pudding I got from dies to die for.

So how to survive Christmas?
I know some people thrive on it and I'm happy for them, I really am. I think the secret is to work out what is important for you and your family and find some way to make it meaningful. So for me, it's making sure Christmas is calm, low key - still fun! about the joy of welcoming Jesus, God with us and being family centered. Whether Christmas has a religious significance to you or not, I think it can still be about love and bringing light to a dark time of the year.
So whether you are a Scrooge like me, or a real Mrs Christmas - Enjoy!
Bah. Humbug.

Right better post this before the children notice...


Kathy said...

I'm almost sure it was you who gave me a hard time last week when I mentioned the C word!

I have still made only the 22 C cards I was so smug about back then....I suppose I'll have to make some more though.

A low-key Christmas eh? I think our Christmas Day will be fine, reasonably peaceful and quiet. It's the lead up that is frantic and really gets to me - with family all over the place getting gifts and cards etc organised is a bit of anightmare

Saffa said...

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