Wednesday, June 07, 2006

All quiet

Nothing really to report at the moment.
Oh I have had some parcels though!
1: My first set of photo stamps. They are called 'darling boys' but some of the babies you can't tell!

I've used one already on a Father's Day card. Still learning with these photostamps though.
Bought them here and sadly she has loads more to choose from!

2: My Self Addressed Kit arrived. Still not sure about the cards. They have a slit and an stable door kind of opening that just remind me of women in Burkha's. Could be fun though. And the papers are adorable.
The grey thing is a flower chipbaord book. Any ideas how to use it?
The embellishment add on is fun, fun, fun. I love alphas but have to force myself to use them!
3: My ribbon kit from Shoebox trims. 10 yards of ribbon in these sorts of coloursbut none of those are ribbons. There are quite a few gorgeous multi coloured ones to put in my ribbon boxes and coo over.
4: Some train tickets.
(Lythan gets out her soap box, tests if it will carry her weight as she is bound to stamp a bit and steps on)
Here is what I want.
What I want is to book a train ticket to somewhere and pay one price. Possibly get a little taken off for early booking, but basically you log on/phone up and it doesn't matter when or where you just get your ticket.
I don't care if it is a Supersaver or an InAdvanceOffPeakSaver or even an UltraSaverticket withwingsforaddedprotection. One basic price and you can call it what you like.
But no.
To book a ticket you have to have the cunning of a fox.
to attempt to barter with the internet ("ten for that you must be mad?" "I'll thrown in a gourd")
you can only purchase tickets if you have dosed up on Valium and are wearing a hat to stop you tearing your hair out.
Or maybe its just me.

I needed to order two return tickets from Paddington to Exeter in early July. Didn't have exact times til now. Go on Friday, return Monday.
First and cheapest option on both Trainline and the Rail Company was £118. Each.
Then I noticed on trainline that singles can be cheaper. It turns out that they cost £12 each with a reserved seat. That makes (including card fee) a total of £49.50 for two. And i ordered them yesterday at 3:45 pm and they arrived today.
Fantastic service! Excellent price!
So why wasn't there a return for £24 mentioned anywhere?
It doesn't make sense.
Yes I get the additional smug pleasure of having secured what seems to be a bargain, but I'd rather just be offered that price in the first place.
Thank you ladies and gentlemen have a good afternoon
(Lythan replaces soap box where she found it)

On a lighter note, Carys came home from school with the cutest freckles on her nose.
Here they are


Anita said...

I like the colours your ribbons have come in... better they are even better in the flesh!

Those papers are pretty cute too, I might have to pop round to ooh and ahh over them :D

maggie said...

Oh Lythan you made me laugh when you got on your soap box booking tickets isn't as simple as it used to be.I love the colour of your ribbons.