Friday, June 09, 2006

Father's day

is coming up.
I can never think of what to buy my Dad - he has everything he needs really so i will have to rack my brains. I'll have a bit longer because he is off to Canada on Thursday so won't ge this pressie until July! (What do you mean I could have given it to him early?!!!!)
I have just been on Amazon and ordered him some books to arrive on Tuesday so he can decide which, if any, to take with him. see I am a thoughtful daughter after all!
(Watch my mother laugh heartily at that one)

Someone asked me to do a father's Day card for her - ulp!
I've made 5 to choose from and one can also go to Dad. Which would you choose?

ties with lovely Pepper Tharp stickers that I can't find anywhere now!

Golfing rubons, Self Addressed kit (Dec) paper

new stamp! SA Kit as above, ribbons have shrunk :(

Crate paper mm-mm (shame you can't touch it cos its lovely to stroke!), tin embellies from somewhere in a sale. Yes the paper is 'slightly squiffy'. I'm starting a new fashion

Pepper Tharp sticker on acetate over Paris Map paper which was from an old SA kit I bought in their shop. Hadn't worked out how to use it and so pleased I did. And FOUR brads. (Trouble is that detail only makes a card precious to acard maker not the recipient)

Oooh last night someone said their husband hadn't believed I'd made their anniversary card as it was too professional. What a compliment!

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