Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ho hum

Life is pootling along. Actually it is quite hard at the mo but not stuff I can share on here just yet.
Oooh I love the air of mystery :)
So i think we will have some good stuff/bad stuff

Good stuff:

  • the boys are doing scarily well in their exams (if they get under 70% I think there is a problem - and that s in maths and everything)
  • Carys got 18 out of 20 in her spellings. Her average used to be about 3 so she has made huuuuge improvements
  • My Dad got his Fathers Day cards and pressie in time before the holiday and he loved them all! i sent him the boy in the bath one and the person who wanted one chose the golf one which she is really pleased with.
  • I posted my flower/sentiment orange card on the Self Addressed Gallery and Michell from Purple Onion hadn't realised that her own mini sentiment stamps fit the hole in the card so well. How chuffed am I!
  • Finished Tell No-one and it was good to the end. Made some more flower cards and a congrats for my Goddaughter who did really well in her singing and dancing exams (my influence obviously)

Bad stuff:

  • Looks like my church keys were stolen from the door today. An internal door which should be safe. While I was in the room. Someone asked to sit in the church and pray. And wandered about a bit. We suspect that the young man of whom we asked if he had the keys several times, might have dropped them outside and come back. Looks like a job for the metal detector. Life is fun.
  • The thing that cannot be named that is hanging over me.
  • After school on Monday a friend got into an altercation with someone about dog droppings near the school. I panicked and moved away and now feel hugely guilty about not sticking up for her. I don't often go to school now so haven't been able to apologise (I've only got an old mobile number and she's ex directory). Why am I such a wimp! (Actually it may not have been wise to get involved but i could have checked she was ok)

But life is mostly good and I have many blessings to be thankful for.Here are some I prepared earlier...

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