Thursday, June 15, 2006

My first tag!

In honour of this momentous occasion - a tag from NZJane I am blogging for the second time in about 12 hours!
20 things about me! And I will try and make them ones you don't already know.

  1. My full name is Lythan Elisabeth Laughing-Eyes Nevard. Laughing-Eyes was giving to me by an American Indian when I was 6. It was her name and I took the giving of it very seriously. It's not on my passport though.
  2. I look exactly like both my parents only they don't look alike. Scary.
  3. It is my birthday soon. I get a bit over excited waiting for it to happen and then end up being grumpy on the day. My dad is exactly the same.
  4. I am left handed. No-one in my parents family is. My mum says its a birth defect cos I was breech (she's almost forgiven me for the trauma 40 odd years later...)
  5. I am married to the most patient, loving, wonderful man called Phil. He has put up with my for over 18 years which have flown by and I love him more now that I ever did before. And I haven't only written that because he reads my blog... BUT I met his brother a year or so earlier. Didn' realise they were realted until I was putting Phil's phone number in my address book and realised his was the same as Animal's (not his real name)
  6. I am still a little bit scared of dogs even though I have owned one for 13 years.
  7. I am a little bit scared of cows when there are more of them that me in a field.
  8. I love lime pickle and would put it on all my food but Phil gets upset at his 'delicately flavoured' dishes being ruined by a smack of lime pickle
  9. I would love to be a bridesmaid again.
  10. If I could do any job in the world I would be a backing singer. Although it would be hard to give up being a Minister as well...
  11. I find it hard to eat without reading at the same time.
  12. I have the radio on all night in case I wake up so I don't start thinking... 5 live is best for this because they drone on without music which wakes me up...
  13. One day I thought I would buy a few cards to put some canvas crosses on. I blinked and then found I had about £500 worth of card making stuff. Oh Phil that was a typo I meant £50.
  14. I have more card making stuff than I can ever use but that doesn't stop me buying more. Sigh.
  15. If I didn't pluck away (or shave when I get desperate/lazy) I would only have one eyebrow. I'm too tight to pay for electrolysis but the thought of being scary Auntie Lythan with the one monobrow and moustache is the stuff of nightmares.
  16. I am an extremely sarcastic and bitchy person who has to work hard as a Christian not to let these traits get the better of me. Miss those days though...
  17. I have a very filthy mind. If you see me smirk you know I have twisted what you said into a double entendre worthy of a carry on film.
  18. My parents are both 5' 7 so I fully expected to be that height. At almost 41 I am beginning to realise that it won't happen and I am stuck at 5'2 and A HALF.
  19. I have a broken knuckle on my right ring finger which won't bend into a fist any more. So I've had to give up the boxing. I can still play the piano and harp and it is an excelltn excuse for when I stuff up.
  20. My family make me laugh every day. I thank God that we all share the same sense of humour and can inflict it on the rest of the world.

How old do you think I am in this pic?

16... The other person is Sue from Swansea who also looks a tad more glamorous now!

Here is the most recent but not flattering pic of me (note to self, pull in tum and hitch up top when daughter is taking photo)


Kelly K said...

It's amazing when reading these how many similar traits I share with others.... interesting! Oh and Lythan, WHERE have you been hiding those chests lady?!!

Jane said...

well done Lythan ! love the piccys