Thursday, June 01, 2006

Take that Anita

"Only one blog entry while on holiday. "
Here is number 2!!!!
Would I have bothered if you hadn't set the challenge. Hmmm not telling!

Yesterday was a fabby mooch about day.
In the morning we visited Phil's brother Martin, his wife Lousie and my adorable nephew Jack. Jack was born 3 months premature but at almost 7 is the picutre of health and a real sweeite. The four cousins got on so well, despite the vast age difference. It helps that Hywel adores playing with little kids!
IN the afternoon we went to Mumbles where Emrys and Carys played in the park

Hywel read and posed for moody teenage shots

and then, of course , we went to Verdi's.
Here Carys decides which of the toffee and strawberry flavours she likes best.

I went for lemon sorbet and strawberry yoghurt
Mum ate black cherry

This is what the inside of Verdi's looks like. Why are we on seperate tables? Lets just say that everyone is speaking again now...

And here is the view of my dad I would have if he hadn't taken Phil DIY shopping for the third time today. They have gone to the Enterprise Zone. The shopping black hole of Swansea from whence few return...

Last night I spent vegging at my friend Sue's house. Carys slept over with my beautiful god-daughter Nerissa. We are meeting in a mo to take some arty photo shots in Clyne Gardens so you'll see more of them in due course.
Right I'm back to relaxing.....

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Anita said...


sounds like you are having a great time! Can't wait to see the rest of your pics!