Thursday, June 29, 2006

My dogs are barking

Ow! Ow! Ow!
I'm getting no sympathy from Phil who says that you should only wear shoes that you can walk in because that is what they are for...
Anyway I went to London yesterday with my MBF (Ministerial Best Friend) Anne, to meet up with Father Keith and Metrosexual Cecil, two lovely URC Ministers from Cambridge and Ipswich who happen to be members of London clubs and promised us unsophisticated left wing types a glimpse of how the others live...
They reminded us to dress proper (!) and thought we should not eat in the club dining room in case we were too loud (!). Anyway we did and we weren't.
I bought a new dress for the occasion. It is a jersey type wrap dress which is very flattering but looked better with heels so I thought "well I won't have to walk too far" so decided to go for it. I usually wear flat shoes all the time and having small feet it means that heels are higher that on larger feet (that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it). So I set off looking all smart and gorgeous (as much as I ever can anyway).
Anne and I arrived a little early at the National Liberal Club so sat in the park on the Embankment and chatted a while. We then rather blotted our copybooks by attempting to enter through the servants door.
Anyway we had an amazing time - wonderful company, talking about faith, worship, URC gossip and being very rude: fantastic food and an awesome building. I have now seen the actual Gladstone bag!

Then we walked to Whippels (next to Westminster Abbey) so that Keith could buy a canterbury cap then walked round Clarence House to Green Park and the Royal Overseas League for cream tea on the terrace. I then hobbled home. I have about 6 blisters and aching feet. But also a wide grin from all the fun. Cecil and Keith treated Anne and me so we have to think what to do in return. Its a too up between Walthamstow Dogs or Romford Dogs at the moment, plus a slap up meal of pie and mash (where jellied eels are de rigeur bleurgh!)

Right I'll have loads more to say later today so I'll leave it there!

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Lisa said...

I read this at work today and my team asked me if I was ok cos they thought I was crying - well I was but at this post! Thanks Lythan you really cheered my day up!