Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Questions, questions

well no-one has taken up my challenge yet. Sulk.
But being the loving, caring sort, I will do KathyB's

1 What was your first pet and what was it's name? Fluffy the Goldfish. I wanted a cat.
2 which WtP character are you? Pooh, Piglet? Eyeore? Or one of the others?Roo
3 Aston Martin or Ferrari? Morris Minor
4 Favourite crisps (potato chips) flavour? Worcester Sauce
5 Money no object sailing trip - where would you go? Oooh possibly the carribean or the one I've done - Greek islands
6 Tea? coffee? or juice? Proper Northern tea.
7 What's your favourite season? The end of the football one. Summer, no autumn, no spring. or is that winder. ove something about each of them.
8 Have you ever seen an eclipse? Yes when i was 6 or 7 in London
9.Would you rather hold a snake or a spider? A hamster and only if I really had to.
10.Which do you play? And which is your favourite? Chess, Monopoly, Backgammon, Scrabble. Please NEVER EVER ask me to play Monopoly - I hate it (have a father and a son who love it though...) Can't play Chess or Backgammon so that leaves Scrabble but I'd rather do Connect 4 because I am good at it. ooh and Cluedo. love Cleudo. So my answer is Cleudo.
11. Do you do Sudoku? That is a rather personal question.
12. 3 favourite flowers? Tulip, poppy and plain.
13. What's you favourite in a box of chocs? Ones with lemon in.
14. How many handbags? none, 1-5, 5-10, 10-15 or more than that? 1-5
15. How many different countries have you visited? 11 - 13 if you count standing on a runway or waiting in an airport for 40 minutes


Kelly K said...

Fab abswers! Lythan, I will do your challenge later - it's hard for me to blog quickly on the run, as I am hampered by having to find a suitable 80s song title *rolls eyes*!

Kathy said...

Ok I've had a go at your challenge. Ended up blathaering on too long, of course but it's your own fault for asking.

Loved your answers to my questions - thanks for making me giggle.

Jane said...

I've done your challenge, Lythan, it was fun. I'll have to think one up now.......

Jane said...

I've done your challenge, Lythan, it was fun. I'll have to think one up now.......

Lisa said...

I've done it too Lythan - not a happy one though I do warn you all!!!