Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ich aus einen Berliner

einen apfelberliner in fact.
Doesn't apple dougnut sound less fattening in German?

Yes I am back from the choir trip and it was all good! Achen is a lovely place and Phil and I did a bit of culture and lots of shopping. There are some gorgeous statues dotted around which we both snapped (we took two cameras!) We did a lot of eating too even though Germany does not really understand the term vegetarian yet... We spent a few hours in Bruges on the way back - very pretty. Although I started to feel confused - are we in Belgium or Holland? What language should I speak?Now I know what it feels like to be a tourist on a European whistle stop tour!

We brought back some lovely decorations for the tree, some German cakey biscuit and some felt bits and bobs - some from the Euro shop! (Like Poundland but even cheaper)

Yesterday I got cracking with some cards for the Church bazaar in two weeks time. I used the Self Addressed September kit which is fabby - I love blue and green together. I also finally did my Daring Card for the week. This was done using the wonderful ribbon from Ribbon Oasis. the theme is Wrap it in Ribbon for Christmas
so I did!
Red cardstock, Blonde moments paper, stamp from one of those teeny Christmas sets out this year. Thick yummy red felt ribbon around it. Tree made from two other ribbons. The star is cut from a different sheer patterned ribbon. I thought I would make another card using the ribbon for the midweek extra. But didn't read the rules first. All I remembered was "not a Christmas card" but it is actually a recipe. SO here is what I did anyway.
8x8 cardstock from SA kit folded. QK did candles using paper from the kit. Punched squares with corners rounded, safmat greeting (may redo that but it doesn't look so nasty in real life!And finally the most yummy scrummy glittery gorgeous ribbon you ever did see which goes so well with the lime green Bazzill.
And finally for tonight a 60th birthday card for a wonderful person called Sonia. She is too young to be my mum but she has been like a mum and gran for us here and she is someone you can always call on in an emergency. A real angel!
I used a cream square card, Infuse papers (5 different ones!) a cuttlebug embossing folder, Basic Grey chipboard numbers covered with plum UTEE by Blonde Moments, aged photo distress ink and two copper brads.

I've been in Cambridge all day today for my MA class (brilliant stuff!) and have another meeting this evening. Think it might be beans on toast for tea...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I hate weeks like this when I have been busy crafting - but usually at the last minute when I forget to take photos. or I haven't finished the thing to show you.

Sunday I was tearing my hair out trying to make a never ending card. I was teaching it on Monday and wanted to get it right. But was failing. However when I went to check at Imagine That I did have the principle right. Its just that there is a moment in the middle where it just seems wrong. Actually it is jolly simple but so effective. I am going to make one for my mother in law's birthday but as she is staying with us now that is a job for next week. Gah!

Emma told me the plans for the 1st birthday weekend. A super scrapper is coming on the Saturday. I would so love to do a class with her but it is my church fair which would be a sacking offence to miss! Gah!Next day I am pretty busy too but I'm determined to be there for some of it as the shop has made such a difference to my life (and my wallet!)

I had entered Best of British newcomer category but didn't win. Sob! I have seen the work of one of the two winners (CloClo on UKS) and she is far more talented than me! Gah! SO I have decided that I came 3rd (see last year there were three and this year only two so stands to reason it was me. Well that is what I am telling myself anyway) and am also crowned Best of 216 Corbets Tey Road. The prize wasn't quite as big as for BOB but I did win a new paper storage case, some Piggy Tales papers, some paint dabbers and brads! Go me.

I can show you the card I made for MiL after she saw the card I made for my friends granddaughter, which is a copy of a card i have shown on here before. I'm using up my Piggy Tales paper which I love, but you can't keep forever!
the red looking mini beads are actually shocking pink I promise you
And those little flowers may have been added to hide some stray ink from my fingers but I couldn't possibly comment...

while taking the photos I took a quick snap of Lord Byron aka Hywel sitting at the computer (where else)

He is really starting to look older now. Well I suppose he is 15!
And finally here is a photo of me doing a solo at last week's concert.
I said "I look really old"
Phil said "I think you look like an angel"
awwww - think that is a moment to be scrapped. Hence me writing it here before I forget.

We are off to Germany for 4 days with the choir in the morning so auf wiedersehn!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Chock a block

that's how life is still round here! I actually have a week off next week but what with teaching at Imagine That, opticians for 3 kids, hairdressers (for me and by me), MA coursework and a funeral in the first 3 days it seems to whizz by. (A funeral in my holidays? That, my friends is why we normally go away for the whole of the hols. You don't feel the need to say yes if you are going to be 100's of miles away) After that we go to Germany with the choir - so I can't complain. Has never stopped me though. Here are the edited highlights of this week:
Monday - house work then heading to Cambridge for Study skills. Stayed overnight with Neillybabes and his family. Neil is now a Tutor at the URC Ministerial training college and we were at college together. Haven't seen his wife Jenny for years and years and we had fun catching up!
Tuesday - reading for the course, chatting with another college friend and doing an MA seminar. Realised that it is not enough to read the papers once through - especially if it is early in the week before. Got given homework. Bah! Got to craft in the evening - but only time for the DCM card for this week.
Wednesday/Thursday work, work, work. Goes like that sometimes, especially this time of year. Meetings, assemblies, meetings, prayers and meetings. Which is why holiday time is precious. Thursday also entailed looking at a 6th form college for Hywel. (Eeek) I think he liked it. He will probably do Double ICT, Design and Technology and Maths. If he does DandT at A2 level as well then he has to make a flat pack furniture project. I am thinking purpose built craft cupboard myself. Then a late night emergency card make - see further down for the results!

Today is a big day for us Daring Cardmakers. We have now been doing this for a year. What a wonderful, amazing, creative year it has been. With two marriages and 3 pregnancies along the way. Friendships old and new have developed and strengthened and my small brain has been forced to try all sorts of things (I have almost stopped sulking about the purple holey Christmas card). Our first card was about Friends so it is only right that as we come full circle the title of our Birthday dare should be
Our Amazing Circle Of Friends
and we'd like you to incorporate at least one circle into your card.

Simple eh?
I started singing the Andrew Gold song "thank you for being my friend" to myself and decided that was my theme tune for the card. I used a song for one of my first cards too - look.
Anyway here is this weeks. I thought it would be interesting to see how my style has developed. I have decided... not much! I even used the same font! (UPDATE: Journalling Hand is its name!)
The flower is BIG. AS you can see it outgrows the card - but doesn't topple over! The papers are all Sassafrass Lass I believe, from a summertime SA kit. I bought extras of these papers as I love 'em. I hand cut circles but the flower petals are punched. Then I went round every single detail on the papers with black pen as well as the usual inking and lining.
I think it really makes the patterns stand out.

Tonight we have our choir anniversary concert (big day for anniversaries). The choir has been going for 40 years - with the same conductor! I was asked yesterday to make him a card. Ulp! It is A5 size to allow room for everyone to sign it. Again I used an SA kit.

I was told what words to use
Lots of layering and krylon pen then triple embossing on the chipboard letters.

the notes are a cuttlebug die. When it is Christmas I will be able to cut it out with chipboard. But I have a while yet so I layered several die cuts on card and UTEE'd them.
They could almost be metal couldn't they?

Today consists of service prep and tidying out the guest room (still full of Carys' bits) as my Brother in Law and nephew are coming to stay overnight. We, of course, will be out! Phil, Martin, Jack and Carys are going to watch the Arsenal/Bolton game. I get to do gardening at church with a barn dance in the evening. Fun, fun, fun!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Then there was Sunday

Here is the pool we borrowed from another church. Due to a communication breakdown over how hot it was earlier on, it was toastie warm (almost too hot)

All I needed was a few people blowing bubbles through straws and I would have had an instant jacuzzi!
Here are the two baptismal candidates -Tinu and Addie. A lovely couple, originally from Nigeria. They taught us a song in Yoruba - which turned out to have the same tune as "brown girl in the ring". I'm guessing that the tune ended up in the Caribbean with the slaves and then came here (and not just thanks to Boney M!)
Addie is baptised

And then Tinu

Unfortunately so was Tinu's phone as she had put it into Addie's pocket!
They were then confirmed and made members of the church (well after we had all got dry)

Also pictured is Jane who wrote a song speshly. Wish I could have recorded it as it is wonderful.

We had an amazing time, it was well worth all the effort we had to put in. NO time for crafting today but I have done some tidying and putting away which is a miracle in itself! I hoe for a bit of crafty time before I have to go to Cambridge tomorrow

first there was Saturday

I spent the morning getting the pool filled for our first adult baptism at my Heaton Way Church (see next post for more details). In the afternoon we went out as a family for a walk. We don't do this often enough really.
It was a gorgeous day.

we went to a local woods. Well it will be woods when the trees grow...

We climbed this fantastic wooden structure.

From wherever you are you can see the M25 round here

I snapped Hywel's hair - colour this nice shouldn't be allowed on a boy I reckon.

The wood is obviously ladybird friendly as I have never seen so many - and some were quite strange.

We passed this lovely tree
and indulged in a bit of art a la Andy Goldsworthy. Well not quite!

I saw this and thought of... well you can guess who!

I made some cards last night for the baptism and a first birthday - but forgot to photograph them. Doh!

Friday, October 12, 2007


that is how today has gone. So fast!

1: Went to the Knit and Stitch show at Ally Pally. It is a brilliant expo as you get to see people's work as well as shop. Some of the exhibits made me go "hmmmm" but other just spoke to my soul. Fantastic. I did of course do some shopping as well - some bits and bobs for cards, a few interesting metal sheets for scrapping, buttons, ribbons, beads and some tyvek which I will explain when I use it if you don't know what it is. It has more material than card stuff but the card stuff that is there tends to be more interesting. Apart from the peel offs which were alive and well. Oh and I splurged on a gorgeous (yet practical) leather back pack.

2: Came home earlier than I would have so that I would be in time to meet someone to fill the baptistery that we will be using on Sunday. It took forever which meant no time for tea before

3: choir (in fact I was late) We have a concert next week and go to Germany the week after.

Which all left no time to talk about Daring Cardmakers this week!
Kathy's turn to choose. This has got to be the cutest lot of cards we have made in forever.
The theme is ANIMAL and you can use anything that's animal inspired - not those diddy little ones like bugs, birds and butterflies (though you can include them in your design of course) but what I'd really like to see is bigger, wilder, more fabulous or fantastic creatures
I wanted to make a card that was an animal so I searched round for a robo template. Didn't find one. But I did find this little fella on Papercraft Inspirations. the site is a treasure trove of templates and free papers. I made the elephant body into the card and stuck the rest n over the top as you can see here.
I found I had two sheets of this brilliant grey card from Papermill. So I can make one or two more. He looked sweet anyway but I decided he needed a splash of colour and a hat. All elephants need a hat don't they. then just a bit of inking and two hole punched eyes and Bob's your elephant.
Now all I need to do is to work out how to make it a robo template...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am a new creation

no more in condemnation,
Here in the grace of God I stand.
My heart is overflowing,
My love just keeps on growing,
Here in the grace of God I stand.

©Dave Bilborough

Singing to day because - it is sunny! It is a good day - lots of work but going well. I know that I am God's beloved child (even if I don't always behave like it)
And it is Salt day!

This week it's my (Kim) turn and the theme I've chosen is:
Creation We see God's sovereignty in His creation each and every day, from the beauty of nature to the miracle of birth. God has lovingly and mercifully created all that we see, hear, smell, touch, and feel, to bring glory to Himself and to bless His children.

Here is what I did - you may recognise the photo!
I printed the flower on acetate - with the white bazzill behind the colours really pop! Then I used some BG Lily Kate lilac paper to go with it. "the lilies" was cut out using the robo. I was going to use the letters but really liked what was left when I took them out so used the mat instead. The journalling was done using my fave Journalling Hand font. The little passion flower was cut out and layered from photographs. Then I added a little May Arts spotty ribbon (love that stuff). Finally there is the addition of Fancy Pants lettering and two brads. Et voila.
BTW I think the "d" is straight in real life!
Enjoy the creation in your life today

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ran out of batteries

Imagine if you will a Rolf Harris voice "the poor little Sheila didn't make it". Yup another chicken is no more. it is not the runt of the litter Windle Poons either but Duracell who suddenly began to pine and then went to the big hen house in the sky yesterday. Ack. Still her last few weeks were much happier than the rest of her life so I suppose we can draw comfort from that.

I had a lovely time with Kathy once I arrived. I went a different way - now known as the wrong way and so ended up being rather late (not helped by an enormous traffic jam). Still we had plenty of shopping time. I was very restrained with just a new white pen, a paper storage bag, some brads and a perspex stamp mount to my name. Though I am going to the Stitch show on Friday so may get more goodies then!

I now know something about studying at MA level. ie it is hard and you have to think for yourself.

Then home to have pizza and a dvd. Carys chose "blood and chocolate" (we had to go to the DVD shop thanks to the postal strike). It is about Werewolves and is not bad. About 7 out of 10. It managed to be a bit spooky but is a 12 which means they hid the worst of the violence. Jolly good show.

And I finished my Salt layout for the week and most of my Daring Card for Friday. That is so organised. Partly because of everything else I have to fit in! I also squeezed in the Little Extra for the week
Christmas Words
We'd like you to use Christmassy words on your card, not just in the sentiment but for this challenge the word/s should form the main focus of your card
Craft Robo cut out letters (Cafe Rojo font) BG fruitcake. The middle of the o makes a lovely tag!
I used a ribbon punch to add the ricrac. Inked and outlined letters and backing with "to the world" written by hand using a Glaze pen. The O is raised on sticky pads.
Simple but effective IMHO. This may just be my card for this year! (only another 70 to make then...)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Squeezing you in

between tv shows! I'm not a big tv watcher any more - tend to craft instead! I watch Holby City, Casualty, Heroes during the week. But come Sunday night it is tv heaven. Top Gear is back. Sadly, Richard Hammond seems to have lost his allure. I think it is his highlights. But I still love the non pc banter and the manly smell of the programme. Then it is Drop Dead Gorgeous foolwed by a 20 minute break before Medium. DDG is just the best observed funniest (and possibly rudest) show on at the moment. The kids come down for Sunday night nit combing (yes my life is that glamorous) while it is on and we have to keep coughing over the swearing. (because obviously they do not know any swear words themselves). (I would cough over the sexual innuendo but it makes me laugh). (I know I am a Minister and ought to know better but a: God made us to have sex as a part of life and b: I am a rude Minister and I don't know better).
Medium is a big pile of hokum - but I enjoy its cheesiness and Joe is quite a draw too. (Plus if you watch it - does Alison keep her underwear on under her pj's? Surely a woman shouldn't be that perky after 3 children?)

Right just 10 minutes left to share a bad photo of a layout I finally finished today after starting it ages ago.
I thought the Love Elsie paper went well with Carys' top. I made more flowers out of the paper and added some cream card stock which also made the frame and journalling spot. Craft robo lettering and just a few Roxie stickers in the corner. The flowers are layered up but I didn't get an in focus close up! One day I will manage it.

OK must go - Medium awaits! I'm meeting Kathy B for lunch tomorrow before doing Study Skills at Cambridge in the afternoon. Should be fun (Kathy rather than study skills!)

Friday, October 05, 2007

It is Friday again now!

I haven't had such a craftless week for ages. I feel all peculiar. I have decided that October is the new September in terms of all the meetings and things I have to go to. Which leaves me too tired for any late night craftiness. I did make some little notebooks with the Bind it all - and finished one off with ribbons for Carys' friend. But apart from the Daring card this week that is it. Waaaaaaaah!
And it will be more of the same for a while. Ah well.

But I did manage the Dare.
I can't believe we are nearly a year old now! It is good to see all the new dare and challenge blogs springing up - all slightly different and all helping people use their creativity (I even started one myself - Salt!). I would never dream of comparing them - what is the point? They are all good! But I do like to think that, in terms of card making - we were the first! (And if we weren't let me know and I will eat humble pie).
I'm never really sure why I was picked for the team - I don't like to ask! but it has helped my cardmaking skills to grow (even if I still put a stripe across the middle of most of them and use white square cards!)
Which is why I will forgive Jane our founder member - this one!

Hello Happy Darers !!! It's Jane here ! It's my turn to dare again .........and I'm still on the postal theme ......yep thats right - I want you to design a post card which can actually be sent- and whats more I want you to actually post it! Aren't I mean ? Honestly, its not as bad as it sounds-

er, yes it is Jane!
Actually I quite enjoyed it and it meant that I used some of the postcard cards from an ancient Self Addressed kit (July 2006). I had some of the papers left too which is good as Jenn at SA is excellent at matching patterns and cardstock. I can't remember who made the papers though
I made the mistake of not photographing this yesterday (early sunset keeps catching me out!) so I struggled with the morning sun. I'm not complaining about the sun AT ALL just that it is a bit cold looking.
I used some Banana Frog swirl stamps (one of which broke!). I could have stuck down the top postcard onto the back and then stamped it but no - I had to stamp and line up (doh). that was done with old photo distress ink (also used around the outside of everything, natch)
then we have the ubiquitous stripe across the middle, punching, Purple Onion letter stamps (two sets) using Stazon, lots of doodling and then - but you can't see it - lots of shininess thanks to a clear Sakura Glaze pen.

Lots more work this weekend (sob) and when I am not doing that I ought to be sorting out all the stuff that was in Carys' room and putting washing away. But the craft room is calling my name!

In other news...
Phil took this lovely photo of a passion flower on our fence yesterday. Usually there are loads but they have been few and far between this year. It is actually our neighbour who grows them but we get to share in the glory as they climb over the fence

And here is Windle Poons enjoying a stretch - something she could never do in her battery farm cage
You can see where all her feathers are missing - but she is getting fluffy now! Phil and Lil'C are going on another rescue tomorrow - 650 chickens! (none coming home though...)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's not Friday any more...

Phew-wee where does the time go?
Actually I know really because I have been working flat out since then!
I manged to spend about 30 minutes crafting on Sunday (and then was late for a rehearsal) trying to make Carys' friend a notebook with my bind it all.
Next time I am going to choose the size of the INNER pages first as I am struggling to get any the same size (cos I am squiffy with paper!)
Hopefully it will all turn out alright in the end.

This weekend was our 4 Churches musical - the Feast of Life. I ended up conducting it. that is hard work. For a start I felt like a prize wally waving my hands around at everyone. For another it felt like my bottom grew bigger and bigger as I was aware that I had my back to the audience. Then trying to remember to bring people in and off at the right time and keep count of all the repeats - nightmare!
But it went really well - much better than we thought it would. Here are some photos...
One night we performed in a church with a raked floor and the other in a church hall so it felt quite different - the pics are from the latter. we even had people enjoy it so much the first night that they came again!
My little dolly doing a solo. My bottom growing as you watch (and that posture is terrible too!)
That is me on the stage acting as the mother of Jesus. Typecast.
The ensemble taking their bows at the end. It was a bit impromtu as I led the choir out to finish and then remembered you could get up to the stage so that is where we went. I think the choir were a bit surprised but it worked really well.

Yesterday I had to work - finishing off bits for my MA seminar today and chairing the AGM of our local Council for Voluntary Services - Havco. It was my last job as vice chair as I have now resigned to free up some more time. The guest speaker was Camila Batmanghelidjh from Kids Company. Wow - what an inspirational woman! I could have listened to her for hours talking abut disenfranchised young people and why they behave/react the way they do - why they avoid eye contact and respond badly to people staring at them with a neutral face (they superimpose the sort of face they normally see - angry, abusive etc onto you. the answer is to try and give a real smile!).

We had extra choir practice last night - by which time I was on my knees. Only 3 weeks to half term though! I had hoped for a lie in on Saturday morning but was rudely awoken at 7:30 by the unexpected delivery of Carys' bed. Phil worked really hard yesterday and got it all up and finished - he is such a star!