Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday, monday, tra la, la,la la, laa

So good to me...

Had a pretty good weekend too though. As Phil was poorly (and saving himself for church and the match on Sunday), I had to take Carys and Hywel to the science Museum on my own. Emrys was "devastated" at having to stay at home. we had booked one adult and two kids to go to the computer games exhibition. Embo didn't want to go in so I was going to stay out with him and take arty photos (he didn't know about that bit). if I had thought I could have booked for us to go to IMAX, but it is just as well I didn't cos I couldn't have taken just one of them and left the other outside. that is why Emrys stayed home in the first place.

There was a slight wrinkle in the plans as there was no Circle or District line on Saturday. But the friendly Railway man said we could get the 15 bus from the Tower of London (where we get off the train) to Piccadilly Circus and the tube from there. I never get the bus. I'm scared I will miss the stop. (yes I know, big wuss) But thanks to the man next to me we managed that ok. And what an awesome bus the number 15 is. It goes through the banking district, round Trafalgar Square and up Regent street and on to Marble Arch. I shall get that bus again!

Science Museum was pretty good. I will be using these photos in a page called "but is it science" becasue as far as I could see I just paid £19 for the two of them to play arcade games for 1 and a half hours. (I just can't do them. Yes i know, big wuss). still a bit of nostalgia for me.

And the picture of Pong is taken before they played becasue Carys whupped Hywel (and me but that was a given) and he always wins computer games.
did fancy the look of the new guitar one and the Wii though.

Yesterday I tidied the craft area and today I untidied it again. Craft Day in my house! I caught up with my art cards
This one uses an ancient SA kit and some purple onion stamps that I coloured in with white pen, homemade arrow a la Elsie (I wish) and my Poudland gems
And this weeks using BG Blush and oodles of Krylon pen. Emily Falconbridge has left me a comment which is so nice of her. Imagine her sitting down and scrolling through all the links to art cards that people have started. how cool is that!

I have also got ready my class for the Scrapstars cyber crop next weekend. V. nervous as haven't done one before and worry that it is a little too simple. And made a scrap page. Another 12x12 one. still not sure about doing them that big...

I took this photo at Little Dunmow in September and have just discovered Picasa so am playing about with all my piccies. love it now it is soft focus. the three small strips are some lyrics from the song. Here is the journalling close up - and it is in focus!
because my camera is better at having small bits cropped than coming up close apparently. The font is CK elsie. Papers are all Crate Cowgirl. Old chatterbox letters from an SA kit and the glitter chipboard was made by me thanks to a tip on UKscrappers. Acrylic paint, then mod podge and glitter. (I have some extra fine from Stationary Box, it is brilliant). But that glitter gets everywhere as you can see from the close up
I'm going to round off the day with trying to get on with my Daring Cardmaker challenges for this week as I have loads of work all the rest of the week. Still Monday will be back again soon!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Duh, duh, duh, duh,nu, nu, nuh

to be sung to the riff of "Smoke on the water"...

I went to a meeting last night about the Square Wheel Project in Romford. We now have premises (woot!) BUT the young people there were anxious because it is in the "chavs" territory and they are "alternatives" and were worried (seriously scared looking) about their safety. It made for an interesting and serious discussion - the police are involved and aware - but we also noted how it was the same for those who were going to youth clubs in the 70's. And then we got talking about what the groups were and the sub groups. Wish I could remember them all now - hiphops, emos, goths - they listed about 15 or 20 different groups delineated by what they wear and what they listen to. One of the lads at the meeting came in wearing the biggest full length leather coat you have ever seen (cos he is about 6'2 and it was full length on him). Oooh I did covet that coat. See scratch my surface and there is still a little bit of Goth left under there (and still a lot of black in my wardrobe). And beneath the Goth lies the Headbanger...

Which is all a hugely long and rambley introduction to the dare cards this week. But if Saffa is going to call it heavy metal then she has to expect a walk down memory lane to the time when all I would listen to was Led Zep and Rush and jug about like a mad thing at the Coach house in Wind Street, Swansea on a Friday and Saturday night. Happy days.
But I (just about) managed to put such thoughts aside and concentrate on yer actual card making. As Saffa said I don't mean rock music! I would like you to make a card on any theme you like with the rule that it must include something metalic...thats all!You could use wire, charms, foil or even metallic pens.

This card kills two birds with one, um, card. On the Self Addressed forum we have been challenged to do male cards. And here is one using more of the scrumptious double sided scenic route paper (every one a winner ladies and gents). Plus 3 charms, four brads and a buckle from Carolyn's shop and (cough) a peel off. Well it is metallic.

This one looks better on here than in real life I think! I reckon it is because of the way the light hit the alcohol ink covered metallic card! So we have flower font flowers cut out by Jimbo and then inked. Underneath is inked acetate with doodles done with silver metallic pen. On the left are two metallic silver ribbons and a tag which si from carolyns again as are the two silver brads. All in (to round off the post nicely) silver and (almost) Deep Purple.
Duh, duh, duh, duh,nu, nu, nuh ... repeat to fade....

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Sometimes I wonder about people.
That is all I can say.
But please be understanding if I suddenly run down the street naked shouting "the sky is falling down"

Sometimes I wonder about my family.
Now this I can say.
Carys has started a blog. She did explain the title (but it is lost on me). But its not jsut that. it's the comments that the rest of the mad family made...

I haven't kept you up to date with me art cards.
Here is the title one - alas not very focussed (why do i suddenly have trouble focussing my camera?)
Some lovely metallic paper, a quilled flower I had in a swap, ribbon, chatterbox paper and some 7gypsies rubons
And week 2

BG Lollipoppe Shoppe (being withdrawn - noooooooooo!) circle punch, charm from Carolyn's shop, prima flower and Poundland diamente
Can't show you week three because it doesn't exist yet. must say that compared to some of the fine works of art, mine feels a bit amateur. BUT I think the whole exercise of putting together and reflecting will do me good. I have already put the three of them on a book ring and it looks nice!
It's dare time tomorrow. How can it be Friday again?
And Phil is poorly bad. And if he says he is ill, he's ill. He isn't a 'man flu' kind of guy. upside is - I will get the bed to myself! (coldd sufferers sleep in the spare room). But awww I hate seeing him not well. Get well soon honeybun

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I've had quite a busy working weekend but thanks to lots of crafty time yesterday have a bit to share!
I made more of the aperture cards with the brackets because they are fun, quick and easy. And because I spend a little more time on most of my dares - and on scrap booking. I am running out of cards!
I completed my circle journal entry and sent it off - all on the last day possible! I was a bit stuck because the theme was "the visitor"and nice though Upminster is, it isn't really a place to visit. then inspiration struck... (but I can't tell you or show you because we are doing the big reveal when we get our journals back)
I did Shimelle's I have something to confess book. I loved doing this - and not just because I could talk about my favourite subject - me! It was a quick, effective and fun style of small book. You could do this for anything. I kept everything simple using some more of the lush December Self Addressed kit, Stamps Away journalling stamps, Heidi Swapp flowers, Basic Grey rub ons and a few robo'd flowers. I used acetate for the cover - which looks a bit blotchy with nothing much inside it but should protect the cover.
So here are all my secrets!

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Hills were (just about) Alive with the Sound of Music

I am anal about being late for trains, cinemas and theatres. Particularly the last as they don't let you in if you are not there are the beginning. So I was not much fun to be with when
  1. the coach was late
  2. the A13 into London was chocker
  3. it was 7:30 (curtain up) and we weren't there.
BUT we arrived at 7:50 and were allowed in! Thank you so much Palladium Theatre! the children were just being introduced to Maria and the whole thing was fab, fab, fabby
(apart from coughing man {I gave him my bottled water as he was coughing through "Something good" one of the best and quietest songs. He gave it back to me at the end of the night. Cos I so want his germs obviously} and the flying saucer at the end. I'll say no more so as not to spoil it for those going to see it )
Connie Fisher was superb - her voice obviously is showing some signs of use but she can sing and dance and act. And she is very good at smiling. The captain had a beautiful voice. Not quite the simmering under the skin passion of Christopher Plummer but I think that is hard to do on stage with about 3 lines anyway. The children were awesome. ooh I'm still so happy.
I always love SofM because the plainer girl with no money wins! And I'd like to go again now (and see the first 20 minutes)

And its dare day today! I enjoyed being called the "lovely Lythan" last week and this week it is the turn of Ravishing Rhiannon (best I could come up with Rhi!). Here is her dare
I dare you to make a card with an aperture in it, it can be any shape you like and can be see through or have something covering behind it. It could be a ready made aperture card or lots of small windows punched out, diecut or handcut or one large window.
Well, I have a lot of Self Addressed aperture cards to use up and some new Stamps Away stamps to be used (ok so I bought the punctuation and the days and the journalling spots. But they are lovely) and this is what I have come up with.
Chalk eye ink, a circle punch, computer made greeting, distress ink and black pen, a teeny bit of Scenic Route (I think) paper et voila! Will be making more of these.

For the other card I was inspired by Carole Janson flowers and edge of paper curling technique.

The papers are chatterbox (which I said I would never use again but they are probably v. good for this idea and I love these colours so much), Prima flowers, Bazzill brads, ribbon from stash and a computer greeting

I just can't get a good close up of the flower. But here is what I did. drew a circle on the actual card. Cut through the middle, chopped most of the bits off, painted with water and rolled back the edges around a pencil. Cut a square of chatterbox paper, did the same thing, then stuck it through the middle. Distressed the edges. Did the same with the next two layers but distressed before stuck them on. So you are left with a small aperture through which you can see a tiny flower part (just cut and curled the edges, not through the middle for this) and added a diamente. And finally some sparkly glitter glue!

Incidentally, my Poundland has got kits including buttons and diamentes in at the moment. Some of the stuff in the box i will give away but the diamentes are fab!

I'm not sure I spelt diamente right but my US spell check on my blog wants to put parliament instead...

OK back to service planning. Its the reading about the body of Christ where bits of the body try to say they don't need others this week, which is always a favourite (I Corinthians 12:12:31 - it is worth a read here
Happy crafting this weekend if you can!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Play hard, work hard

The exploding box is in da shop!And Emma liked it (phew)

I had a fabby time with Susan. And we didn't just stroke supplies (though a certain amount of oo-ing over paper and ribbons did take place). we crafted too. Sue is a stamping queen and was making the most beautiful flower cards. I wanted to do some scrapping so I took my whole tote full of stuff (and ricked my back taking it back in the house afterwards). I spent hours on this
Does it look like hours were spent? I don't think so. The letters were cut out on Jimbo and all the papers are MM cosmopolitan pink. The ribbons I nicked from Sue's stash! The chocolate sauce on the strawberry looks funny because the glue hadn't dried when I took the photo

Then my second layout took about 15 minutes! It is all stuff from previous SA kits. The rubons were not totally successful (you can't really see the one on the left of the photo and I had dreams about it being all vibrant and lovely)

I have now nearly finished my scrapbook! But sadly only until I have some more inserts. Yes I may finish this Scottish holiday album in time for the next holiday...

And since then it has been work almost constantly - phone calls/elders meeting/prayer meeting/church meeting/women's meeting. Ooh Bible question. What is unusual about the genealogy in Matthew's Gospel? (It is what I talked about at the women's meeting and {big clue} I don't think it is often they have talks about prostitution, incest, seduction and adultery). And I went yesterday to "getting on brilliantly" about how to be a good manager. It provided lots of good food for thought plus lots of good food...

Did manage a little time to play today so I have my dare cards done. I have my CJ entry to do on Monday (yes the day it is due to be sent but it is planned in my head. Sort of) And tomorrow it is the Sound of Music. And I am soooooo worried about leavng the tickets at home...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Beautiful face

Phil took a photograph of this beautiful face yesterday.
The detail is just amazing.
Strangely she looks like one of the girls in his Church.
Strangely, because this beautiful face lives in his church.
And sadly, no-one ever gets to see her - or the others, close up like this. (Just look at that tiny double chin!)
But at the moment the Church is being painted and so Phil nipped up the scaffolding and took photographs of the church and the stained glass windows in detail.

Yes, this is a face on a stained glass window.

I am glad I didn't realise until I saw the pictures just how high up the scaffolding was that Phil climbed up in a church all on his own. Otherwise I would have tried to forbid him, we wold have had a row and I wouldn't have seen these lovely pictures. ("why should take anyone with me. If I fell I'd still be dead")

Here is a bit more of her. can't show you the whole panel as there is scaffolding across her but maybe when the Church is finished you can see how high up she is. How people can't see the detail in the face. I find something intensely moving and spiritual in all of this. That the artist cared enough to put so much work into something that people can't really see and appreciate. But the artistry is there. Part of the Church's own worship of God.
There are four angels altogether who each remind us of the "key elements" of being Christian, which are apparently,
Industry, Religion, Benevolence and Education.

I am very excited that I got my Craft Robo (jimbo) to work without me actually bursting into tears an saying I am useless!
Here is my first cut out (I'm not saying how many goes it took til I could cut out...)

I have also made the exploding box ready for the class at Imagine That. Emma chose Colour Me Silly by BG and it makes for a very colourful box! (I'm about to take it into the shop - hope she likes it!)

The last photo is a card for my playing card art journal for the year. It is an idea from emily Falconbridge and i have decided to make it a spiritual one by reflecting on on of the Bible readings set for the week. I'm not altogether pleased with it. I think something this small needs a lot more planning before you stick down. Hopefully by the 52nd I'll have cracked it!

Right I'm off to play with Susan now! A day of crafting. I love it!

Friday, January 12, 2007

ooops I did it again!

Remember my Sound of Music tickets what I lost? You'll never guess what.... Yup. They disappeared off the pinboard. Fortunately I found them down the back of the radiator. They are now stuck with two pins on the board and as I have less that a week to go before i need then (woo hoo) I am hopeful that it won't happen again.

Well I think I managed to launch the Daring Cardmakers blog successfully! we now put our own cards on during the week which makes it easier and the new Blogger is more reliable too. I am always in a panic that I will accidentally publish instead of saving as draft so I have to chant "draft, draft"until I finish. Can you unpublish? So my idea was to use items in your wardrobe for inspiration. I was quite pleased with my idea until I opened my wardrobe. I am a Minister. I still haven't quite shaken off the semi Goth look of my youth in the 80's. Most of my wardrobe is dull and black and grey. But luckily I am trying to move away from all the gloom especially in the summer so I did have two colourful skirts to play with!
Both skirts are from Primark!

This card uses a SA kit card, Fontwerks Elsie flower stamps, some ribbon and red diamentes

This one is very simple! Circles of DCWV card stock, Distress Ink, Prima flowers and stickles glue. Oh and a tiny peel off! Yes and I like it!

It is so exciting to have a new team member at DCM. Debbie is just 'resting' but we like to have a large group so that if anyone can't make a dare then there is still plenty for everyone to see. we chose Gillian for her talent and her enthusiasm. It was hard cos there are so many talented people. But we have plans to highlight other people who play along so just watch this space. well that space I suppose.
As it is Friday I am trying to put my worship service together. It is the story of the wedding at Cana this week - the wonderful time when Jesus turned water into wine. Think I might talk about how he uses us and turns what we might think is ordinary (our lives, our skills) into the good stuff that makes a difference to people (but not obviously that makes them very drunk and sick after only two glasses as happens with me and wine. For me I would hope that he also turned some water into gin. Not too much of that either though).

But in the middle of my thinking I have to go out and collect my Craft Robo. Way hey! And if that thought doesn't cheer you up as much as me - try this monkey's back
(for those not in the UK this comedian and the monkey starred in tv adverts for a tv idea that went belly up. Everyone preferred the monkey to the tv concept)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

This layout makes me laugh

and not just because Emrys is fooling about. No, it is because my challenge to myself was to use NO BUTTONS on this layout.... So I used 24.
PP is from the December SA kit. Who would think that they are the same papers as in the layout of Carys on my previous post! They are fabby (can't find the maker now though, sorry) Ribbon used asframe from American Crafts. Buttons are all from Carolyn's shop. Rubons are a freebie with Scrapbook Inspirations and other words I won in a comp on Scrapstars but can't remember who they are by.

Tomorrow is Dare Launch Day and it is my turn. It is v. exciting and v. scary and if blogger breaks tomorrow you will know why!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Tell me why... I love Mondays

Well I'll tell you anyway! Day off! I do love my job, but I love to have creative time (and with the kids in school). I never get started as quickly as I'd like to and ended up having to take something back to church as well. But still a good day.
I went to Imagine That this morning to talk about leading an exploding box class and to show Emma other things I have done to give her an idea of other teaching i might do. What an ego boost! She was so enthusiastic about my stuff which was a relief (or she is polite and can hide her feelings well!). Of course I realised that most of what I do I give away - which is where scrapping is so good cos you get to keep it. Mwah hah hah. I do take photos of everything so I was able to show her some other things too, like clipboards. I've never done one ofr me! This exploding box will be for me and I have changed some of the measurements slightly which also makes it feel a bit more unique. I have a week to do the prototype. V. exciting.

This afternoon i fitted in some crafty time before taking the boys to Lakeside (it is a horrible shopping mall if you are not in the UK. One of the firstand I live near it) as Emrys had lost his whole PE kit and Hywel had outgrown his trainers. Fortunately Emrys has grown into Hywel's trainers and I found a new pair for £5 for H. (So glad he is not into posh trainers) still have another 30 odd quid to spend unecessarily on sports kit but there we are. I detest lakeside but it wasn't so bad. Strangely the boys didn't want to go to Artbase on any ladies clothes shops so we were home quickly.
But before that I did 2 8x8 pages for my holiday album as I haven't done any for oodles
This uses the December SA kit. (first time i have used it {blush})
The journaling reads "we all watched a programme about children starting school. It provided many a catchphrase for the holiday and this heart rending expression from Carys"
Whenever she doesn't get her way out comes the reception face - and then a giggle!
Other bits and bobs are sticky ribbon flowers, Heidi Swap flowers, MM and Docraft rubons.
I was obviously in a square mood today! This has square paper though! The paper is all Junkitz. Letters are from the QVC card and scrapbook kit I had last year. Buttons are SEI and Bazzill. Sequins from I know not where and actually tone with the rest in real life. Phil does not think they look alike at all - what do you think?

Family movie night now - would rather be scrapping - isn't that terrible!

Friday, January 05, 2007

This post is dedicated to Swansea Sue

She probably won't read it until Monday when she is at work (shhhh!) Just to say thanks for being a fabby friend for longer than I have been alive (seeing that I am only 25 and we have been friends for 27 years). Here is a page I made of Sue and my talented God daugher Nerissa (all the talent came down the Godmother genes obviously) who is also great friends with Carys. It's only another 23 years until we can see each other every day (when I retire back to Swansea!)
I had to use 'good' not 'best' because of the colour of the letters! The papers and letters are from my Cool Blue Crate cowgirl kit. Friends is my new foam stamps, journal spot is Purple Onion from a recent SA kit. I think you know the flowers by now....
I was feeling very down last night so lost myself in a bit of crafting and it really did the trick!

I made two more cards for the Daring Cardmakers BLING! challenge as well.
Firstly the card on the site. The photo there does not show how shiny that card is - this one is more out of focus but more blingified
Some more of my new Chipboard UTEE'd to the hilt. The middle dot uses Kingfisher utee from Joanna Sheen. Rest of flower is the same but with extra fine blue glitter added. The outer part has Kingfisher then Pearl then extra fine silver glitter. The glitters are from Stationery Box for 99p for 4 and they are just as good as expensive ones IMHO

This card is for Sarah who I let down badly by not sending her a birthday card for BC2 on Crafts by Carolyn's forum. Her birthday is just after Christmas which must be pants in itself in some ways and not helped when those who should be sending you cards don't. More UTee'd chipboard, rub on letters and almost a whole tube of stickles. So sorry Sarah.
And then a teeny bit of bling on this one Just the 'T' but it shows off my new Blonde moments UTEE. Its a lush greeny gold. Mmmmm. Papers are Cherry Arte from Cool Blue. 6 sheets of paper, 3 bazzill card, sheet robons and 2 flowers for 2:50. Lovely!

PS: I did peel the tree picture off and remount it and it looks (a bit) better now

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ta da!

1: Kathy got the right answer! I peel off the "got" and "you" and inked them. Not an easy process so note to self. INK EVERY TIME!

2: It's also the title of my next big layout
Once more it is not quite right. Hubby reckons that the photo gets a bit lost in it all and loathe as I am to admit he is right (for once) I think he probably is. I think I should have matted it like the little photos but there is no way I am going to try and peel everything off and do that now. Tempting but I'd ruin it. Bazzill card stock. Wubbly Blonde Moments papers, hand cut arrow a la Gillian. Ooodles of Stickles glitter glue dotted around and used to cover chipboard letters (I've only got about 1000 now) edged with Krylon. The "da" looks really cute like this. Worth all the wrist pain squeezing out glitter glue!!Oooh and some prima flowers and brads.

And I got another parcel (ulp) from Cool Blue Scrapbooking. It did take 8 weeks to come but what fabby stuff and what an absolute bargain. I never get the right day to order a current kit but look at what I got for £5 under June 2006 mid month mini kit. Wow!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Clue

You can only spot the difference if you look at them close up. I didn't add any embellishments...

I've done another 12x12 (too dark to photo now) and I'm not sure it's really my thing. I suppose it is because I want to be really good at it straight away!

Going back to work today was not too painful. Kids go back tomorrow which will be worse!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My first...


See if you can spot the difference

After I had taken the first photo i decided to take some of it apart as there was something missing. The first photo is better but the page looks better now. Still not perfect though - any ideas what I could have done better? Maybe the GOT should have been in a deeper colour. Here is what the writing says. All because Emrys will not pose for photos.

I'm doing a second 12 x 12 page but that is going horribly wrong too.

This one is 8by8 and I think I can manage that better.
Can't remember what I wrote but it is something about the tree being magical. All Blitzen papers, QVC chipboard "C" (surprised to receive it as I had forgotten about my waitlist request) and some Jo Sonja bling stuff painted over everything

Another year over...

Happy New Year everyone!
this has been a fun time of reading people's reflections of 2006 so I thought I would share some of mine.

Its a bit worthy so feel free to skip this and just look at the crafty pics above...

I don't go into detail about the painful things in my life on the blog because you never know who is reading and although I trust YOU to keep things to yourself - it doesn't always work that way with other readers. Plus because of my job of being a Minister I have to both keep my opinions about certain situations to myself and also because a bad day could give you a warped idea of what it means to be in a church community.

There have been some painful times this year too, some really horrible stuff to do with working relationships that I can now draw a line under, something in my internet life which I didn't realise would cause huge problems but it did and I learned all over again just how fragile I can be...

But the good stuff, the good stuff far outweighs that. At one of my churches the tiny seeds of hope and new spiritual life are just peeking their heads. At the other new families coming have made such a difference and from me being almost the youngest we now have teenagers and babies, including Bethany our miracle baby.
At home my children have brought me such joy. I did think that by now I would be tearing my hair out as they are 14, 12 and 10. But although they have their moments they are really lovely most of the time! They even now clean and tidy their rooms and put their own clothes away (eventually). we have family meetings which can be frustrating but it has helped us iron out a few things.
And Phil continues to be awesome. Apart from when Bolton are losing...
I've got friendships that are deepening and growing. People who I know I can call on in an emergency - even if i don't think about it at the time. And I have God who somehow manages to keep faith with me even though I must drive him to distraction at times (and not just when Bolton are losing)

Crafty wise this year has scrapping (yes which I said I would never do), the beginning of the blogging and being part of the Daring cardmakers team which is such good fun. I love the excitment of seeing what we have come up with (we get a whole week to plan and play and panic) and then during the next week see what fabby things people come up with. Thanks to all who join in. And to those who haven't yet - go on, be brave!

as to 2007 - well I don't do new year's resolutions. But I hope to plan in more family time, more spiritual growth time, start an MA. And I can do that if i just stop faffing about so much!