Sunday, July 30, 2006

There ain't nobody here but us chickens

OK so its me, two chickens and a dog but that is it for the night. Phil has taken Matt and his friend Braden to Swansea today. It turned out to be
1: expensive
2: impossible to get through London on public transport today (and I am really not exaggerating)
3: a chance to see his babies overnight. Aaahhh.

Bill and Ted have managed to leave a book, some clothes and a phone recharger behind. Doh.
Why do I call them Bill and Ted?
Can there be any other name when they look like this.
No I think not.
They are planning to have a 'most excellent' adventure round Europe...

I have scrapped another 3 whole pages!
Here they are
This one is about how Emrys is a bit contrary!
Using Christina Cole papers
and some painted chipboard accents from the SA kit

This is using elements from the SEI bebop kit that I won at Birmingham. It's very hard to use the papers as I love them so much! The 10 is sizzix lollipop utee'd with some of the kingfisher utee you can get at Joanna Sheen. Actually I think it is just utee mixed with extra fine glitter so I might give it a try...

And finally the first ever photo I took with my (cough sorry our) new digital camera. Apart from the cream cardstock that I printed on its all from the July SA kit and is inspired by Elise challenge number 1.

I'm off for something to eat now and then I might begin the two arty challenges I have set myself before i go to Swansea on Friday - as they are presents.
Or I might just veg in front of the tv and eat ice cream...
It's a hard life.

Friday, July 28, 2006

in laws leave 3, invisible friend arrives 1

and I am a slave to shoe fashion

3 members of the Canada family left yesterday and guess will be home soon. Matt went with them to the airport to collect his friend (ooh did we forget to tell you he was coming a day earlier?). Braden has been here almost 24 hours and I haven't met him yet! I did hear him fall out of bed though... Oh to be 19 and free in a foreign country (your spag bol is still in the oven from last night lads. Guess it was a liquid tea)
Ooh quick update - just met Braden. Big white teeth. Clean.

Phil and I went to London to listen to some bands. Oooh hark at us. I've lived on the outskirts of London for 7 years now and managed a year in Kilburn before that and this is a first!
"My friend Gary P is playing in the Hope and Anchor in Islington, wanna go?"
Not really but couldn't think of a reason why not so we went.

So what do you wear? I've got a nice new skirt from Primark which is turquoise blue with red embroidery. Oh I can show it because I took a picture with a mad plan of turning it into background paper
Yes sort of wrinkled, unironed looking background paper...
Anyhoo decided to wear my patent shiny red loafers. Looked so good.
Tube was hot.
Feet swelled up.
Hope and Anchor seemed miles from Tube Station.
Now have nice red cuts and blisters over feet to match the red on the skirt.
Phil doesn't understand why I can't just wear comfy shoes.
Neither do I to be honest.

we saw two bands in the end.
The first was called kovak. Really enjoyed them. The stage was about as teeny as a stage can be. The lead guy was so tall i thought he was going to hit the roof. Best part of the sound was the keyboard and electronics stuff (pre synth type stuff).
Then came Gary's band. Who apart from the drummer were all blond. Which is unusual for blokes in their 20's and 30's. They were good but slightly put off by the lead guy forgetting his capo. Howl Griff they are called. Griff is Welsh so Phil said I had to like them. Yes I did. But I preferred Kovak. Howl Griff has a good thumping rhythym sound and gary has a good line in ironic facial expressions. Part of their act was marred by the tall guy standing in front of me, snuggling up with his equally tall boyfriend so that their arms blocked what little view there had been before. Gigs should be like photographs, small ones at the front, tall ones at the back or if you must be at the front hands by your sides.

I had this wild dream that we would be home by 10 and I could do some crafty stuff. I had forgotten that
a: bands do not come on at the time they say they will
b: public transport sucks late at night
c: Upminster is right at the end of the District Line
so we got in at 11:40...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Kids gone 3, in laws arrive 4

But just overnight before 3 of them fly back to Canada to be replaced by one 18 year old friend who is going travelling with Matthew. They are starting off in Swansea but the tickets are now so expensive that Phil is going to drive them Sunday afternoon and stay the night at my parents in order to see our babies. Isn't that sweet!

Here is my third scrap page. I'm getting into this now and 8x8 is a nice size. i got this paper in my SA kit and wondered what the heck to do. But then I saw this pic and thought aha! The monogram letters are from the kit, the "ittle onkeys" is an Elsie free font and the photo corners are an Elsie font from 2peas which cost about £1 and has oodles of corners for the lazy like me!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My babies have gone

far, far away.
They have left us for three weeks being transferred from my parents to Phil's mum half way through. It happens every summer as it is hard for us to work and care for them - without them spending all day watching tv and playing on the computer! It may be the last year it happens, at least for Hywel as he is nearly 14 now. But I think all of those involved would miss it in many ways. I think it's important for children to have time alone with their grandparents. Its a very special time and a special bond.
But I don't have to like them being away.

So of course I made the most of their time here by having a huge row with Carys this morning. She is getting more and more like me.... Apparently all her shorts were "too loose". I tried telling her that she has been wearing them for 2 years now but her mind was made up. What was sweet was seeing her brothers try to cheer her up into a good mood. Aw.

I was also put out becasue we spend a LOT of money on CD books (mostly ones the have read) and then can never find a full set of them. Just put them back when you have finished with them - it's not difficult
there, rant over, you can relax now.

Talking about a lot of money, we went to Frankie and Benny's to eat last night. Four adults and three children. Only the three chidlren felt they could eat adult portions. Which they did. Gulp. I don't think we'll be eating out quite so much now....

Oh and I've done another scrapbook page. I was looking through Carys' schoolwork and was inpsired to use some of her handwriting practice as background paper and her hand they she had drawn round and decorated in art. Then I wrote out some notes she has made for her new teacher. No photo but I don't think it needs it.

Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm melting, I'm melting

said in my best wicked witch of the whichever voice...
Actually this evening i've been to the cinema and it had AIR CONDITIONING. Wonderful.
went to see Stormbreaker - the film based on the first Alex Rider novel by Anthony Horowitz. it was really good fun. The cinema had us and one other family in until the film had just started when a gaggle of girls sat in the row behind us. (as there was nowhere else you could sit obviously) and for the first half of the film swooned every time the boy playing Alex Rider came on. He is quite a handsome young man. And I am definately old enough to be his mother...

Lisa's blog had a challenge and I'm never one to pass up a challenge so
If you could choose your own name what would it be and why?
How fiendish is that?
Hhhhmmmm. Now as a person with a strange name I have often thought about having a different one. When I was younger I wanted to be called 'Melanie' apparently. I think i would still like a Welsh name. I love the name Angharad and would have chosen it as a girls name but it does not go with Nevard. I used to love Llinos too but you have to be able to say the 'll' sound which involves sticking the tip of your tongue just behind your top teethand then blowing air down the side of your mouth so the saliva bubbles.
Go on give it a try.
now "Llandaff".
And if you are really getting the hang of it you can try Llanelli and Llangollen.

This is all a bit like mime on the radio really

Anyhoo I also like "Siriol" (sunshine) again vetoed for any daughter of ours as it sounds like 'cereal' to Phil and the harder sounding version of Carys - Cariad - which is kind of like darling, or beloved, but doesn't go with the surname.

I like names with 3 syllables (although we are a strictly 2 syllable first name family) so maybe I'll just go for Tallullah becuase I always wanted to be the one in Bugsy Malone - sort of mysterious and popular with the boys.

Did any mothers actually call their children names that they wanted when they were little?

Other excitements today - made my first ever scrapbook page. Phil was shouting at a fox in the garden at 5:45 (coudln't get to the chickens but we have a laser beam with a noise that is supposed to put them off. DIDn't). Anyway for some strange reason I couldn't get back to sleep so decided to take the bull by the horns and make a page.
And I've got ideas for a few more...

And Phil went out and bought me a new office chair. Been on my too do list for too long. What a sweetie...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Woman of mystery no more

So what was I up to on these weeks of busy work?
4 days of general Assembly (URC WHAT are you doing with these new ideas. Trying not to be too Frazerish and shouting "we're doooooooomed" but that's kind of how I feel...)
3 Days with work stuff morning, afternoon and evening
Speaking at the Havering Strategic Partnership conference on the value of the Compact for Havering
3 days of Church Weekend fun, fun events and youth group.

its an interesting job at times, as I was thinking as I led everyone in 'oops upside your head' at the family party at Church on Sunday night...

Its not often that I have to work so hard for so long - it was good to do but I'm glad it has stopped! we are now heading into the summer lull when I am supposed to catch up with all the stuff I haven't had time for this year!

But I'd rather be doing another blog challenge...
Gone on a blind date -NO
Skipped school - Used to leave early when in the sixth form with no lessons.
Seen someone die -No, but I have seen dead people. Not in a "I can see dead people" way but either just after death or in a coffin. Its a perk of the job. Never quite get used to it though.
Snuck out of your parent's house -No - I was too scared of being caught.
Been in love- Yes
Been dumped - Yes - I was more the dumpee than dumper.
Been laid off/fired - Nope
Quit your job Yes - but always cos i was moving on
Been in a fist fight?- Have you seen me? I am a shrimp of the highest order.
Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back - But of course. many times. I was that ugly teenage girl.
Been arrested -No
Been to Canada -Yes
Been to Mexico -Not yet!
Been on the opposite side of the world - No
Been to Paris - Yes
Cried yourself to sleep -Yes
Played cops and robbers -Yes but I preferred docotrs and nurses...
Recently coloured with crayons - no but with paint and felt pens yes
Sang karaoke -Yes
Paid for a meal with only coins - Yes
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't -Yes
Made prank phone calls -No
Caught a snowflake on your tongue -Yes
Danced like nobody was watching - Yes
Been kissed under the mistletoe -Yes
Watched the sun rise with someone you care about -Yes. well kind of. Once at Uni a group o us stayed up all night to watch the sun rise over the Ashton memorial. it was misty....
Blown bubbles - yes
Crashed a party -Yes
Gone roller-skating-Yes but pants at it
Ice-skating -Yes, slightly less pants at it
Crashed a car -Yes
Swam in the ocean -Yes
Felt like dying -Yes - when I gave blood that one time... oh that was felt like I was dying. Answers still yes though.
Made a bonfire on the beach - No
Drank so much you threw up - Oh yes, far too often. I have such a low alcohol tolerance... My story of biggest shame concerns one such a night.
Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose -No
Knitted ? -Yes
Skinny dipped ? -Not since it stopped being cute and just got plain scary.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm back in the land of the living (almost)

will catch you up with my weeks of work (not really used to doing it) later but for now will wean my way back in with Kelly's "four" quiz.

A ) Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. opening post at woolworth's accounts offices in Rochdale
2. being the lowest of the low in Employment Services, Oxford
3. teaching English as a foreign language on a one ot one basis
4. Minister

and that's it. I've only ever had four jobs...

B ) Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. Blues Brothers
2. Sond of Music
3 Rocky Horror
4 Gregory's Girl

C ) Four places you have lived:
1. Port Talbot
2. Clapham
3. Hartlepool
4. Lancaster

D ) Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. CSI (Vegas)
2. Neighbours while I eat my lunch
3. Lost
4. Holby City

E ) Places I have been on holiday:
1. Canada
2. Majorca
3. Prague
4. France

F ) Four websites you visit daily:
1. Carolyn's
2. Self addressed
3. Two Peas
4. Jigzone

G ) Four of my favourite foods:
1. Pasta and sauce
2. Gravy and mint sauce
3. Noodles and peppers
4. Vegetarian thali

H ) Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Bed
2. Bath (as in the bath not the place. Although that's not bad either)
3. At my crafting table
4. Outside our tent, somewhere in France, eating crossants, pain au chocolat and fresh baguettes

OK - Next!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Normal service will be resumed shortly

Puff pant. Puff pant.
Just running to keep up with myself.
I've been away at the Church General Assembly in Exeter Friday to Monday then I'm working almost non stop until next Monday so can't spare the time to ramble.
I promise that you will have some exciting words to read (not) next week.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tra la la!

We will get to those songs in a while...
I really enjoyed the Imperial War Museum to my surprise. We didn't do it all as Phil and I had to be back to pick up Carys from school plus I had seen enough guns... and was hampered by having left my normal glasses in the car - and lots of exhibits are dark... but it was still good - especially the children during WW2 exhibition.
All the stuff about evacuees just made me cry. I know how unbearable it is not to see the kids for 3 weeks in the summer - and we tlak on the phone most days. It wasn't like that then. There was a haunting photo of 3 women seeing their children leave. They are behind metal trellis shutters and all look bereft but completely dry eyed...
I took some pics of the posters dotted around that make me laugh.
And the Mickey Mouse gas mask that my mother talks about - which looks nothing like Mickey Mouse to me...

I also loved the art that was taking place - making these poppies to go round the base of a V2 bomb.

Yesterday was Carys' sports day so I went to the second half (it goes on ALL DAY). She wasn't competing in the races but i did manage to get a good action shot of her friend Ellie during the obstacle race. There is a sports function on the camera but i haven't learnt how to use it yet...

So the songs...
this is soooo hard becasue the list could be very, very long. So just a few off the top of my head. quite a few are to do with feelings of unrequited love as a teenager (spotty, tiny, flat chested (late developer, never give up hope girls!), nerdy).

Never let her slip away - Andrew Gold
I'm not in love - 10CC
Dancing Queen - Abba - which I want at my cremation as the curtains close!
Hard for me to say I'm sorry - Air Supply
Blockbuster - Sweet (my first crush. On all of them but particularly Brian the blond one. I was 6)
Nights in white satin - Moody Blues
Nothing compares 2 U - Sinead o Conner
1999 - Prince
I only have eyes for you - Art Garfunkel
Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana
Freak - Radio head ( I think)
Ever fallen in love - Buzzcocks
My baby just cares for me - Nina Simone
the whole Blues Brothers soundtrack
Echo Beach - Martha and the Muffins
Up all night - talking heads
I'm a beleiver - the Monkees
Never had a dream come true - S Club 7 !!!!! When Carys' was younger we used to sing this to each other and when she went away for aformentioned 3 weeks so PHil and I could work I would play it and sob!

Oooh I've gone all gooey now. There are stories with many of these songs and if I were a scrapbooker they would make some great pages!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Sleepover success

Well I was rather dreading the sleepover/arrival of tired out relatives from Canada mix on Friday but it went beautifully. The girls were good as gold and Hywel enjoyed being the MC. Carys' friend Rachel had stitches on her face and was not allowed to do any trampolining, so instead they devised some safe games on the trampoline which involved one person gently bouncing and everyone else meditating. then there was 'bounce murder', like wink murder only including bouncing....
They also decorated gingerbread men, played on the dance mats and Jungle Bongos, watched a movie and had face masks and their feet done, ending up with a new Little Miss story in bed. (Carys and Emrys still find these highly amusing. So do I. Our favourite is Little Miss Star. She gets on a plane and the air hostess says "Where are you going" And she says "I am be famous" Sooooo funny:) )
Carys and I had our birthday cake which looked suspiciously like a hand made card on the top! (Although it does mean you can tell I wore my new shirt two days in a row. It is in the washing pile now honest)

Anyway the girls were ikkle angels. It all went quiet at 12:30 (although they insist they were up half the night) and didn't stir too early in the morning
I would say "look how they messed up the sitting room" but to be honest it doesn't look that different to normal...

And here are the Canadians. I'll pop Phil next to his sister so you can see how alike they are...
Then there is Derek the Dad the only one with an English accent now...
Ian (19) and Matthew (18)

Saturday was spent vegging/taking dog for walk/Church BBQ (they have a chef as part of Phil's church. He did BBQ bananas with fudge sauce. MMMMMMmmmmm)/watching the footie (sob for the English!) and then the Bowens and Phil went to meet his brother Martin and sister in law Louise in London as they are down for a Science Fiction Convention (Louise met Hurley from Lost. Cool!). Yesterday was spent at Church/ in the little pool in the garden (kind of a grown ups paddling pool) /vegging.
We are about to go to the Imperial War Museum which I haven't visited since I was about 10....

And note to Kathy - I am compiling that list of songs in my head!