Thursday, January 31, 2008

Grace Abounds

I finished reading an amazing book last night. Christ the Lord out of Egypt by Anne Rice. I borrowed it from the library but will have to buy my own copy.
I was curious about it as I only knew Anne Rice as the author of Vampire books. At the end of Christ the Lord she talks powerfully and movingly of her return to Christian faith. I was also unsure about reading it as I thought it might make the story of Jesus seem a bit trivial or ridiculous. But she has researched meticulously. I recognised some of the books she read from my 6 years of academic theological study. And she has created a wonderful picture of what life was like for people living at the time of Jesus. It is written in the first person and I still think you have to be very careful about trying to get into the mind of Christ. But I think she does it very well indeed. it is all so vividly painted and the way she sees things just makes so much sense. I had goosepimples reading it. The sequel is out very soon and I can't wait!

I did feel that the grace of God was with Anne as she wrote the book and it was a fitting feeling as this weeks Salt challenge was all about Grace. Kim S chose the theme.
God's grace
God provides us with a measure of grace each and every day, to face hardships, to grant us patience and forgiveness, to strengthen us in a time of temptation....but most importantly God's grace delivers us from the bondage of our sins by enabling us to trust in Christ as Savior. I am encouraged by this description of grace from D. Scott Meadows' booklet, "God's Astounding Grace" and pray that it might be a blessing to you as well:
"The word grace is a kind of shorthand for the whole sum of unmerited blessings, which come to men through Jesus Christ. Primarily, it describes what we, for want of a better expression, have to call a "disposition" in the Divine nature; and it means the unconditioned, undeserved, spontaneous, eternal, stooping, pardoning love of God."
Amen and Amen! Surely, God's free gift of grace can cause us to sing His praises each and every day!

I knew I wanted my title to be Amazing Grace. Because Grace is amazing! But that I didn't want to use the words of "that" hymn on my layout. And that I didn't want to use just my words either. So I trawled through my various hymn and song books (and I have a lot) til I found some words that spoke to me by John Pantry. You can read the words and listen to the music here - just scroll down to the bottom.

Here is what I did with it.
The title is cut out with the robo. Large letters are Arial Black and small ones are Complete in Him, as are the words of the song.
Papers are all American Crafts Bookshelf with extra outlining.
The cardstock is Bazzill Kraft which has been painted using a Crafters Template as a stencil and Ranger Dabbers - I just love those colours. The corner scrolls are painted using a free template from Scrapbook Inspirations. All then outlined in white.
Its very busy but I wanted something exuberant that expressed the feeling that grace abounds!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Can't think of a catchy blog title today.
I had a good time at Imagine That teaching a card class to 6 people. The maximum is six and it is quite hard work but loads of fun. Two had never been to a class before but did really well. The other 4 are regulars - all lovely and talented and enthusiastic and I have not just written that becasue Pat reads my blog (hi Pat!)

IN the evening I finished off the layout I was working on and then decided to do a bit more craft stuff sorting. Which left me only time for one measly card.
I'll show you my makings anyway.

The layout is mostly from the December Self Addressed kit
The paper is Chatterbox. It is much better quality than it used to be but still has that nice white core so I distressed the edges. The photo mat and letters were done using blue jeans and green something Distress Ink. The corner scrolls are Purple Onion stamps gone over with white pen. The white scroll on the journaling is a black Basic Grey rub on coloured in!

The card uses up more of the rejects from my last layout. Bazzill card stock and the red card is Stamping Up. Junkitz flowerful paper, Black Soot distress ink, Bazzill buttons, red gems and a little leftover Prima bling under the handwritten sentiment.

No time for crafting today. I've been up to Cambridge again - oooh I love Cambridge now, jsut being there lifts my spirits and the Seminar was as stimulating as ever. I have a meeting tonight at my house so I have to tidy up - and no crafty time. Boo hoo. I have earmarked a spot of time tomorrow for my Salt challenge for Thursday though. And the craft stuff is still not sorted properly.

Oh yes. This is what you have to do at the end of Mission Impossible. It is the law.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lazy Sunday afternoon

I had big plans for this afternoon... but after a long morning following a nervous evening before I got a tension headache and I know the only cure is sleep. So I went off for two hours and feel much better now. Just all that craft time WASTED!!!!

Last night we had a surprise party for Dave who retired after 28 years as our Boys Brigade Captain. As Minister I get to be Chaplain. Most of the hard work and planning was done by everyone else but I wanted to d my bit for the entertainment so wrote a version of the South Pacific Song "there is nothing like a dame" . I thought it would be easy - just replace Dame with Dave. But of course Dave hasn't got womanly curves or attributes so it had to be radically rewritten. And practiced. So in the end I was really nervous. But me and the boys manged to pull it off in the end. Dave had a fantastic time, it was a brilliant evening. Just tiring.

Today was worship. I don't know how teachers do it because doing just that one hour leaves me drained. We had church meeting afterwards which doesn't help. We also had one of those Sundays when you start with 5 (I exaggerate not) and end up with 16. Interesting times...

I can show you some cards I finished last week though! These are all using the Self Addressed December kit. So I don't spend my whole time on my own in the Conservatory i often make up a kit to take into the other room. I still have to run back for a few bits but it is a challenge to use only what is in the box.
This card used a Tamara template.
I love them because they are not too fiddly and produce good results. Well maybe not this one, there is a kind of flower in prison vibe going on! I love the ribbon though. ANd wish I had run back for my corner rounder...
Another Tamara template. Just added ink and doodling. There is some Jo Kill check action going on round that "with love" - I can never thank her enough for introducing that on her cards as it brings a little funkiness wherever you see it!

And finally
I just added the flower and button. Everything else comes in the Self Addressed kit. I am actually thinking that I might stop getting the kits. I need to reign in my craft spending a little bit. But I haven't done it yet it will be a hard decision as it is a fantastic kit and even if I haven't fancied the look of the papers, when they come all the bits and bobs that come with them just make them brilliant to use. Oooh hard choices. Might sleep on it a bit!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Out with the old and in with the new

Byebye old Skoda
Hello new Skoda
Slightly longer (eek!) what with being an estate. Maybe not gold but definitely champagne! And thus ever so slightly chav...
We are a bit poorer now but the other car was just beginning to fall apart.

On to more exciting stuff. It is Dare day today. This time it is a "use something" type dare as chosen by Jo.My dare this week is 'Foiled!' -I would like you to utilise some plain old aluminium (aluminum for our friends across the pond!) foil from your kitchen :). You can scrunch it, die cut it, emboss it, ink it, coil it, cover chipboard - or anything else that you choose!

I decided to do a combo challenge card, so this also works for the Tilda challenge and Caardvarks blog challenges this week. Its a bit of a cheek and I promise NEVER to do it again!

I got out the same Cuttlebug embossing folder and alcohol inks as Kathy but with very different results (hers is much classier IMO). I used a white card which was distressed with Blue Jeans ink pad. Then some patterned paper which is German in origin and on top embossed and inked foil. The moon was made by cutting a shape out of foil (layered on card), mounted on foam pads. Tilda is coloured with watercolour pencils - my technique is gradually improving I think. Then some cheapo silver stars studded over and added in the corners. The white lettering is Heidi rub ons by Making Memories and the tag is a plastic bread tag alcohol inked and written on with a Sharpie pen. The ribbon is a silvery white.

Also finished a layout this week. I just may have gone over the top with my white pen...
All Junkitz Flowerful papers
cut out and layered.
NB1 It is really straight and 81/2x11 size in real life
NB2 bottom left hand corner, I hadn't tidied away all my scraps properly.
To save your eyes this is what it says
And talking of scraps, here is what I made with some of the left overs

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hi there me hearties

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments re my last card (blush) It has really bucked me up. I've had a pretty good weekend work and craft wise. At Church we launched a new way of caring for each other on Saturday that was well received on the whole. And the service went well Sunday (if i say so myself). I've done another class at Imagine That and have some of my own craftiness to show (more below).

Today I had to see my supervisor in Cambridge to discuss my 6000 word essay (due in May. Gulp). I went early and did some reading in two different coffee shops. The new John Lewis is not as big as I would like but a walk through the towels still made me feel good. And oooh the cushions. If I played the lottery AND i won, I would have someone in to wash my hair every other day(love the massages that come with the conditioner) and I would buy every cushion in the John Lewis soft furnishing department. The rest I would give to charity (maybe minus university fees times three) And... that's why I won't do the lottery - I don't think I could cope with winning, too many hard decisions and too much desire creeping in to keep it all for myself.

Anyway, despite living in Oxford for 3 years I have decided that I much prefer Cambridge. It is just a lovely place to be. If only it wasn't at the other end of the M11 which is a rubbish motorway.
If you are still awake, here is some of my crafting.
I love this layout! (so you don't have to)

Bazzill paperbag cardstock (Newsflash Bazzill are now stocking Kraft in Britain. I am v. happy as I love Kraft for both cards and layouts. As you will see...)
Paper is ummmm... I'll fill that in later.
The black paper is DCWV card stock gone through the cuttlebug and sanded.
Cream card stock was cut with Nestablilites dies (just so cool) and inked with old photo distress ink.
Karen Foster stickers; American Crafts Thickers and AC rubons.
Copper heart from Craft by Carolyns and a Bazzill brad.
That's actually a long list for a layout that is mostly white space!
I also thought I would try out this competition
Cor it was hard!
Not helped by me misunderstanding the rules to start with, hence the slightly un valentine choice of papers. And having to make the cards out of the card/papers was quite a challenge. And cutting a few out before noticing it was 4 and not 3 cards that were required. And choosing ribbon that was actually pretty non pliable....apart from that it was easy.
I'll just show you one card and envelope for now...

The cardstock is that Bazzill Paperbag again plus two American Crafts papers as they are double sided and sturdy.
You can see two of my embellishment choices on the card - white grosgrain ribbon and a bling swirl. The other is felt AC stickers.
Here is the envelope - punched hearts and extra bling.

I have no idea what to do with the cards as I usually only send one...
In the end it was fun though!
Why don't you have a go - just read the rules first!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hide and Seek

I've been out teaching at Imagine That this morning. I was so proud at being only 10 minutes over when someone reminded me the class should have finished at 12 not 12:30. Oooops. The three people taking the class were all scrapbook newbies - two doing their first ever pages so it was quite nerve wracking. But I think they will be back for more!

Anyway that and some church work meant I couldn't update my blog earlier. I wonder if you have guessed the secret of my card yet?
Yes, it is Friday - already - and main Daring Card day
Hide & Seek
I'd like you to make a card which has a hidden component of some sort.
The hidden part could be a tag, a concealed photo, message or something along those lines, maybe a pull-out or pop-up.
Anything goes as long as there's something extra for the recipient to find on your card that's not immediately visible when they open the envelope.

I couldn't work out what to do until I used Herma repo glue that I won for having a layout in Scrapbook Inspirations - I finally got my original and my prize just before Christmas! The repositionable glue has a great hold but you can move it about too (makes it sound like those old hairspray ads!)

So I made Phil his Valentines card early. He was touched that I had gone to such an effort so soon and wouldn't let him see but then he paused and said "you've made it for a dare haven't you" in a small voice. So maybe I better make him another one!
The paper is all Scenic Route Loveland. The true colour is somewhere between my photos! It is an A5 size card and everything has been inked and doodled to bits. The heart shapes were cut out of the paper. They were stuck on with repo glue so that you can pick the petals
until you get the whole message
or just about anyway!
I tested the idea on some scrap paper and you can reposition about 7 times before the sticky loses its stickiness.

I do hope you join in - I'm off to discover the secrets of everyone else's cards!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Something in the water

I'm on two small blog teams - and there seem to be babies popping out everywhere! I sometimes get a pang for another, but then think about sleep deprivation and nappies and the fact we just couldn't plain afford it and a baby can't do hoovering like tweenagers and I decide I would rather wait for Grandchildren!
The first of the imminent babies has arrived - and I think he should have been the last. Joshua White made a surprise early entrance for Kimberly and is in a special care unit at the moment but is doing well. My prayers are with the family - and huge congratulations too!
One of the nice things about being on international teams (ooh hark at her!) is when you realise that we are many peoples divided by one language - or however the saying goes. Someone in the US couldn't understand what I meant by "fortnightly" and on DCM there was puzzlement from Mel when the Brits were talking about "hoovering" as I did above. Apparently they don't have Hoovers there - they have Luxes in NZ so I suppose you do the Luxing there. I won't find out what Mel thinks til tomorrow because today is over for her and she won't write again until I am in bed. It is strange this time thing...

OK this was supposed to be a quick post before I walk the dog, tend sick(ish) boy and do some prep on my Sunday service before taking a funeral.
It is Salt launch day today and Hazel has chosen the theme
I love that verse in 1 Thessalonians 5:11: 'Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.' - in fact, there is so much about encouragement in those letters, and indeed, in other letters from Paul. Encouragement is such a blessing to receive and also to give.
I love the verse that Hazel has highlighted too and wanted to find some photos of the rest of the family to use with it. I found some that I had been saving to scrap about a walk we had a year or so ago. We got so muddy you wouldn't beleive it. The quality of the photos isn't great but the meaning is what counts for me
The papers and stickers are all Scenic Route Newport. It is probably obvious that one of these letters is not like the others due to there being only two of each letter in the sticker pack! Then I added some inking and one bling swirl cut into bits. Can't remember the make but Emma sells them in Imagine That and they are GORGEOUS!

Here are the writing bits in close up. The Biblical text was done in my Kim Hughes font alike handwriting. I love writing like that now!
and the other was done in my normal scrawl!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

imitation - the sincerest form of flattery!

Well Sunday passed in a kind of blur. And so did Monday.
We went car and tv and lamp shopping.
We have seen a new (to us) Skoda that is mostly good and sort of affordable (it is sad when you have to start calculating how many years worth of Uni fees that would cover - and it looks like all three will go to Uni - but I don't begrudge them really!) The only downside to said car is that it is a rather Essex girl champagne colour. But we haven't bought it yet.
Then we went to Ikea for some lamps and came out with an Expedit bookcase for me, two new duvets and covers for the boys, some Christmas decorations for £1 and 50p, a new laundry basket for Carys and some other bits and bobs. But no lamps.

Then we went tv shopping. I am trying to control my blood pressure so will not rant about the need for
1: friendly staff
2: the same information on every tv so you can really compare
3: informative staff (not the same as 1 but by the end I would have settled for 1:)
So no tv - just a very big headache.

I now know what to look for and we are going to buy online.

I did squeeze in a tiny amount of crafting time - mostly making my DCM Little Extra for today
I had an idea for a Mid Week Tribute...
Now, as you are probably aware, both Lynne and Gillian sadly stepped down from the Design team recently, and all though the DCM team's door is always open for them, we thought it would be nice to pay a little tribute to them in appreciation for all their wonderful work during their time on the DCM design team. Lythan came up with an idea that we make a card in the 'style' of either Lynne or Gillian's cards. Or maybe pick your favourite of theirs and use an element from their cards on your own card. Everyone has their own style- we thought it might be a little challenge to try out a different style for a change!

I think I am more like Lynne in style than Gillian so went for a Gillian tribute!
Of course it should have been a cream square card but I haven't replaced my stock of those since Christmas so had to use an off white C6 one!
I found the image on my hard drive - I must have collected it from somewhere ages ago. I added a Gillian crown - well it is a Grungeboard one painted with Ranger Dabber in Gold with a few pink gems thrown on. I also gave her a little bouquet of flowers, some painted with distress ink to match the Basic Grey Infuse patterned papers and added more bling!. Gillian does a lot of sewing so I cheated with a hole making wheel and a pencil.
I found a quote which I printed on to plain BG using traveling typewriter font and made tow photo corners. All inked, natch!
We do miss Gillian and Lynne, but know that their talent will still be enjoyed wherever they go - love you girls!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

More challenges

I allowed myself some more crafty time today. That is because I have loads and loads on over the next few weeks so need to grab some soul time when I can. Sometimes it all goes wrong and I become Mrs Sulky Pants - but most of the time card making and scrapping is my creative equivalent of Psalm 23 - it restores my soul. I may not make anything particularly spiritual or faith based but if I end up feeling calm and refreshed - well I'm sure God approves! It seems to fit with the MA course work I read this morning about spiritual direction and person centred analysis.

Carys joined me this afternoon - which does slow up what I am doing as I help her. Only she doesn't want helping really. I'm still trying to get the balance right between giving her ideas and taking over. This is what she made
I made two whole cards. I've recently popped my head in on another forum - Scraptitude. It has a really friendly feel. I really shouldn't be part of yet more forums as I don't have time to do much, but I will participate in small ways I think. Any way i have done two of the card challenges today. ONe was to make a card using just one colour. Oh how hard is that.
You wouldn't beleive how long this simple card took me trying to get the greens to go together!
The card stock is all Stamping Up as is the dotty background stamp. The strip of paper with the white dots we won't mention is Scenic Route. The dark green card is the light green covered in Ranger green ink. The parcel stamp is Purple Onion, button Bazzill and flower Sarah's cards. The sentiment is on safmat. Outlining was done with a green Sharpie.

This took a while as well...
The challenge was to do a bright card and I remembered that I downloaded some freebies by Marieke Vermeulen. Printed them up and layered them and wrote "hello peeps" in my new sentiment handwriting (prefer it to my own!)

Right I'm going top sneak back to the conservatory for a little more soul time now!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Me and my shaaaaaaa-dows

taking me so long to do
(long to do, long to do, long to do)

I suppose you have to be a Generation Jones or older to get that really. I only heard that term this week and now I am sulking. Before that I was a Generation X. It sounds cool, mysterious. Now, not only am I too old to be an X, I am given the term Jones. Still I suppose it does remind everyone of the ultimate superiority of the Welsh...

Anyhoo, this is all because I ran out of time until this morning to do my Daring Cardmakers challenge of the week and it just took me for ever! It was fun, but not what I should really have been doing...
Jane came up with a fabby dare (as I said in my last post)
Me and My Shadow !!
I want you to create not just one but TWO cards ! But wait........there's more ! I want both cards to contain the same embellishments and papers, ribbons etc- but arranged in a different way for a different occasion....the only thing being different is the wording....I'll let you have different wording !
Oh Horlicks. Just read the last line and I have used the same working. Sh...ugar. (As I am known around my house as "Mum and her foul mouth" I am doing my best to reduce my swearing - which honestly wasn't that much to begin with)

I gave myself the elements of... 3 pieces of Piggy Tales (double sided) paper - the Baa Baa Black Sheep range (hmmm). White card stock, my NEW nestabilities dies - I cut 5 circles for each card plus a scallop each for the sentiment, black sharpie pen, black soot distress ink, red gems and green spotty ribbon.

hand cut heart extra circle cut with peach circle punch and hand written sentiment
Hand cut some of the circles into rough flower shapes.
theres a wee bit of foam tape action on both cards as well.

They may have daft names but I do love Piggy Tales papers - have I mentioned that before?
Hope you enjoy this dare as much as I have!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New stuff

Yes I actually made a little extra card this week. (Shock)
No time normally but this one came together so quickly.
Just as well as I have been working hard at the day job ever since. Although I did manage a quick visit to Peacocks. The boys are finally growing (yay!) but that does mean they need new clothes. I go to Peacocks cos they do clothes for small skinny teenage boys and student discounts (10%) as well. I am still weaning Emrys off wearing shorts all winter. I figure now he is 13 he is old enough for long trousers!

Anyway here is the card
I used some new presents - my NEW cuttlebug machine which embosses like a dream and is so neat and my NEW wooden scroll courtesy of my Daring Cards Secret Santa - it is just yummy.
and some new not presents - NEW papers and card and ribbon as I finally received the December Self Addressed kit and a NEW cuttlebug square scallop die.
Since then I have also got a NEW ATG gun. It is like an enormous herma applicator. Ever since I discovered this way of applying glue I am hooked as it is so easy. Apparently using one of these is great value for money though the initial outlay for the gun is quite a lot. I bought mine from Directa. I'll have to take a photo of me and me new toy so you can really see the scale of it. At least twice the size of my hand!

No time to play until tomorrow though when I have to make time for my DCM Friday dare. It is a great one this week so I am really looking forward to playing!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Busy bees

Yup Carys and I managed some more crafting today!
She finished off a card she started on Saturday that we had decided to turn into a swing.
The background is done with a cuttlebug embossing folder. They are so much more defined in a real cuttlebug!
I finished a big layout and also a card for the Daring Little Extra tomorrow (may be Wednesday before I can talk about it here - busy day tomorrow) and a simple 8x8 layout for the craft club on Thursday that I couldn't get a good photo of at all tonight so will try again soon. Although it really isn't that great, just a good way of starting off scrapping.
Anyhoo, here is the 12x12 layout for today
I haven't got many Christmas photos after the family asked me not to take them :( but I did take them New Years Eve.
The paper is all Cherry Arte Poolside. I backed the whole sheet with some old Bazzill as it is rather flimsy. The lettering is Vomzom cut on my robo. 2008 is Scenic Route chipboard painted with a Ranger Dabber. The other chipboard shapes are Cherry Arte and the star is extra thick felt bought in Germany.
Grandma made it back ok today. She is very tired and strung out from supporting my sister in law through a shock breakdown of her marriage. The kids have enjoyed a last days holiday so we had a Movie Night watching Oceans Eleven which has so much eye candy as well as an enjoyable story. (its no contest really, I would choose Brad every time).
I'm not looking forward to going back to early starts tomorrow. But I am looking forward to my MA course which is back for a new term.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Crafty Saturday

By being crafty and working hard I managed to finish both my services on Saturday. Which meant that not only did I have time to do the card club at Church but also play time in the evening.
I took my Magnolia and Nellie stamps which people loved colouring in. Stamping Caz did a great how to the other day on how to use watercolour pencils. It has made my efforts look so much better. I didn't make a card using the technique but Carys did. I just love how cool they look in monochrome.It looks like I might have to order some more just for her...

Then after Casualty I got some proper crafty time and finished a layout I have been doing for a few days as there were lots of bits to it.
I bet if you know the song the title alludes to you start singing it...

I have been totally inspired by the awesome talent of Sarah Jane Scrappyfairy.
I am not worthy really but enjoyed the style and will deffo use it again
The papers came together in the first Funky kit but I don't know what they all are now...
Chipboard is Scenic Route coloured with a copper Krylon penThe swirls are grungeboard inked with blue ink, copper ink and a bit of krylon.
great stuff! (but smells like a pet shop...)
This lit is Making Memories Heidi rub ons, Doodlebug rubons, Purple Onion alpha stamps and hand writing.

And then, just to finish the day I opened up my Self Addressed December kit which had just arrived that morning and had to have a play. I had discovered Sketches By Tamara earlier in the day (tea break from services are crafty time too) which are just my style so I used sketch 24 just about as is. the papers are Chatterbox which I used to love for pattern but hate for quality of paper. Now it is lovely card weight stuff. Delish!No time for crafting today but hope to fit some in tomorrow while Phil goes to Heathrow to pick up his mum after her month in Canada

Friday, January 04, 2008


Actually feel pretty old today. Carys had a sleepover and although the jinks were not too high I still feel like I could do with another 6 hours sleep.

Still there is work to be done and the reward of some crafty playtime if I can knuckle down today.
I need to get a sample or two done for craft club tomorrow. The group has been a kind of pile in where I take my stuff and everyone uses it. It wasn't meant to be like that but evolved in that way. I only take old papers or freebies but as my card stock is running low and it means there is not a lot that matches we are going to change how it is done. So I will be taking less stuff and being more directive. I have also bought A4 card in both white and pastel colours for people to make their cards with.
And tomorrow we will be playing with my Sugar Nellie and Magnolia stamps and also making tri fold cards.
So still some options - just less of them!

I have been getting huge inspiration from Kristina Werner at present. She does the nost fab little youtube videos every Monday. In fact at the moment she is doing more little films too. You can really see her influence in my Daring card this week.
the theme is...
So not only New Year, but maybe New Home, New Baby, New Job or maybe a card for someone who is starting a new chapter in their life.
those who notice this sort of thing may see similarities between the card and the layout I posted on Wednesday. Well I made them the same day with some of the same papers and I quite like the translation of card ideas to layouts and back again!
The papers are American Crafts Metropolitan. Really loving AC at the moment. Double sided heavy weight card is my thing baby! That blue is just so lush isn't it?
I love the little letter stickers that I think Making Memories do. I haven't got any and keep trying to reproduce them with letter stamps. Still not there yet but I quite like my "happy" done with Purple Onion stamps from a Self Addressed kit. "New" are AC letter stickers with some Rangers pearls dotted on. Year is a papermania duff rub on that only just rubbed on and so I had to go over it in pen. Boo to you PM! Actually once it was on I realised I would have preferred year to go further down.
Still I don't know who would get a new year card made on Jan 1st - I just really fancied making it!
I look forward to seeing what "new" things you come up with.
Off to look at the latest kwerner vid, sorry, I mean get my service ready...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

where is my treasure?

it is Salt day today. Gillian set us an interesting challenge
take Inspiration from the Gospel of MatthewVerse 6, Chapter 21
For where your Treasure is,
there your Heart will also be.
I had to think long and hard about this one. All the things that I wanted to say were my treasure - my family in particular, don't really fit in with what Jesus is saying. That ultimately if your treasure is in the love of God rather than the things of the earth. That to be a person of faith I have to put God before the "stuff" of my life, yes even my stash supplies and even my family. But if I can find the way to put God first - and that can be a struggle at times - then everything else will fit into place and life will have more meaning and purpose both now - and in the life to come.
Actually I think Jesus puts it better than me...

Don't store up treasures on earth! Moths and rust can destroy them,
and thieves can break in and steal them.
Instead, store up your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy them, and thieves cannot break in and steal them.
Your heart will always be where your treasure is.
Which is why I went for the simple option for my layout. Kimberley went for something similar and I love the way she has chosen to express her faith. I cheated and went for the words of the marriage vows. They are a great way of praying and getting close to God I think. If you can't read them (acetate is hard to photograph I think!) it says...
I take you to be Lord and Saviour, to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish and worship, and not even death shall part us. This is my solemn vow.

The papers are all Scenic Route. The background paper is Laurel, the rest Loveland. I cut out and inked up lots of layers of hearts and covered them with the acetate and a piccy of me looking solemn! It does look better in real life and it was also a very spiritual experience making it. I was watching Midsomer Murders at the same time which lessened the effect slightly. But only just.

My heart and my treasure is Jesus , yesterday, today, tomorrow. But part of that is loving my family and that can mean spending time with them doing crafty stuff rather than sitting on my own. And even in that, to God be the glory.

PS: blogger is mucking around with me fonts and I can't get it all the same. Grrrrrrrrr

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy (ish) New Year!

Actually I have had a lot of fun since I last blogged. Craft day was spent in a different way from planned. I needed to make some samples for Imagine That and realised it would be better to do them at the shop using their die cut letters rather than at home. So I spent a happy few hours with KI memories pop culture papers including some of the lace paper. Slurp!
Of course I didn't take my camera...
Must remember to next time I go in as you also can't see the other class that I have finished too. Silly me!
I really enjoy making samples for the shop although
1: I get very nervous in case I go wrong or it is horrible
2: I often end up buying some of the stuff that I have used for the class cos it is just so lovely!

On Monday we headed to Birmingham to spend New Years Eve with Auntie Jones. we had lunch and supper there and then went down the road to the M5 to a travelodge - about 10 minutes drive away. It was the grottiest one ever - at least I had a cheapo deal on the rooms. Plus our two rooms were miles apart. There were no pillow cases - we had them warm from the tumble dryer. Still we were comfy and warm and snuggled up to watch some Dr Who series 3 episodes and the fireworks.

Tuesday we went for brekkie at Auntie Joneses (my cunning plan to avoid expensive breakfasts at the Travelodge). But we ended up back at the service station as when we drove out we saw what looked like a dog with a lead on its own, possibly tied up in some woods. Phil, with his big heart, couldn't go home without checking. There was indeed a greyhound on its own. The staff were aware and told the traffic police as it was in between a busy road and the motorway. As it happened the man behind me in the petrol queue also had a retired greyhound pet! Lucky spent 2 nights at kennels and is glad to be home now.

Once home I had fun doing some more crafting. I did my dare work for this week and finished this layout.
I love this picture of me and my choir buddies. I enjoy saying rude things to Alma and making her laugh at practice.
the red of the American crafts papers goes well with our luxury scarves (£15! for a scarf!) I added more AC papers, some Queen and Co felt, lots of black gems, some sparkly black ribbon, some diamente gems, Purple Onion stamps and lots of black pen (of course)

Today I did a funeral and have a other lined up for next week. It is so hard when people die at a festive time of year. And I have Elders tonight. Yup, the holidays (such as I had) are ended!
Although we have Phil's junior church party and sleepover here tomorrow night...