Friday, September 28, 2007

I've been framed

Its Daring Cardmakers Day today and the amazingly talented Lynne has chosen the task this week.
I’d like you to use a FRAME or FRAMES on your card. You can use any type of frame you so wish. How about a die cut frame or a hand cut frame. You can frame your card with brackets or flowers or how about some doodling - the choice is yours.
Hmmm I thought to myself. I am sure I have a frame die somewhere that was going to be "so useful" when I bought it. I was right. And it is lovely so I must use it a bit more - or at least again! It would look good with chipboard and acetate I reckon so if I am a good girl and Father Christmas brings me a Cuttlebug (OK so it is already bought and sitting in its box in the study taunting me) then I can give that a go too!
Anyhoo here is my card
I have gone back to the fabuloso Junkitz Celebrationz Paperz (I will overlook the annoying spellingz just this once). I used 4 different ones and some green paper which went through a cuttlebug embossing die and a Sharpie poster paint pen. You will not be surprised to learn that the cake is paper pieced (for that home made cake look!). The frame and cake are mounted on sticky pads. The greeting is on safmat and doodled round. And the whole thing really is that bright!
I have loads of cards I need to make so I must finish off these papers as I love 'em for birthday cards.

I have been cracking on with my homework for the MA and feel a tad more in control now! In fact I am looking forward to the seminar on Tuesday. I obviously needed to get the brain cells going.
Now I need to get into the Harvest Vibe for this Sunday.
We plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land...
or is it
We buy the food in Tescos and stick it in the car....
whatever - this is still true
All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above.
So thank the Lord, o thank the Lord for all his love

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I love the word "joy". Being a Christian is not about feeling happy all the time - if it was I would be rubbish at it. But I think it is about feeling joy. Joy to me is a deeper emotion than happiness. It is the quiet confidence of knowing the unconditional love of God shown in Jesus. Although it can sometimes spill out into something exuberant too. So I was so pleased when Hazel chose the word "joy" for Salt this week. And I think Hazel has explained it better than I have!
When things are going well in life we feel happy and joyful, but sometimes circumstances of life may cause us to feel sad, but even at those times we can still experience the joy of the Lord. I'm reminded of the verse in Nehemiah 8:10b: 'for the joy of the Lord is my strength'. We'd love to see your take on this challenge

Here is mine...
I used Cherry Arte Poolside papers - my favourite blue and green combo! I cut a frame in one of the papers and stuck it on. It was rather a disaster so I recommend glue and not double sided tape for doing this as I ended up with having the paper tear when it ran out of give! The lettering is handcut. Yes I have a craft robo! but I wanted something a little bit more uneven.
then lots of outlining and layering.
I have been planning to scrap this photo for ages but glad I waited now! I'm also glad I splurged on the Cherry Arte painted chipboard as the little hearts set off/covered the mistakes beautifully!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


that is the sound of my jaw dropping tonight as I was given my first lot of MA homework ready for Tuesday. I have been at my induction course in Cambridge tonight and now I know that I am definitely mad! It will be good fun - but a lot of reading. I decided to do this as I feel the need to stretch my mind. Consider it well stretched. And if I am even quieter between now and Tuesday you know why.
So I am now a fully signed up student in the Cambridge Theological Federation and the Anglia Ruskin University on the MA in Pastoral Studies course.
Which also means .... I get a student card.... student discounts in shops :) Suddenly it is all worthwhile.
This week has been rather hectic. I did have a lovely crafty day on Monday, but then no time to post what I have done. Actually some of it I couldn't reveal anyway but this layout I could
Its a Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy reference where the absolute answer to life the universe and everything turns out to be 42 - my age! All the paper is Scenic Route Laurel and I used those lovely dabber paints. The colours are just brilliant. Phil suggested the addition of the wing on the bird and I think he was quite right
It was a bit of muck about fun really.
It is Salt reveal day tomorrow so amid the study I will be back at some point to show off another card... or layout... or... you'll have to wait and see!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Imagine it is Friday

as I didn't have time to blog then. I spent the day in Abingdon doing some very useful work with my friends Ruth and Rachel. Then I had the joy of the M25 at rush hour which gave me 15 minutes at home before choir, after which I was too tired. And I should have been out all morning at Contact Centre but I wasn't needed so here I am.

Daring Cards has another fabby guest designer at the moment - Rachel B. But also a toughie of a dare from Gillian - the eclectic queen.

.........and make a GORGEOUS card from what you find.
You'll be amazed at the special little treasures you'll find if you only take the time to look with CREATIVE EYES

I have to hold my hands up and say that this is a slight cheat as I did not go to the charity shop. I took a t shirt off the pile that was destined for the charity shop. There are some more flowers and a butterfly that will appear on cards and layouts soon...

I cut a half circle out of the card to make it stand up - and then covered it over so I needn't have bothered! I used my scallop punch and cut a smaller white circle with my new compass cutter. And my other pinches to make the little flower. The papers are all Lily Kate by BG

The rest of my day is rather work flavoured but I am hoping to make some notebooks with Carys and the Bind It All later on!

Thanks for all the comments re the last post. I am still on cloud 9!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good News!

Meet the two new best friends! Mrs Miggins, the big bully has made a new pal in Duracell. Who would have thought that they would be friends so soon. The run to keep them apart has gone already! Windle is the only one laying at the moment though...

And looky hereI have a layout in print. How excited am I! I haven't submitted any more as I never seem to have a layout to go with the themes. Maybe one day... Emrys is underwhelmed.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Not so happy feet.

Gah! What a terrible film. It could have been so good with the whole concept of what happens if you are not like everyone else? But instead there is a feel good ending that is so false because we are still over fishing and warming the planet so the whole penguin habitat could be lost. And Hywel and I had a row because he refused to watch it. His watch it ironically button was off and all he could see was a film for babies. I did laugh out loud at several things but all in all would rather I hadn't bothered when I got to the end.

So I did some more work on the next Imagine That Project and then watched an episode of Heroes that I had missed. I have a bit of a weird crush on Hiro. He is so cute. So the gore and tension and peculiar goings on managed to wash the nasty taste of those b****y penguins out of my mouth!

So here is the layout that will be taught at IT along with a layout very similar to this one that I reproduced in 12x12 form. (But didn't photograph!) The aim is to use some of the papers that people might find more challenging - Love, Elsie Roxie and BG Periphery. I accidentally used some of the Roxie line that Emma did not stock so she is stocking it now (blush) but I managed better with the new one. I tried to make the Roxie layout very freestyle and the BG one less so, to show you can use rather "in your face" papers with "ordinary" photos.
I did add in a couple of techniques for people to try - journalling on paper (expect to see more of this!) and using glaze pens to doodle on the letters.
I do love those tall timbers alphabet stamps. Not cheap - but so versatile! I just hope some people want to try the classes now...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Argh, why didn't I

post sooner as I have so much to say.
In fairness life has been a bit mad since I last blogged.
I had a really good time on Saturday at the crop with my friend Sue. We had good table room and a goody bag and loads of papers. And loads of lovely cakes which you can see in the corner of this picture of Sue concentrating!.
The church hall is a good place - except for it being upstairs (we are getting a platform lift soon which will make life easier) - roomy and light.

I just did one class (classes were on the stage) which was very enjoyable. I had to finish it at home. I'm not showing the whole thing yet as it is a present for my God-daughter and her mum reads the blog.
It is a chipboard fold out book which is so sweet inside - come back in early October for the rest!
I also almost finished two layouts which were completed at home.
This one went a bit wrong but was saved by Sue's suggestion. It is still tempting to rip it up and start again. All papers from the August self addressed kit, plus some prima flowers (which may have been added because my sandwich squished on the journalling I had printed out. The sandwich I ended up bringing home again. I did eat cake though)
I like the hand cut arrow and the KI candy letters though!

This one I am much more pleased with
all papers are Piggy Tales - Gretel I think.
Green elements are painted with a Ranger Dabber. I traced round a piece of scalloped circle Bazzill and used the Whale of A Punch flower just a little. "Doll" is made with painted Thickers by American Crafts and I have finally used one of the wonderful Fancy Pants chipboard bits I won in a rak by the uber talented Tracie Hudson.

I had put together several page kits and although I only did two I think this is the way to go for me at crops.

When I got home I was introduced to our two new house (well garden unless they break in) mates.
and Windle Poons.
Our rescue hens! Phil and Carys went on another Chicken rescue on Saturday and brought these two lovelies home with them.
Windle is actually a very sad sight - I have used a head shot not to upset you. Her wing has barely a feather on it and she is a little bald on top. Both hens combs are long and floppy as you can see - a result of living in a confined space. They have settled in well and Mrs Miggins is actually co habiting with them already without too much fuss . Phil had separated them to protect the new girls from too much pecking order business but Mrs M kept breaking in to where they were segregated. She obviously misses the company since Spot died!

I will post more pictures as they blossom.

Today I have finished a class page and taught at Imagine That. But showing that page will have to wait as it is time for family meeting and movie night - Happy Feet which we have never seen!

Friday, September 14, 2007

That Friday Feeling

Mine is a bit different to most people. For many it is a "yahoo, almost weekend" feeling. For me, it is a creative deadline. I have to have an hours worth of worship that is uplifting, encouraging, teaching and challenging for all ages ready for 10:30 on Sunday morning. Sometimes by now I am almost ready. This week I am not - lots of meetings, some pastoral problems (some caused by me, ack!) and life in general have squeezed it all into today.
I am looking forward to cropping tomorrow but also have to have time to work out what to take for that. And I know I will be shattered afterwards so really need to have service - and powerpoint slides and service sheet done today.
Actually I am quite excited about it all too because somehow Phil has got left off the preaching plan for his churches this week so we are going to do a dialogue. The readings are "interesting" (God threatens to get rid of the Hebrews due to their worship of the golden calf mixed in with Jesus story of the lost sheep and lost coin) so I have some thinking to do on that!

But there is also always an air of excitement on Friday as it is Dare day! The newly married Rhi set this one - and I can see why after spotting her card - bet she has to make a few of them!
This week I dare you to use a Word as the main focal point to your card. It can be a name, a greeting or just a word that inspires you. You can use other text but only one word as a main embellishment. So dig out your dictionaries, die cutters, alphabet stamps, rubons or download a funky font and show us what you can do!

My card is simple (like me!)
I actually made two of these cards as I cut the word out twice using my Robo. I used double sided Love, Elsie paper (Betty) and the advantage is that you can turn "o"'s over. Although I could have just mirrored some of the letters I suppose. Still I need a lot of these cards as I am forever late with birthday cards. I send out about 120 a year to people linked to the churches and some weeks I am a bit late checking whose birthday is coming up. (Oh dear)
Anyway tis a white A6 card. yes you heard right, NOT a square one!
All the paper is Betty apart from the little bit of white card that makes the faux buckle (QK die). All inked and outlined as usual.
Then a little trick that I swiped from Emma at Imagine That. For the Kids classes at the moment they are making an awesome photo journal using the Bind it all and Roxie papers by Love, Elsie. It is just so gorgeous you wouldn't believe it. One of the things that makes it's pure awesomeness is the way that some of the details have been picked out with glossy accents. So I shamelessly copied it (and am going to have to make one of those books too methinks) Anyway it just lifts the papers even more. If you click on my card you should see the accented bits in greater detail.

Right, back to battling with the golden calf... Have a good weekend, whether it is filled with work, rest or play.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

God's Promises

Salt day today!
Another brief post from me because I have a stinker of a headache and a meeting to go to soon.
Gillian chose the challenge this fortnight...
God's Promises.
So many times we are guilty of breaking promises,or have been on the other end of a broken promise,but what a wonderful blessing to know that when God makes a promise it's steadfast.
We'd love to see what Promise from God you choose to use as your basis for your challenge
Its a terrible photo but I haven't the energy for another one yet. I think sticking a layout on the wall is better than the floor though. Ah well.
It is 81/2 x 11 using an SEI paper, painted round the edge using a Ranger Dabber . The blue paper I bought from Scraptitude, ditto the two pieces of Hambly. The journalling tag was painted with Ranger daubers on the back (makes it easier to stick it down as you can't see the tape!)
God's and Promise is alcohol inked photo paper (cos I had some left over from printing the photo). The white letter stickers are ... old (will find the company later honest) and I covered God's in white stickles which are now rather pink...everything was sanded and I added a few bits of ribbon, flowers and buttons too. I just love this photo of a bird just snapped at my local big fishing lake, some how it speaks to me of the Spirit of God hovering over the waters and also flying free through through the world as Jesus promised.
It lifts my heart to see the wonderful work that the Salt team does - I hope it gives you something to think about or be inspired by too.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm still here

just busy working and when I am not what I am doing I can't show you yet. Salt day tomorrow but I'm busy until late afternoon and then in the evening too so may have to do a huge post on Friday. I did combine being at a meeting with sketching out some layouts though. (helps me concentrate honest!)

So this doesn't look too bare I will add a holiday snap! It was of course at this point that the camera batteries died...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bind Them Together

Well by now Wayne and Tracie will be spliced. Aw! I hope they had a wonderful day. And Rh is back from her honeymoon. And I know she had a wonderful day cos I have seen the photies!
It also means I can show what I have been doing with my Bind It All. There were mistakes with both but I won't tell you what they are!
I made little books for them with the words of the wedding vows printed on acetate and my reflections on them underneath (you can turn the acetate over to see more clearly). Matt and Rhi's was made using the July SA kit and Wayne and Tracie's using Basic Grey Perhaps.
Here are some sample pages to give the idea

I'm thinking up loads more things to use the Bind It All for now. I can see lots of notebooks for family and church fair on the way!

I had a fun afternoon at Imagine That helping Emma and the crew with classes for the next quarter. There are some great ideas and loads of talented people there ready to create samples and teach classes. I also got to drool over what is on order!

We had some friends over to watch footie (well I watched Justin Timberlake on Youtube doing Saturday Night Live - there are some very, very, funny things - especially his duet with Kermit and the Christmas Box song (which should NOT be played with children around)) plus pizza and Bowling on the Wii. Finishing up with Casualty being back - hurray! I don't know why I love it as I am really squeamish but we all enjoy playing guess the accident.

Busy day tomorrow with one service, a meeting, a rehearsal and a concert! I hope your Sunday is good with a chance to pause for rest and reflection at least at some point!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Ho Ho HO no!

Actually I have bought a few Christmas card making bits and bobs already - but I am not really ready to think Christmas wise. So I have struggled with this weeks Dare!
We put together various suggestions in one recipe. Christmas + purple + paper tearing + a hole. I thought we were joking but we weren't! I think this is one of the hardest ones I have done. Funny isn't it?! However everyone else has come up with STUNNING cards and I am sure you will too if you join in!

Anyway here are my "efforts"
It is NOT a square card - so maybe that was my problem! I used papers from Pink Petticoat - the images are from there too. I've not used the site before but the designs are lovely. The baubles I printed out, outlined with Sakura Glaze and added Stickles. There is also some inking, brads and more stickles. I can't put my finger quite on what is wrong with it - maybe the papers don't quite tone together? Is it too busy? Any ideas? I probably will end up outlining everything!

I tried a second one - not much better
this card is teeny tiny, a freebie that came with the stickers used, from a magazine ages ago. Then I sued two more Pink Petticoat papers - they are lilac rather than blue but lilac is a hard colour to photograph.

Here is another card I made this week - that I am much more comfortable with!
When someone has an "0" birthday at Church we sign a big card. We suddenly realised that there was a special birthday this week so I rustled up this one. Cream square card, Basic Grey Perhaps 6x6 papers, gold brads and outlining. Stamped greeting from SA kit for August embossed in detail gold. Chipboard from a previous SA kit and that a bit of white card given the Krylon pen treatment.
The card was made with scraps from something that I have sent to Tracie and Wayne for their wedding - I will show you that tomorrow when they are wed! Many blessings on your life together!

Other news...
  • Hywel had a A for his Science GSCE. He did three papers and does more this year so we are not quite sure what this means!
  • We still don't know his French result.
  • Which is why we are going away later next year so he can get his results on the day - and so may miss the beginning of the school term...
  • there is a crop at my church - how cool is that! It is run by "the scrapbook girls" in aid of Make a Wish. If you are in the Romford area on the 15th September why not join in - you can book here
  • Carys made a lovely headstone for Spot

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The post with the missing things

1: I would have shown you a photo of Carys looking smart before school but I took one photo before I noticed she looked like a bag of chisels and then the battery died...
When we got married the Church caretaker was one of the groomsmen ( we were close and thought it would be nice to give him a more important role than he normally had.) Anyway he looked at Phil's brother who was slightly dishevelled in his morning suit and said to him"you look like a bag of chisels" - a phrase we still use as you can see.
Though I did get one photo of all 3 together than I have entitled "the band" cos they look posed
2: I would have told you about the fun I had with Sue Hyde at Barleylands craft village yesterday if it didn't shut Mondays. I have now double checked the website and can't see "closed Monday" anywhere. So I spent my pennies at Imagine That instead and bought some new BG pads amongst other things. Yum!

3; I would show you the card I made for the Little Extra but I gave it to Sue for her birthday on Sunday and told her by mistake so to see it you have to look here
I'll describe what I used so Sue - go to point 4 immediately. Actually you know what it is (sad news) so you can leave here. Bye!

I said BYE!
Hopefully she has gone now
Its the white square one (no surprise there). Sue is such an awesome card maker and made me a beautiful card and coaster book for my birthday so I get really nervous trying to make something worthy. (And just after it is Kathy B's birthday. Terror!) I remembered her favourite colours and my eye was caught by a little sample I did for my embroidery course before I had to give it up due to ill health. I discovered that you can paint onto chiffon so the background is painted using lumiere paints. Then the flower is appliqu├ęd layers of chiffon on top. The paint makes the chiffon cutable (is that a word?) but I also mounted it on acetate to stick it down better. I added a few brads for stability then doodled on some photo corners. I doodled round the edge of the material too - I think it looks like machine stitching (but neater than I can do!)

4: I would tell you what Spot the chicken got up to today but sadly she died yesterday. It wasn't a fox - but Phil noticed she wasn't right and very light - hens hide illness in case they get driven out by the flock. She went into her nesting box in the afternoon and didn't come out again. Which leaves Mrs Miggins on her own - and chickens are not solitary birds. As it happens Phil and Carys are going on a chicken run soon so will now bring two ex battery hens back with them.

Carys says I can call one of them Windell Poons which is one of the best names ever - from Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett. Windell is a wizard who becomes a zombie - and as the hens kind of come back from the dead I think it is suitable. The boys don't know yet so I might be outvoted...

Anyway Lil' C had a good first day - here's hoping it is the first of many!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

1st holiday page

And it took forever to do...
I finished it about midnight Friday night and went to show it to Phil. He couldn't read the word "addicted" so I had a major strop. He can now read it so I think I shall leave it as is. Otherwise I shall have to put in little arrows to show how the word goes
I used the same Scenic Route of papers as I did for the Water layout. I just love them! The paper comes with the large arrow and small bottom right ones already on them. I cut out the right hand side one and also brightened the colours slightly with gel and sharpie pens.
Chipbaord is Scenic Route and Lisa Bearnson (QVC) covered in black embossing powder.
Orange circles and the "2" are chipboard painted with a Dabber and covered in UTEE. Lots of outlining and inking.
I've decided not to worry that I do that all the time at the moment! I am trying to find lots of different ways to outline though. Some parts are lifted up with foam pads.

and to save your eyes, here is most of the journalling

The kids had a sleepover in the sitting room on Friday night. I think they are so sweet the way they still enjoy each others company so much!
I have a service this evening to finish getting ready for (yes, this is sermon avoidance!). Then I want to go for a walk as a health/lose weight kick. And if there is time this has to be turned into a silk purse...

I'm listening to ELO as I type. I used to find them naff but after listening to Chris Evans for a while and watching Dr Who the other night (Marc Warren and David Tennant in one episode. Mmm) I have rediscovered them! We also have to watch the last of the Dr Who boxed set tonight. Its been a load of fun!