Friday, November 30, 2007

Normal service will be resumed shortly

Life is just to busy for crafting right now. I'm hoping that Monday will have some crafty time. I have made a few more Christmas cards - but some of the letters I robo'd have gone missing. Life is pants!
Have a look at Daring cards today - we have two new teamies - Mel and Rachel.
And a new Guest Darer - Ros.
And some amazing birdie cards. If I have a minute I will make at least one of the cards I have had ideas for!
Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Who are you and what have you done with my children?

Something strange has happened at my house.

Every evening the children come home from school, say hello and then get on with tidying and hoovering their designated area of the house. They also asked last week if they could start trying more different vegetables. It is really quite amazing. They have taken on more chores etc with such equanimity that I wish we had done it earlier.
They also make their own lunches and put their clothes away (eventually)

This has all come from us having family meetings (almost) every Monday. We all get a chance to talk about things that are vexing us and together try and find solutions. We also get to make family decisions together.
Sometimes it is very painful to go through - especially if certain family members are in a silly mood.
But it is amazing the difference it has made for us.

We are by no means a perfect family - ha, ha, ha, ha, ha - at the very thought! But I am so proud of my three amigos and wanted to share.
I promise no more gushing for a while.

You may notice a lack of photos - that is because apart from finally getting round to some Christmas cards that you have seen the design for, there is just nothing to see. Sob! I'll have to see what I can do this week with the tilda and sugar nellie stamps I have coloured in.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Flying visit and family troubles

My dad came to stay overnight. He is on a Church Committee and they have training in London this morning. It was all a bit mad what with children (Hywel's friends) Guides (taxi service) and dog plus trying to fit work in too. But I think he had a good time. We all enjoyed Lead Balloon with Jack Dee. I am not very good with comedy of errors - hated Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em for example. Last weeks Lead Balloon got so painful I had to leave the room. But if I can stick it then it is very, very blackly funny. How the girl playing Magda manages to keep such a sulky straight face I don't know. Thursdays 9:30 BBC2.

My mum arrived home from another URC training - this time in Windermere, after Dad had left to discover water coming down the kitchen wall. Her question to him "Did you know it was leaking?" still has me chuckling - although the situation doesn't. She also decided not to turn the stopcock off as she would be cold without the central heating... I have phoned this morning and got no reply so she might have gone shopping as Friday morning is shopping day.

This morning we have had lost pe kit (Carys as a nice change), forgotten cello and then a call from Phil's mother as there is tough family news from Canada and she has to travel there asap. Which has rather sent life all awry.

And, most importantly of all - it meant an all out rush to try and get a card done for today. Especially as it was my turn for the dare this week. It was a bit tough - and it may look as though the team have turned chicken - but it is simply that there is loads of ill health, pregnancy and business just now!

So here it is
Song without words
I would like you to create a card inspired by a song or a carol - it could be for Christmas or not! (you may have got all your Christmas cards done by now...) BUT there is a twist. the words of the song are NOT to be seen on the front of the card. You could leave it to us to guess! Have fun!

It looked so much better in my head
The card stock is 8x8 Bazzill folded in half.
The paper is nearly all from the Self Addressed September kits, one of my most favouritest ever. I added some gold card . The nativity figures are QK dies. I bought the nativity set a few years ago meaning to use it for Christmas cards. Until I started to cut it out. Now it is saved for special occasions as it is v. fiddly.
Then lots of outlining with gold pen and some pop dots for effect. Then just added a bit of ribbon. Well two actually. Held in place by two gold brads.
Why can't you buy just gold brads on their own anymore?
NOt as serious as some of the above problems but still annoying.

Anyway can you tell what the song is yet?
It was number 1!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

OK make that twice.

Looks like there will be a third family member sharing our room (though not I hasten to add, the bed). Lucky is beginning to recognise her name, "no" and "good girl" and to get the timetable of the day. She is also beginning to climb up the stairs on her own and jump on the sofa unasked. Not so good. We need to make sure we don't get too soft or we will end up on one of those dog borstal tv shows. We just need to keep reminding her of her place in the pecking order. Which is just above the chickens ironically. (Don't worry, they can look down on the goldfish. Actually they don't know the goldfish exist but if they did, they would. And the goldfish don't care)
But she is very cute and loving and makes a nice snuggle partner on the sofa (when asked)

Today is Salt challenge launch day and I have had no end of trouble making and showing this one. Ruth chose a great theme

The theme for this week is
It is mentioned so many times in the Bible, and has many facets of meaning and symbolism.
I am the LIGHT of the World... The people walking in darkness have
seen a great LIGHT ...The LIGHT shines in the darkness, but the
darkness has not understood it...In the same way, let your LIGHT shine
before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father
in heaven.

Please create a piece of work using it as inspiration and
leave us a message so we can see and link to your work.

I had a picture in my head of what I wanted to do. It just took a bit more work to make it happen
The candle is made of various pieces of American Crafts Papers which I then embossed. Only I had forgotten that you need to use extra strong Pritt for this and they kept popping up. I kryloned round the edge before uteeing as well. The flame is gold card embossed once, as when it was done I liked the ripple effect. The letter stickers are Basic Grey. They were green or red before the attack of the krylon once more.
Here is a better look at the candle without the flash.
I had huge trouble finding a camera that would work, taking a photo that wasn't out of focus and loading the image onto the computer today. The actual layout is as vivid as the lettering in the first picture but more the shine on the candle of the second one!

My dad is coming to stay overnight tonight (we are the London b&b for the family) so I had better go and make the bed!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Once a week

Can anyone tell me why Miss Lucky chooses one night a week not to sleep? For 5 0r 6 days she lulls us into a false sense of security and then it's werewolf night again. "Awoo, awoo" until she gets to sleep with humans. The last two times Phil has taken her in the guest room so I can sleep but we don't really want her to get use to the comfort of carpet there. Plus she is on heat.
The only thing that I was worried about with having a girlie dog was the bleeding. "oh no it is hardly anything" says the dog expert airily. I call it enough. She is going to have to have a new quilt cover for her bed. And will be going off to the docs asap.

I did manage some work so I could play yesterday.
And as I printed up the journalling I was able to assemble it in the living room to keep Phil company. If I hadn't hand cut the stars from the Salem papers it would have taken next to no time.
I am going to have to work on my photos of layouts. If I do it on the floor they are wonky. Putting them on a table and they are wonky. Any tips?
Anyway this really very square layout features Scenic Route Salem papers which are just fabby and awesome and some of my favourites ever.
The font is SP you've got mail printed directly onto the paper. Another strip of stripy paper to cover the join and some cut out stars and that is it really.
The letter stickers are 3 Bugs and were originally purple but came up a lovely black using a Sharpie pen. The black and white round the edge of the photo was also done with a black sharpie on the white surround. Just add a few Basic Grey rubons and Bob's yer layout.

I have a few hours to create something for the Salt challenge tomorrow before going to Church meeting. Sigh. Anyone want to chair it for me?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I got candy

I had a spiffing time with Sue yesterday. Mostly chit chatting. I managed a whole 2 (almost 3) cards all day. But they were made using my candy box goodies. I did use a Magnolia stamp on one of them (shock horror!) but I will use Luca on the rest of the papers. The colours are just wonderful on the papers and the stamps are so cwute.
Just added the use of my new Around the Block dymo type label maker
Here just added white brads. Rest from the stash of goodies!

At home I had time to do a layout. Sometimes I just have to do something for no reason - though mostly I only have time to do challenges. And it probably means a few late nights completing the rest of this weeks dares etc. Ooh what a rebel

It is slightly squiffy in real life, but not as much as the photo suggests...The papers and ribbon are American Crafts
Stamps Fontwerks Fortuna stamped using a rather runny Butterscotch Dabber so you can't really appreciate the dotty effect of the actual stamp - so I added some extra dots...
Buttons from my ever increasing stash
And a Making Memories tag that really sums it up...

Right back to work so I can play later!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

All the fun of the fair

Having a theme for your church fair makes it so much more enjoyable. This year it was circus.
Glynis (my card making buddy/church treasurer) and I dressed up as the lion tamer and his lion.
Here I am looking suitably menacing.
Actually a lot of people didn't recognise me with a moustache.
which I think is a good thing...

We dressed the stall accordingly (note the unironed tablecloth. I think they look so much better don't you? Unless someone is prepared to iron it for me in which case I prefer it that way)

And our stall made £86 which I was really pleased with. We may also have someone who wants us to make cards on a regular(ish) basis so I will wait and see.

I did get to Imagine that to meet Jane Dean and stand there like an idiot in my costume - I had washed the scar and moustache off though. She brought some of her work with her and it is even better in real life - each page a true work of art. She also started a board book for the shop and found a really great way of using BG tags. I'm not telling how, you will have to go to the shop and see!

I went back today for the make and take on using alcohol inks on clear ornaments. Actually I learnt a better way to use alcohol inks too.
I may also have bought one or two things.
2 new circle punches - a pink one (in between blue and purple for aficionados) and a blue scallop.
the Designing with 2008 calendar
Some EZmount (I am sure I have some left - but where?)
BG Christmas papers. Not as struck as I though I would be as they are double sided patterns. Preferred last years with plain colours on one side. But I also bought the 6x6 pad and the designs look gorgeous at that size.

That goes with the two parcels I received the days before.
One I knew about - the latest Scenic Route papers (Salem, Roxbury and Loveland. Oh I can't beleive I can tell you the names without looking them up.) and Zoe by Love Elsie which is v. bright. I love, love, love scenic route. Now I had better use more of it instead of just hoarding it!

the other was a complete surprise - a Sugar Nellie candy box. It was full of wonderful papers and embellishments and best of all the most wonderful Sugar Nellie stamp. You can find out more here and buy them here only the one I have is already sold out (smug) cos he is so cute. I have to say that he stamped better than my Magnolia too.

I shall be putting cards together at Sue H's tomorrow. Can't wait to see her as it is ages since we got to meet up!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Good news/bad news

The good news...
Lucky is still settling in with us. We are all on a learning curve of setting routines and feeding patterns which lead to the odd "accident" and bad night. But really she has done very well considering most of her life has been spent in a kennel. She has discovered that she likes Roses chocolates... She is now adopted into the family so Lucky will stay her name. For some reasons my choices of "fafalou" (means Zany in French) and Doris were overruled. I then made a bid for her to be called "Lucky Banana" but that was vetoed too (curse our democracy). A last ditch suggestion of Annie or Clarabel got Carys all upset becasue she would be the only one without a middle name from Thomas the tank engine.
When she does wake up frisky and ready to play in the middle of the night she gets called something different altogether...
But she is sweet and lovely and we all enjoy having her around!

The bad news is I have been a bit poorly. Not at death's door but every now and then I just get wiped out and can't do anything - I suspect it is a bit of a virus in the system somewhere. I could have done without it this week as I had loads of cards to make for the Church Fair tomorrow. I am now longing to do a scrap book page again!
I have managed to make a few more cards, won't bore you with them all but here are two that I made using Basic Grey 6x6 paper pads (just love 'em)
This was using Mellow, with ribbon and cardstock from Self Addressed (large scale Mellow was the paper this month) and little flowers from Poundland. The sentiment is from All Boxed Up 2 font available from 2 Peas
And this is Infuse. QK hearts embossed with Cuttlebug folder. Lots of copper Krylon pen and soe lovely jumbo ricrac from my ribbon stash. The squares are punches.

Other good news...
It is Daring Cardmakers day today!
Keryn chose the dare - and what a scrummy one it was too.
Golden Highlights
this week I'd like you to make a card for any season or occasion but must include gold somewhere.
My only problem - a lack of golden papers. So I improvised.
The hearts are a zipemate die cut from cream glitter card and gold foil card (I think it is from Craft Creations. Really lovely and I only have a teeny bit left). The other gold card was a freebie from a crop goodie bag. The other papers are all We R Memory Keepers Silver Lining papers. Yup, silver. SO I got out my fine gold pen and did some doodling, turning silver to gold
The greeting is safmat on glitter card.
I'll take it tomorrow but I'm not sure it will sell. I have a feeling Glynis ' cards will be more popular than mine - still it means I won't have to make any birthday cards for a while!

must get on with some work and then sort out my fancy dress for the church fair. I am going to be a lion tamer. I am hoping to pop to Imagine That for their 1st birthday celebrations. I would love to see Jane Dean at work. But I am not sure I want to be seen in my lion tamer costume. I'll be in on Sunday afternoon though. I can't beleive Emma's shop has been open a year. It is just so fantastic to have such a wonderful place on my doorstep!
If you are anywhere near Upminster this weekend there are all sorts of things going on at the shop - do pop in and celebrate!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


The service went well this morning I think. At my little church we are a teeny tiny but wonderfully diverse group of people. This morning we had teenagers and toddlers, people in wheelchairs and with learning difficulties, the elderly and the middle aged - a wide selection of ethnic groups and experience. I just love it. because we all sit close to each other and there are only about 15-20 of us, it gives a wonderful feel to worship. Little by little the church is growing and we may well outgrow our small space soon. I hope we can created something as intimate in our big hall WHEN the time comes!

This afternoon we went for a walk round the fishing lake. It is just down the road from our house and you just step off the pavement into another world. Wonderful.
Lucky is really settling down well now - hurray! So I think tomorrow will be official adoption day. She is beginning to tell us what she wants and to sleep a lot more. Phil had to drag her out for a late night walk yesterday!
I'm beginning to think I want a fatter dog to stand next too. It would be easier than dieting...
Took some snaps of Carys too - who looks so grown up...
until you give her a pile of leaves to play with!

Here is a layout I have just finished. It is for the holiday album but has no orange in so I won't bother with that idea!

Who would have thought that £3.50 would have provided as much entertainment as this helmet did?
All paper: Samantha by Crate Paper
Letter stickers - Mustard Moon and American Crafts
chipboard - from SA kit painted with Blonde Moments powder and paint medium topped with pearl dabber
Distress ink - black soot

Saturday, November 10, 2007


She slept through the night.
Well until 6:45 which pleased me!
Then she stayed in our room for a while until PHil got up.
BTW thanks for all the dog lovin' messages! (And cat lovers too!) Lucky did not actually get into bed with us, just slept on the floor nearby.
It really is like having a baby around again. We talk about her sleep patterns a lot. I was out at a meeting all day today, phoned to find out how things were and got told all about her bowel movements.
Lucky is beginning to settle now. The fireworks spook her a bit so she ends up under my desk which is where Dutch used to go too. That is fine, only there is no room for my legs as well. I think she is starting to beleive that this is her new home with her new routine.

Here are the cards I did on Thursday. The first two use more of the wonderful Ribbon Oasis Christmas ribbon kit that I was sent for the Daring Cardmakers dare a few weeks ago. I have one left to use at all and then I shall use them all up as they are lovely. The last one will be more of a challenge as it is not really my style but I am determined so watch this space!

The background was a Pink Petticoat design printed on card and cut to A5 size and folded. The snowman was pieced together. He started out as two punched circles but that didn't look right. The brown of the hat and buttons is Pink Petticoat too. And somehow I had this bright orange piece in amongst my Christmas paper just right for his carroty nose. And I used a (shock horror) peeloff greeting. There is a white border to give added definition and of course, the lovely snowman ribbon.
I used the next two ribbons before on my Christmas tree ribbon card. The horizontal card I just cut a star out of last time though! Backing paper is from the HOTP Christmas pad, edged with Krylon. The Pink Petticoat paper was die cut with a sizzix die and then embossed by a cuttlebug one. I went over the embossed part with a gold ink pad. Then I used a ribbon punch to cut slots and managed to tie a bow myself. (Sue H who once had to tie a bow FOR me during a class as I took so long to do it, should be impressed. I still have to do two loops...)

All Pink Petticoat apart from the shiny lilac card base. And some extra stripy and check doodling by me.

Thanks to the meeting all day I have still got some bits for tomorrows service to do. It is Remembrance Day so we have the two minutes silence. It becomes more meaningful for me as I get older. I hate and abhor war. It makes me so sad that we do this to each other. Especially when civilians are hurt - by accident or deliberately. It was quite sobering walking round Germany a few weeks ago and talking about the Blitz during fire work season here. It made me think about areas of both countries being obliterated during the war. And of course of the Genocide that took place against the Jews. And that Christians did notso all they could to stop it.
I think I have decided that, although I would always prefer to find a different way to act, I would never say never and me being a peace lover does not negate the sacrifice made on my behalf. And unless we remember, we will never learn from the past and keep making the same mistakes.

I hope you are able to find some time to stop and remember tomorrow

Friday, November 09, 2007

Seperation Anxiety

My first child was not a "good" baby. He did not beleive in routines. or much sleep. So I was delighted when number 2 came along and on his third day became a do it by the book baby waking up only every 3 or 4 hours for a feed. I looked forward to being able to plan out my days quite easily.
Unfortunately the routine only lasted 24 hours.
(7 months later the controlled crying thing did the trick though)

I was reminded of this in the middle of the night. Obviously Lucky sleeping through on her first night was just, well, lucky. The hound of the baskervilles cried from 1 (when Phil finally went to bed still on a high from Bolton tying with some German team. They are v. good apparently) until 2:30. Apart from the foray round the block that Phil hoped would help. It didn't. the only thing that did was... sleeping in our room. Hmmmm. Mind you she refused to walk down the stairs again (not sure how she got up them. I was trying to sleep). I suppose it is nice that she is attaching herself to us. Just don't want to have her sleeping in my room with me.

Emrys went back to school yesterday but he and Hywel are off today. Both feeling very nauseous. Not helped by the fact that their bedroom is over the study where the controlled yapping and whining thing was going on. (And didn't do the trick)

On to brighter matters
It is dare day.
Jo set a cracker of a dare this week!
Getting Corrugated...
I seem to have developed a little bit of a fixation with old cardboard boxes....! My dare this week is to use some corrugated card on your card - it could be corrugated craft card or an old box etc. taken to pieces :) You could make the card blank from it or die cut shapes etc...
I really enjoyed this one. Someone I met a few years ago, with the marvellous name of Booj Beak(married to a mate from Uni who I am pants at keeping up with) makes wonderful baskets from cardboard boxes. She wets the outer layers and peels them off. Then apparently you can make little rosebuds and flowers with them. That was my plan. Only it didn't work. Booj then goes on to paint the corrugated bit, cut it into long strips and weave it into the most pliable but strong baskets. I didn't attempt that bit either but instead ended up with this.

I used a cream square card blank (just to be different). The red paper is Daisy D's - torn, scrunched up then painted with Gold Dabber paint. the next layer is brown wrapping paper torn and edged with gold. The long strip is the middle of a thick cardboard box, roughly painted with gold. Next comes the outer layer of that cardboard box painted with red and gold Dabber.
Horizontally we have some gold and red raffia type ribbon stuff that I found (literally) on the floor of the conservatory/craft space, then the inside of a thin cardboard box roughly painted with gold, topped with three punched out flowers, two inner and one outer cardboard box with 3 little red gems on the top. the greeting was printed on white card which was darkened using brown and red distress inks.

I think describing it took longer than making it!

I managed to make some other cards at my small church craft club yesterday but I will share those tomorrow as there is a service to be done and some boys to nurse and a dog to ask please stop whining (I think she has attached herself to Phil who is now out!)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sing a new song

Well the first song we heard this morning went like this
"Aaaawoooooo. Aaaaawoooooooo, ie, ie, ie, Aaaaaawoooooooooo"
At least it wasn't until 7:30. Lucky needed to visit the garden!! She had managed to stay clean all night (we did have some accidents yesterday) and is really settling pretty well. We have already been out for short walk number 1 this morning so I am hoping that I get a bit fitter as well....

But the main song for today is for Salt. It was my turn to choose the challenge.
From the hymnbook
take your inspiration from a hymn or song that means a lot for your faith
Old hymn, new song, overtly Christian or kind of hidden,
God speaks to us in music in all sorts of ways.

But how hard was it to choose a song/hymn. I have so many favourites. two more recent ones were just pipped to the post.
Let us build a house where love can dwell
and all can safely live.
A place where saints and children tell
how hearts learn to forgive.
Built of hopes and dreams and visions,
rock of faith and vault of grace;
here the love of Christ shall end divisions:
all are welcome in this place.
read it all here - it is a vision of what a church should be.

And how can I keep from singing - made popular by Enya - lovely music as well as words. But gosh how that video has aged! (And I have just discovered it is a really old hymn. 1860 it was written!) It is something that resonated through dark times for me. For all the words see here although it comes with some lovely trembly organ so be warned!

IN the end I went for another oldie All to Jesus I surrender
I'm not always good at giving my all to Jesus. But I do try - it is my aim, my goal. And I know that when I do, I get overflowing unconditional love in return.

The hands belong to Carys. I made her put on a black tshirt for the background!
Bazzill 12x12 inked with a gold ranger dabber (which I thought was copper until I pondered how gold it was looking and read the label. Doh.) The metallic dabbers come out super smooth and lovely. It is not the cheapest way of buying paint and some of them are a tad temperamental. But the colours are just the best!
The papers are mostly 7 Gypsies with a little bit of Heidi Grace (the 3 squares. They are from the same sheet of paper and two of the squares have a fuzzy felt feel) I just loved the idea of thew words on the orange paper - I felt like it was Jesus speaking to me and then me singing my response. I printed out the other words and all of them were highlighted with a clear glaze pen.
The "all" was done using Blonde Moments UTEE in plum. The middle of the flower was from the "60" that I embossed last week!
I quite like the crumpled flower effect. The other chipboard letters were painted with the ranger dabber. They look a little bare to me so I may go back and add something to them. Don't know what yet.

Do have a look at the amazing work that the Salt team have done. It is just incredible and whether you are a person of faith or not, I reckon you just may be uplifted.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lucky has arrived

She is so cute!
Big... but cute.
She has met the chickens (wearing lead and muzzle) and did not chase after them or pull at the lead.
You can see her lovely tippy tail here!
And how tall she is (though she is small for a greyhound). She actually did win some races in her time - she is 4 now. There were about 50 dogs to choose from - soooooooo hard. I can't wait for the kids to meet her.

Emrys is actually home poorly. He hasn't been right for 5 days now - I think it must be some kind of virus. He is the sort that likes to be left alone when unwell so to be honest, I keep forgetting he is there.
Yes, I am that good a mum...

I also promised a look at the layout I did on Monday. Oooh hark at me, its as if I have a readership gagging on my every word. I just like to show what I have done, even if I am not that keen on it myself.
I have to admit though, in the end this came off. For a while it nearly went on the scrap heap (as it were!)
Bazzil cardstock and 2 BG Stella Ruby papers. One hand cut to within an inch of its life. And the blue stripe paper is, umm I can't remember. And if I move now to look at the actually paper, Lucky will wake up..
The chipboard letters are painted with Ranger dabbers. I just love the colours!
and I added orange glaze pen dots. The layout needed that bit of orange to make it zing. SO I added quite a bit in the end...

The stickers are all by Christina Cole
I decided to leave the journalling a bit messy and mistake filled. It is not because I am too lazy to start again. How very dare you!

Once I put the layout in the album I realised that the two Wemyss Bay holiday layouts so far both feature orange quite strongly so I am wondering whether to make it a theme for the whole holiday album.
Or just move them around when I have added more....

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

work hard, play hard

and forget the housework

is the motto I live by. Goes all right most of the time, especially after the injection of tlc by loving parents!
Since last posting on the work side I have done:
3 services - and prepared for them (thats the time taker - Friday, Sat morning and evening and Sunday afternoon)
and attended a play hosted by the Salvation Army - the Liberator by the Lacey theatre company. Absolutely awesome acting and staging. OK so that was work/play at the same time.
As was the Romford church card making club. It is work as I have to lug all the stuff and help people out with ideas. Though as time goes on they need less guidance. So I do get to play a bit.

On the (really) play side I have
made 13 cards for the Church fair at Glynis house. Glynis is my Church Treasurer and fellow card maker. We both admire each others styles which are totally different. I tried to use up some bits of old Self Addressed kits. Now why haven't I used this paper before - it is lush!

I now have "the vase" to go alongside "the boat" as a handcut/punch combo staple.
Used some more of the Self Addressed kit for Sept too. Boy do I love it!
Just added a QK die and a safmat greeting

Then last night we had our first ever wee firework party. Phil lit a fire in our brazier and bought some quiet fireworks as I don't like bangy ones.

and of course sparklers. Loads of people around ahd the loud, expensive fireworks so we were able to enjoy them out in the garden. We ate baked potatoes and toasted marshmallows. We did have soup to eat but Phil left the gas on low under it by accident and it caused a firework like explosion in the kitchen...

Later I made my MiLaw a never ending card for her birthday. It is the class I taught at Imagine That that I thought I had done all wrong but hadn't. They are very easy to make - just take a while to put together.

And I finished a layout I started about 3 weeks ago but have not had time to do. I will post photos of them tomorrow as I think there are enough photos today. The rest of today will probably be quite boring.

Except we may just have met our new dog.
Racing name:
I'm Lucky.

Somehow I don't think she was...
If we pass the ownership test then the name may change.