Thursday, December 30, 2010

A year in review

I did think about picking out all my fave cards and/or layouts for the months gone by but decided that was just too much like hard work.
So here are just a few things of note for this year, crafting wise.
And a few other personal ones as well.

This year saw me give up two crafting opportunities due to trying to squeeze too much into too little time and if anything has to go - it is crafting (as opposed to work and study. I already do very little housework so can't give up the last few crumbs and dust bunnies)
Docrafts mag - I was an occasional contributor. Loved the challenges and the editors! But the deadlines were a bit of a nightmare with everything else I had to do. (No-one's fault, just the way things work)
Here is one of my fave layouts for them.
There are some that haven't been published as yet - a shame as they are some of the most personally meaningful ones I have. Maybe one day I can show them to you.

Secondly - and even more tough was the decision to step down from Funky Hand. I sooo love Anice's designs and Anice and the whole team are just wonderful. But I wasn't pulling my weight and had to make the decision to leave. Cue much sobbing from me (because I am an emotional wuss pants)
Here are some of my fave projects

I am still part of 2 just for fun design teams though - the Salt challenge team which brings out new faith based challenges every two weeks

and Daring Cardmakers - yes we are still going after all this time

and taking classes/drooling over all the lovely stash at Imagine That where I have taught two scrap classes this year. How wonderful to have an amazing craft shop in walking distance of the house (although i always cycle/drive as I usually want to bring some goodies home)

I also managed to do a little cardmaking and scrapping just for fun. here are my faves

I also completed two MA modules; Hywel did his A levels and went to Uni; Emrys did his GCSE's and went to college; Carys moved up to senior ties - probably because we now have about 7 junior ties in the house for her to wear (she is as untidy as her mother) and now has singing lessons and is developing a lovely voice; Phil is studying to become a fully fledged biker so he can take me on the back of the bike and his nature photography is just stunning - have a look at his Flickr account
And I went to see Muse. Which was awesome.
Workwise we are trying to make a team of 5 churches from two sets of two plus one, which has gone pretty well so far and gives Phil and I an extra challenge in our old age! Here is to really making it work and allowing God's love to flow out to the communities where the churches are based.

I don't really do resolutions (although last year I promised to only call Emrys "Emrys" and not things like "Embiddlyboddlyboo" which Phil still does. I managed it but it is very hard) or one little word but I think my word for the year might just be "beleive" and now I have to ponder why...
Happy New 2011 everyone!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Well it is about time

The trouble with taking a break from blogging is starting again!
Well here I am,
the other side of Christmas Day
and THE ESSAY ( well Research project) is handed in.
I have a dissertation proposal submission deadline looming but I think all is in hand - and then it is head down and work steadily on the actual thing for 13 months. I am not really a work steadily kind of girl so this will mean discipline...

And I am hoping to restart with Daring Cards and Salt too. It has felt really odd missing them out. But necessary for a while.

Christmas was fab.
Christmas Eve involved the joy of the Pyjama Service - about 25-30 children in their pj's listening to the Christmas story and being sent home to bed. And then the awe and wonder of Midnight Mass. Then Christmas Day - fun and celebration.
I love all those services so much.
Sometimes people ask if I am working over Christmas. (Does three services in 12 hours count? And Phil has 4!) but it doesn't really feel like work. Sharing in priase and worship is the highlight of Christmas. The food and presents and Dr Who are just a bonus.
Just as well as Dr Who was not great and I fell asleep. i think I did that last year too...

And yes, we had to wake the kids.
But then they are at the stage where they would rather sleep in until after noon anyway!
My parents have just left after a few days visit and we are having our own Pyjama Day today.
Phil has had to put clothes on to take dogs for a walk
(dogs plural as we are collie sitting. Actually having 3 dogs wasn't as bad as I thought. Especially as the youngest is fascinated with the guinea pigs and can stare at them for hours at a time).

We have really very few Christmas shots. Only this one from the walk yesterday given special treatment by Phil after I mentioned what it reminded me of!
And yes, Hywel is home. He goes back sometime next week but is rather vague as to when ("Maybe Sunday") It is great having him home although he does take over my computer rather as his is still at University!

I haven't done much crafting at all - and owe crafty presents all over the place now! but I did manage a new card class for Imagine That using their fab ticket stamps, doilies and Basic Grey Cappella papers on a kraft/white background

And here are a few cards I managed to make in work breaks recently. I am trying to use up old sets of papers as I have rather too many! I do adore this october afternoon set but something has to go!
Will I post again in 2010?
I'm sure the suspense will be killing you!