Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I love the smell of turpentine in the morning

well that is a lie. Blearugh. the smell of paint and turps is permeating the whole house. I am trying not to whinge as himself is doing a grand job with Carys' room. But ick!

I had a fabby day yesterday with some crafty playmates. I picked up Anita and drove to Sue's and together we drove on to Kathy's house in Letchworth. What a lovely place! And her house is beautiful too. Even the bathroom. Though I would lose the enormous mirror opposite the toilet...
Her poor hubby was home unwell and everywhere he tried to escape - we would appear. It is their anniversary today so - HUGE CONGRATS MR AND MRS B!
This is Sue, Anita, me and Kathy. Anita is moving to Glasgow on Friday and I pray that everything will go well for her and the family.

By the time I got home it was quite late so we sat down to tea. I wanted to do some crafting at home but I had made the mistake of having a little drinkie poo with my meal and was obviously quite tired so got a little tiddly pom. SO irritating! I practiced the harp and decided it would be best if I caught up with the Daring Cardmakers posted card links. It took me an hour! And I had already done some before. Woo-ee this thing is geting big! If I missed you out - I am sorry. And if what I said made no sense - now you know why and I am sorry too! (It doesn't usually affect me like that - honest!)

Talking of sorry...
Here is my midweek extra for the week...
Tuesday is "Little Extra" day and this week it's a theme challenge for you and a chance to make sure you're got the right card ready to send when needed
We want you to say "Sorry"!
So, we're looking for things like Belated Birthday cards, "Sorry to hear you're unwell", Sympathy/Condolence cards, "Sorry you're leaving" or maybe Sorry, but we can't come to your wedding/party/etc
We all this sort of card every now and then, so here's a chance to be able to Say Sorry in Style

It is all this months Self Addressed kit plus some rubons. the letters of sorry are mounted on foam pads. I had all sorts of complex ideas but went for simple again (as I had about 15 minutes this morning!) However I like this style and I shall use it again!

I am all nervous and excited as something new is coming. Something to give a new flavour to my crafting. All will be revealed on Thursday!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I am getting old

I really am you know. I go out for ONE night to a gig (wrote pop concert to start with then realised that made me sound even older) and today I am completely knackeroonied. I did of course work this morning - oh the joys of being a Minister! Actually I love leading worship and the service today was good. We were able to praise God and explore the Word together. I even did a little sketch wot I wrote. Its just - you can't really let your hair down on a Saturday night too often.

Anyway, I woke up early on Saturday morning what with being excited so I made a card for the Just Bex challenges. Actually I have realised that I keep doing these challenges and not uploading them so I am going to do so now and hope I am allowed me points. Not that I have managed many of the challenges at the mo. But I do a little when I can and enjoy looking at all the wonderful stuff created. Actually I could have made about 3 cards so early was I up but by the time I had noted and printed up the challenges for Bex and the Cyber Crop at Self Addressed there was only time for one!

I'll do show and tell after I have finished talking about Saturday. I did a stint at the supervised access session for parents in the morning. Its a bit grim at the moment, but then we are there for people who can't manage access to children between them without help so it is not surprising that it can be difficult. then I went home and got ready to go out to meet my old school friend Sam. How is it that we only met when I was 14 but we have still been friends for 28 years. Yup I am old. thanks to Transport for London I took the longest possible route to Green Park. I could see on a tube map a logical route but they didn't suggest it so I thought there were line closures. Nope. Anyway I caught up with Sam and her two friends at Green Park and we had a leisurely time eating and drinking before heading to 02, formerly the Dome. Haven't been back since it was the Dome and I am liking the feel of it now. It is brilliant for me as it is really easy to get to (despite TFL) - two underground stops and 2 mainline stops. there are chain bars and restaurants opening there (eg Nandos, Pizza Express), a cinema and two concert venues. the Tutankhamen exhibition will be there too.

And then we saw the Scissor Sisters. I can't tell you how good they were. They sound better live than on the CD's. their energy is amazing. There were kids there but I think I was wise not to think of inviting Carys although she loves their sound(we usually cough over the rude words). It was just absolute bliss. I got to see Jake Shears naked too which was unexpected (not sure if he realised how visible he still was at the end of the concert as he peeled his tiny shorts off). I want to see them again now!
edited to add: I mean I want to see the Scissor Sisters not Jake Shears' bottom...
though it is quite nice...

OK, now for the crafty bit!
This was for a challenge to use a certain colour palette - which was a lot like this check paper!
I used some old Chloe's Closet papers cut out or punched shapes from two of the patterns and mounted them on a third, layering the flowers with foam pads.

I have managed to do some of the Self Addressed crop for the first time - they always seem to happen on extra busy weekends for me.
This is my favourite one for the challenge to use acetate. these are shapes I downloaded from I made this today. I coloured in the back of some of them with a green Sharpie and attached them to Scenic Route dots and suns and Sassafrass Lass spots papers. I think Scenic Route Metropolis is my most favourite set of papers EVER. Just so fresh and happy. The arrow is stapled on but hangs free so it wobbles. Unexpected but cool I think!
For the other close up this challenge was to use 5 patterned papers on one card. I like it cos you have to look hard to spot 5. I used the ubiquitous whale of a punch flower and made my own photo corners as you will see if you look closely!

Here are some small pics of the other cards I have done this weekend

The colours are a bit warmer than the pics suggest.
Right now this old lady needs to take her weary bones to bed as I have a fun day planned tomorrow!

Friday, July 27, 2007

It's that Friday feeling

I bet most of you go "yahoo it's the weekend". Well it is slightly different for me because my weekends are often filled with work. And my Friday feeling is - "got to get the service ready for Sunday morning". Now often this is becasue I have a lot of work on Saturday and I hate finishing off on Saturday night. this week I am on duty at our contact centre on Saturday morning but then off into the big smoke to meet up with a school pal and see the back of the Scissor Sisters in the evening (I hope they have screens so we can see their faces). Does that help with the general air of procrastination that Friday brings? No it does not. And we are out this evening as well going for a meal with a colleague so I only have a few hours. Hence writing the blog rather than a sermon. Aaaaaargh!

Still the good thing about Friday is that it is Dare Launch day and I can waste/spend time seeing what everyone comes up with!
So this week it is all about Checks

All Checked Out. you can choose any theme for the card BUT it must incorporate 'Checks', whether it be gingham paper or ribbon or squares, any thing really as long as it incorporates some kind of shape with 4 equal sides.......

And this is my offering. It was so hard this week because all of the cards were so fantastically brilliant that I felt a bit awed. So I decided to stick to what I do best - simple!
Its all from that new Self Addressed Kit I had - including the card stock. Just punched witht he green Woodware square and inked with Blue Jeans distress ink.

I made a couple of cards last night too...
This one had "on your dedication" printed on it. I tried to scallop the bottom. But the card stock isn't as good as Card Creations and wouldn't cut properly. So I had to cut it off. I then scalloped the side. That didn't go too well and then the "on your dedication" was not in the centre so I had to cover it up. So I wrote out some of Aaronic blessing and had a strop for a while. I hated it last night but it is not so bad now. It is a commission so I hope they like it. (I think the baby was a girl)

To help with the recovery of temper I made this one in about 15 minutes and I love it!
Both cards were made with the May SA kit. I bought the Bazzill card stock stickers ages ago but one of the SA kits had chipboard that they fit on. The little flowers were in a prize package and the bling is - yup that same packet of gems from Poundland!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

thanks Fiskars TV!

I have spent a little while here recently watching some of the webisodes which were inspirational. In particular the one with Shimelle which will turn up on a mini book soon and then the one with Stacy Julian which inspired this layout

Hers was a double layout but my photos were too small. And her's didn't end up quite so busy either.
Mine does include some bargains - lots of Scrapbook Inspiration free rubons and "era" is a poundland alpha. The papers are American Crafts. "end" is from an SA kit and the other words are provocraft itty bitty stickers. Some prima flowers and stickles glue and there you have it. Stacy said to just write in the blank bits but I am not that keen on the outcome to be honest.

I was v. excited yesterday as my Self Addressed kit finally came. It was worth the wait
Everything is from the kit (the little bird is from a wonderful doodle template) apart from the font which I discovered via Di Hickman from Scrap Supply
Lots of nice freebies there.

We have also been to Ikea today - but were so disappointed in the beds we didn't even look at the market place - my fave bit. We wanted a loft bed for Carys' teeny weeny room to give her just a little more space. 160cm wide by about 250 cm long. We have finally found one on line after traipsing round Lakeside retail park. Ugh I hate it. Now the room just needs painting and sorting before the bed arrives....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Its oh so quiet

Its oh so still.

Yup, the kids have gone for almost 3 weeks. Phil has said that he is not sure he can go through it again next year as he misses them so much. Awwwww. we managed to find Carys' mobile that she had lost (hmmmm) so she is sending us messages. Sweet! Now we just need to find Hywel's DS.

Usually the kids spend half their away time with my parents and then go to my mother in law. But she has had some flooding and is not out of danger yet so they won't be going there. My parents - being real troupers are going to have them the whole time. Actually - if I may be able to boast a little - and allowing for the fact that this year it may all change - the kids are really quite easy. they don't argue much among themselves and are generally polite and easy. I think that neglectful parenting is obviously the answer....

we have a huge amount of sorting and tidying that we can do while they are not here. Phil aims to change round and redecorate Carys' room. Fine except it is the size of a matchbox and more crammed than a matchbox can be for a matchbox stuffing competition...

In the mean time we consoled ourselves with a curry and watching Hot Fuzz - a Father's Day present for Phil. I was just remarking that apart from a stray swear work it didn't seem that bad for a 15 when it got rather gory. It was a lot of fun. I wonder if people from abroad got the irony of a shoot out in a British village? I do thank God that as yet, trying to solve things with guns is still fairly rare here.

I also consoled myself with buying a Bind It All machine and some coils. Now I have to use it! It always takes me a while to pluck up the courage but it looks really great! I watched Shimelle Laine on Fiskars TV showing how to make a lovely little book so that might be my first go.

I have done just a little crafting over the last few days - and here it is.
you will notice a Crate Paper theme at the moment as I have decided I do actually have to use it and not just stroke it. I love the way that the patterns can be really quite different and yet go together so well
First an altered notebook for one of Carys' friends...

Oh the middle paper is Sassafrass Lass now I think of it! Also a QK heart, letter stickers, primas and brads plus more Poundland bling (what a bargain that was). I have hundreds of ribbons but none in quite the right shade of blue, but there you go. I mod podged the paper as I love the feel of the thin coat of podge on paper!

then last night I made a card for the Little Extra on DCM - We've got your number. I know two little boys who will be two in the next few months so I did two similar cards. Just need to make sure I don't lose them before I need them! this is Crate Paper Cowboy. the 2 was cut out using the craft robo and the cafe rojo font. the photo corners and arrows were hand cut. the circle sentiment is from an old QVC card kit.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


but just of tears! We actually had sunshine for half of the day. I'm so sorry if you were really hit by the foul weather.
Carys' year 6 production was really good. They did Sheherazade and it was much better than just a tear jerking series of songs as has been done in the past. Carys was really sweet. She looks so tiny compared to most of the other children now!

She played the tailors wife and had a beautiful costume. All were done by just 3 teachers! At the end all the children were given a card and a thesaurus
The head gave a little farewell speech and it was Phil not me wiping away the tears! Then we had tea and cakes cooked by the kids - a really nice touch.

Lunch with the parents was nice and then it was nearly time to go back and pick Carys up. They did something new this year which was for all the other Juniors to line up for the year 6 to walk through while they sang a "leaving song"

then the tears and hugs started. Carys wasn't crying but here is her little (I say little she is about 4 inches taller than Carys) year 3 friend sobbing on her shoulder. Leaving the school gates for the last time I nearly completely lost it. It was a real effort not to burst into heart wrenching sobs (how shaming would that have been!) . Carys was patting me on the back and telling me not to worry that she was happy to be moving on to the next phase of her life. I suppose that really it is about not having any babies in that sense any more and although I won't miss the school run at all , a big phase of my life is over.
(teary eyes again just thinking about it. What a wuss!)

Here is Carys' teacher pressie
We decorated a clipboard and post it note pad and then shamelessly copied Adele's card phrase. All use tutti frutti papers from Funky Kits Kit 2. You can't see their shimmering loveliness in the photo but they really are beautiful. It also shows the difference inking makes as only the card pieces were inked, I prefer it that way - do you?
And lastly meet my little friend

I was so taken with the little one I saw on Kirsty's blog that I "needed" one of my own. She nods and shakes her head and provides hours (ok minutes) of amusement! Isn't she sweet? Yup, my children may be growing out of childhood but I am not!

Friday, July 20, 2007

End of an era

Yes we have finally hit the last day of Year 6 for the last child. Its a busy day today.
Carys went off to school with her teacher present which we finished last night. I've been to watch her show and am about to go out for a meal before picking her up and then getting ready for the choir concert tonight. Somewhere in between some very wet boys will arrive home as they have a half day.
I won't show you the photos of the last day yet as I want to do a quick post about the dare this week.
It is Lynne's first dare which seems unbelievable as she has been part of the group for, like, forever - or so it seems. She is so talented and so lovely.
SO here is the dare and it's a good 'un.
I’d like to see lots and lots of pockets.
Pockets full of posies, Brass in Pocket (love the Pretenders).Pockets on clothes, Pockets from clothes, Library Pocket, Pockets of this and Pockets of that.
Get the idea?

Pockets and Pockets of Pockets.

Mine has a pocket on a pocket.

The paper is Crate Paper Samantha. I used my sewing machine for the pocket. Need a bit of practice but it is good fun! It almost all comes straight from the Crate kit -The big tag was ready made, the pull on the little tag was from a cardstock strip etc, etc. Just added some distress ink edging, one fabric flower and some of my bargain Poundland bling.

I'll post with the rest of my news soon. I am about to go out in the torrents. May need to sail back!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The blessing of laughter

Some new(ish) friends came round last night for a meal. They are our local Salvation Army officers. They are the same age as us and have children of similar ages to our youngest (but girl/ boy rather than boy/girl). Both the adults and the kids get on really well. I'm looking forward to the family connection growing. Best of all is the sounds of 5 children - well tweenagers really, having fun. They were all out playing (careful) games on our trampoline just giggling away something wonderful. It really was a blessing to hear it. Emrys was going great guns on the trampo and his parents noted with wry amusement that his broken toe seemed ever so much better. It was obviously the power of fun as this morning he could hardly walk at all with the pain of overdoing it yesterday. Still went to school though.

And as it was a school night the family went early enough for me to cram in a bit of card making. Yes I actually have done a Little Extra card this week. It is good when you have a card to make and can squeeze it into a dare!

For our Little Extra challenge this week, we'd like you to "Go Faux it" Yes, all we want you to do this week is to use something fake on your cards. For instance you could make fake ribbon, fake brads or fake chipboard - we think you talented folk can come up with lots more "let's pretend" ideas so we can't wait to see your ideas.

The other cards are fabby aren't they! And a big shout for Jo, Lynne and Kathy who are now featured on the Basic Grey Gallery!

Here are the details of mine.
Helen is an Arsenal fan - hence the colours.
Patterned Paper - Plain red is Basic Grey Gypsy; Check is Memory Makers Sam; stripes are American Crafts Bookshelf and one my We R Memory Keepers.
In the faux corner we have hand drawn stitching (DH thought it was real at first. Doh); ricrac; (would you believe I don't have any pinking shears in my stockpile of shaped scissors?) buttons (love drawing these by hand) and brads (covered in glossy accents to make them look a tad more real). I think the letters look a little faux chipboardy but they are just hand cut, outlined and stuck on with sticky pads.

I have a meeting rich day today but managed to sneak home for an hour. That is it though - need to have big lunch in case I don't have time for tea!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The countdown begins

Carys went to her year 6 leavers party (meal and bowling) today. There was a "Grease" theme apparently. Without buying anything new or making something (perish the thought) we scraped together this.
She has decided that she doesn't really like make up. I'm sure I was plastered in it by her age!
Actually I find it a little scary on her - I can see glimpses of an older girl. Just thinking abut her leaving year 6 makes me cry. I am going to show her up good and proper on Friday!
Some of the mums were telling me what a lovely girl she is. I blame the parents myself...
Carys is currently helping Phil finish off his NOCN Level 3 Teaching Parenting Classes Course. I hope she remembers all the good advice when she hits puberty.

As I was working this afternoon and evening I spared some time this morning to finish off my black and white (and red) layout. Yes I have a thing about black and white (and red). (and red) is my fave colour. I wear a LOT of black (that semi Goth thing never quite goes away you know) and I'm, um, very white.
It's an 8.5x11 page (loving this size). I used some old acetate (actually pants quality as it is v. thin and shiny, buy there you go). Some I painted the back red and then wrote on the front with a black Sharpie. Other bits I stamped with Banana Frog circles and painted on the back before writing. The advantage with the paint is that you can then put tape or glue on the back and you can't see it! Top strip is adhered using red staples. Papers are from SA June kit (the one I said I couldn't see me using any of on a layout) and Scrapagogo charity kit (the dotty paper). Fashion victim was stamped using my brand new Fontwerks stamps. Honestly, just go to their website and you can pick up seconds for a bargain price even including postage - as long as you can wait! There is usually one stamp that has come out wrong and they send a replacement anyway. Brilliant.
And then the best bit of all, the heart with wings comes from I made this today and is absolutely awesome. Expect to see it again soon!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Work and play

Sometimes I would rather just play! But my work is pretty fulfilling too. I've had a little space from the round of meetings and can actually see my desk at the moment. So today I will do a little bit of reading to catch up I think, plus some of the things that get pushed to the bottom of the pile... No sermon prep today as we are doing a worship planning session tomorrow. Which means I will have to work Saturday night to do the powerpoint and the service sheet. Ah well. Carys has had her school report. She did well in her SATS but more importantly got a wonderful school report which talked about what a joy she is to teach and what a credit she is to herself and to us. I think it is more her than us though really but I'm happy for people to think we have parenting skills! Last night there was a review of their trip to Winmarleigh Hall. All the other girls towered over my little dolly. She's got my genes obviously. The school are selling a cd of photos - 380 on the disc so there should be some good ones of Miss C. They showed a video and there was a hysterically funny bit where they did a "night line" walk. They all had blacked out goggles on, but it was actually daylight and to see them crawling through mud when they could have stood up, and being tickled by a leaf by a teacher and jumping out of their skin was so funny. It explains the state of the clothes when they got home too.

As it is Friday it is time to reveal the Dare for this week.
G'day all, Gillian here, and it's my turn to dare you all this week
Your card can be any theme you like, just as long as it's got something you'd find in a Haberdashery Department on it

So here is my effort

As many of my dare cards are , this is a large square card (looks slightly squiffy in the photo but it doesn't lean really!). Papers are BG Stella Ruby and this time I didn't try to hide the sewing pattern! The lace and the other material came from a wonderful bag of bits that a member of Crafts By Carolyn - Puss - was selling at a meet in 2006. I found some tape measure ribbon in my stash, ditto with the buttons and the fibres came from a swap. The sentiment was stamped onto white card which was then swooshed with an Old Photo Distress Ink Pad. I love the way they change to colour of the white bit but keep the black shining through!

In other crafting...
I had an order of cuttlebug dies yesterday from the US. Ideally the musical notes were for last weeks Bible Study! But I am sure I can use them. I think some "Just a note" cards might appear. As I have been volunteered to sell cards at the Church Fair in November I am going to have to make up a selection of quick and easy cards. Anyhoo I got the two lots of notes and the dear little animals. I bought from the Bargain Garden and she threw in a little packet of goodies as well. I'm a sucker for that kind of service! I had the Craft Club at my Harold Hill Church and we had a new person come - we are now up to three on the books! I think it is starting to grow. We were makig baby cards so I was able to use one of my dies for a non trad baby card.
With a bit of BG Romani thrown in. I'm into orange at the mo' it seems.

And red and black. (more of that when I have finished the current layout)
This is letter sized and uses more Funky Kits papers, some Dabber painted and glossy accented Heidi Swapp letters (which are of course falling off). I lost the dot on the i and had to improvise. the fuzzy felt additions are Scrapbook Inspirations freebies, the felt flower was from this months Self Addressed Kit, the ribbon from a previous one and the large brad came via the Scrapagogo charity kit. Mmmm I get around a bit don't I?!
And to save your eyes, here is the journalling

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the camera lens has now been cleaned...

But I only realised it needed doing when I saw these pics.
Here are yesterdays photos...
the card is simply black and white cardstock, punched out or made stripy a la my DCM colleague and uber talented card maker Jo Kill (when I grow up I want to make cards like Jo). As I said main design is mostly down to Emma at Imagine That.

And the layout. Shame about the lens as Carys' eyes both look so fabby in the photo really!
The papers are all Precious Metals by We R Memory Keepers from a Funky Kits, um, kit.
The circles are all done using a Crafters Workshop template from the same place. Apart from the ones round the edge which were just by eye. A liberal use of punches is again in evidence.

Nothing else to report today!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Crafty times

A little bit of show and tell
The class at Imagine That went fine - and we finished on time!!!!!!
There were only five not 6 so I could sit down and the whole group were lovely. I've taught some of them before so it is really nice to feel like a regular. The black and white cards that Emma prepared were fabby. Really simple, but effective. I then decided that one of them was very sixties which fitted the Daring Card midweek extra this week. So I made a version of it and then decided that it was too much like it and wouldn't upload my one. I was going to show it here but haven't taken a photo yet. Doh! Will add it tomorrow. But it is amazing how effective a bunch of circle punches can be.

Ready for the July Self Addressed kit I have been making cards with the last one. I am not sure if I will get a layout from it but it is cool for cards. The papers are so bright and funky
You don't have to do much to make them look really effective - especially with the base cards that come with the kit.My friend Anita had her birthday yesterday so I made her a special card. It is called a joy fold card and I found the instructions on Beate's blog.
Of course I didn't notice the bit that said click here for instructions until after I had made my version so I will give it another go soon as it is fun! I've made some simpler ones (without the extra fold) turning the 8x8 paper into two cards so that the colours match perfectly.

the American crafts thickers came with the kit too. I have four packs of these now and I love 'em.
I succumbed to the cuttlebug embossing folders as I couldn't hold out any longer.. Used one on a baby card for some friends who have just had a little baby girl. She was born with Downs and needed an immediate op but things went well and she has no other major problems thank God.
The card is even more shimmery and pink in real life as the babygro and circle are cut from glitter card. I know that Katie will bring some extra work, but I am sure she will also bring much joy to her family.

Because I did so much work over the weekend I awarded myself a little extra time off today. If I don't get it I start to crack up so needed some crafting therapy. And h******k as well. I thought I might get a couple of layouts done as I had time, clear ideas and hadn't scrapped for ever(3 weeks I think).
One lousy layout and it isn't even very good. Sob.
It will get photographed tomorrow and you can commiserate with me.

But the good news is - my layout of Dutch's dish with the photo in 3 pieces won a prize on Bex's forum. I'm so chuffed!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Tag - I'm it

as I have now been tagged twice to share seven facts about myself. Hmmm I have a vague feeling I have done this before but there you go, I'll try and dig deep for some other stuff you may not know.
  1. My middle name is Elisabeth. my mum wanted it to be Xantippe as it is a family name. the story is that there was a shipwreck on the Welsh coast and a Greek sailor survived and married an ancient relly of mine. Their daughter was named after his ship Xantippe. I did used to have an Aunt Santie and Aunt Tippy. My father put his foot down though (praise the Lord). One wacky name is enough I reckon.
  2. my great great grandfather was a boxer. He was pretty good. He went to America and LOST his fortune. Way to go. Back to coal mining for the rest of the family.
  3. I once played the harp on radio 3 as a "young musician". I was so nervous and bad they had to edit it together...
  4. I was bilingual until I was 2 when we moved to England. I could speak quite a lot of Welsh though...
  5. I can never remember which of our chickens is Spot and which is Mrs Miggins. Oh the shame. (And they look pretty different as well)
  6. Since breaking and dislocating the top knuckle of the fourth finger on my right hand getting involved in a dog fight the knuckle doesn't bend. I enjoy freaking out children by showing them.
  7. When I do assemblies in schools I get called RevNev as they find it easier to say than my name
Still awake?
I tag - oooh anyone who wants to let us know some of their more unusual proclivities!
Today I plan to do some card making before teaching at Imagine That this afternoon. I have 6 in the class today. Ulp!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Fast Friday

puff, pant, running to keep up.
Took sample into Emma it passed muster though slightly overshadowed by the absolutely perfect sample Emma had just created!
Auntie Hywel finished at the pre school nursery and was given a monetary gift - most thoughtful. He took in some choccies and a card which coincidentally fitted the brief for this weeks Daring Card
definition... the main body of matter in a book or manuscript. the actual wording of anything written or printed, short passage of scripture, etc
We'd like you to somehow incorporate text into your cards this week - not just one word.. but a portion of TEXT... like a poem, or newspaper print, Caligraphy, Even rip up an old text book and use some of the paper from it, there are masses of possibilities here, so let your imaginations run riot and let us see you texting to your heart's content!

You have to look closely but there are three lots of text on this card. All the robo'd letters and the scalloped edge bit at the bottom are from a book of text papers I had for my birthday. Sweet.
Added some spotty paper from an SA kit, gingham ribbon from Crafts by Carolyn, a Sarah's bloomer, primas, brads, a button and some outline work. Simple. (Like me)

And (cough) we got a wee mention in Papercraft Inspirations

Right tea, then work, then choir. See you!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Been a bad blogger I know

Thursday lunchtime Lythan turns on the computer and doesn't see the post from Wednesday night...
Argh now I know that I wrote a whole post yesterday. And uploaded it so
a: Why wasn't it there today
b: why did it only save the first 6 lines?

life just got a bit hectic and then I went down with a bit of a lurgy. Despite the "rest" of last week! I do find that every now and then my system just crashes and I have to take it easy. Don't know if its real or psychosomatic but it makes life interesting! I'm beginning to resurface now though. or it could just be my age now I am "Life, the universe and everything" years old.

So what have I been up to?

Now there was a whole interesting post about my life just here.
I haven't got time to do it all again so this is it in a nutshell

Film fun - posing better(front child not mine)
Mcdonalds, hmm, balloons hurray!
Teaching at Imagine That - only 15 minutes over time!
Work - panic as not ready for Sunday

Sunday - good after all (thanks Holy Spirit)
Church picnic - inside - not quite the same...

Monday - working on class sample for Imagine That. Went in to die cut letters using sets there and Carys went shopping for craft things with her own birthday money!
Sample now done - not entirely happy with it. Hope to get permission to show you anyway . Papers are nice...

Tuesday and Wednesday - mostly not well

Thursday - a lot better but not speaking to blogger...