Friday, May 22, 2009

Bloggerversary draw is drawn...

with numbers in hat technology...
and the winner is
number 3
aka Birgit!

So send me an email Birgit and I will contact you in order to send your goodies on their way.

I've had a long few days and have finally done my card for DCM but not photographed it yet so it will appear sometime tomorrow - after another early start. (I don't do early you know!)

thanks to all who entered the draw. I'm blushing from all your lovely comments.

Here's to another years blogging (though I'm not doing so well so far!)

Bloggyversary Draw

Well I still don't know how to leave this at the top but I've decided to launch it anyway...

As I have been blogging for three years I thought I would do a give away. And here it is...
Some of my favourite things...
the Scrapbookers Creativity Kit (good for cardmakers too)
A 6x6 pad - Basic Grey Wisteria which isn't as bold and bright as I usually get but I love it!
adhesive pearls - just the best accessory ever!
Doodlebug white ribbons - lushness personified (that doesn't make sense but there ya go)
Doodlebug letter stickers
Prima Journalling cards - 1 each of the boy and girl versions.
from Emma at Imagine That some of her wonderful original rubber stamps. You can see the whole range here. I love the way these mix and match. Thanks for adding them in Emma!

So what do you need to do?
Just leave a comment here and I will enter them all into a random generator. OK I expect it will be scraps of paper and a hat but that doesn't sound as good. If you want to link to your blog then that is lovely but won't win you anything extra!

I hope that you join in and have the chance to enjoy some of the things that I do too!

Big thanks to Steph who has helped me with this. And it reminds me to put a closing date on it - Friday 22nd May

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm a crafting fool!

Managed to get some time to craft this weekend. Just bliss!
I was lucky enough to win two prizes recently - fab polka doodle flowers from Fat Freddies
(expect to see them on some cards soon - they are gorgeous!)
and a Studio Calico kit!
Trouble is I now want to get a Studio Calico kit every month and I can't afford it. Sulk. So I will just have to make the most of the one I've got. And I think I'm doing pretty well! I also threw in a few bits from the shop as postage was already paid for! Best thing was these Chatterbox die cuts. Sooo much in the pack!

And here are my first 4 layouts (done another one now but Phil has the camera today). I can't get the colour balance right today. Sigh. You'll jsut have to imagine the true colours. 1st is of Carys at Tenby. Its the photo I used to show how she has changed in 3 years. I think she looks beautiful in this one (in my unbiased opinion!)
the background is really cream - I don't know why picasa has such a blue cast on it. (blame the 'puter is always my rule). All from the kit (including the arrow stamp!) except for "at" which is a Makimg Memories word sticker; bracket stamp (can't remember, UK company); chatterbok die cuts and Papermania sticky stones
this is nearer the right colour! I added crochet ribbon and flower; button; pearls across the top (missing one now replaced!); Basic Grey chipboard hand and stitching on paper cut with scalloped scissors. here is a blurb close up
this one uses a photo you have seen before too
I can't believe how squiffy that right hand side is! Oh well. I added black beads that I added dots to and some black and white dot ribbon
and finally... a very minimalist one. I added a doodlebug paper frill and some Anitas tiny gems. Oh and more little pearls on the butterflies. Journalling spot made with a Nestie die
You may argue that Carys has my mum's hair colour. Its more the other way round!

I have more cards and things to share but risk overload so just want to show the card I made for Em's birthday today. NB he hates me singing.
All papers american crafts; starving artists and purple onion stamps; doodlebug fuzzy brads; prisma pencils
Don't forget my blog candy draw!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Its a new day

I'm feeling loads better today - yay! Actually got some energy. Which I need as I plan Sunday's service as the theme is "love one another as I have loved you" to which I can say yes he loves you truly madly deeply. go on then congregation, love each other and everyone else the same way. But I need to pad it out a bit! Any ideas. Particularly what to do with the kids will be gratefully received!

My blog candy is ready to go. I'll take advice on how to keep a blog post at the top (three years and still no clue really) and then I'll show off what I have to give away. I like to think it is a small yet perfectly formed wodge. Like me. Only I'm a bit more lumpy.

Its Friday already! Gulp! Which means its Daring Cardmaker Day. Jane chose the dare this week.

The Sound of Music

Tra-Laa! I want you to design a card which is 'Musically inspired'. Anything goes, whether you use musical paper, or an image of instrument - or even song lyrics.

I decided to come at it from leftfield rather... but it means it is quite hard to photograph
This one shows the details better
and this one is more true to the colour(is white a colour. Answers on a postcard please) (now that dates me. Today it is text and twitter and stuff)
I have never used this cuttlebug musical note die. I covered it with glue and glittered it. PUt some card through the swiss dots folder. I made a flower with organza ribbon and piled it on top of a paper flower, added a pin and a button. the pearls are papermania. The writing says "just a note" from the Clare Curd sentiments. It is embossed in Winter wonderland powder and has glitter round the edge. You can read it. Honest.

Right off for a working lunch. Hoping my friend has ideas I can pulpit lift (I think that is the Sunday worship equivalent of scrap lifting) and may even manage my candy blog post later. Its Phil's birthday tomorrow so will also have to stay up late and make his card.

And remember... God loves you truly, madly, deeply

PS I'm back after lunch realising that I didn't say
HELlllllllllllloooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo Dolly!
Dolly has joined the Funky Hand team. It was so, so hard for Anice to choose a new team member but I must say I was blown away by Dolly (Vicky really) 's blog and can't believe she is a pretty new crafter!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My balloon has burst

I have been feeling bone tired the last few days. Being a hypochondriac I am obviously at death's door. Probably I just need a bit of time out. Which I shall get soon. But today's post will be short and sweet unlike yesterday's marathon. I went to teach this morning to find I had forgotten I wasn't needed! But it meant I could do some shopping for my bloggyversary giveaway to be announced tomorrow. And, because she is a COMPLETE angel, Emma of Imagine That has thrown in some of her wonderful unique stamps as well. Mwah!

So today I am just going to share my Salt layout this week. Julie chose a wonderful challenge this time.
God's Strength
based on 2 Corinthians 12:9
"My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness." Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."

It seems lately that I have been made aware of so many people going through so many difficult trials, serious illnesses/injuries, financial strains, marital stress, loss of loved ones, and more. It's often easy for us to begin to question God's purposes and worry or despair. In this chapter of Corinthians, we see the example of the apostle Paul, how he prayed 3 times for God to remove a "thorn in the flesh" (we are not told what it was). God's answer should be our encouragement and comfort as it was Paul's! "My grace is sufficient for you."

I did spend a while thinking about what photo to use when I thought of this oneThe analogy doesn't stretch too far in that the water doesn't hold its shape for long in reality. But I love the idea that even when our balloon bursts God holds us together. Its his strength I am relying on today, that's for sure! I managed to step away from Kraft to go back to black for this layout and used my Cosmo Cricket Get Happy 8x8 pad. I almost got my sewing machine out to do some real stitching but was talking to my parents on the phone about their recent trip to South Korea while I made this and decided faux stitching would be less noisy! The red fuzzy letters are from Poundland. The white stickers and brads are Doodlebug. The frames are metal rimmed tags from Docrafts that I have had for an age and never really used. But I like this way of using them and they may now disappear quickly! I added a quickly ruched ribbon on the bottom for some dimension.

Here is the writing in close up. I am getting there with my American style loops I think

I need to finish my Daring Card now and then start a powererpoint presentation. Oh what larks!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Three years and one day

since I started this blog! Wow, what a time that has been. I've just been back for a look at the photos of my babies 3 years ago ... and look at them now! (Still my babies though)
(hair even longer now as this was last October)
(still need a long lens to sneak a pic)
(still photogenic. And at nearly 13 still able to carry a cuddly toy with pride)

We've been through a lot of chickens, have a different dog, no tadpoles now but two guinea pigs and still loads of dust bunnies

Work wise I am still working at the same two churches and things are good right now. Loads to do, always guilt at not doing enough, but I have hope and can see God present and giving purpose in different ways.

Craft wise I was asked the Autumn after I started the blog to join Daring Cardmakers - still there! Later I started up Salt - but Hazel does all the hard work! Emma then made my day by opening up Imagine That - my very local craft shop. And through me embarrassing myself on this very blog, managed to wangle a small teaching gig there which I love, love, love. More lately I started making cards and pages for Docrafts Creativity! Mags and have recently joined the Funky Hand design team. And much as I would love to try out for all sorts of other stuff, that is enough for me! (Otherwise work wise would not be happy!)

I'm sure there are other changes - oh yes my hair went from long to short ish and may soon get shorter. My tum is just as flabby. My dad got cancer and survived. Phil and I celebrated 20 years of marriage (21 in a fortnight - eek!) It is quite fun to read through my life, as much as I have shared on here.

And as a reward I would like to share a bit of blog candy with you. Its not quite ready yet but will include the Scrapbookers Creativity Kit as I accidentally ordered two and decided to save one for this very event. Although it says Scrapbookers I think it could work well for cardmaking too. I need to add in a few more bits that I shall buy at Imagine That tomorrow. SO I shall launch the candy probs on Friday.

As the latest Docrafts Creativity is out I can share some of what I did here. I was lucky enough to have two kit boxes to play with and they are LOVELY (not just saying that.True). The pink, black, white and grey is lush! Ditto with the teal and the other colours. And the cardstock is heavy weight. I was very proud of the box with lid as I worked it out myself. OK so t rocjet science but good for little old me.

Made a card with a full inside decoration

With the green I made 2 cards. Here is one. I try and make big cards as they are easier to photograph, but out of my comfort zone! And a mini book abut Lucky. Yes another one! I use her a lot to try not to just use my family for scrapping etc. for mags and TV. Phil is on one of the pages in the mag so he is feeling famous...

I'll be back when I have done some shopping!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Bit of a shock

for you as I am actually blogging. Its been a bit of a mad week really!

Bit of a shock for us here as our neighbour came round this morning, thinking we were aware that one of our hens was missing - and was dead in his garden. What it means is that a fox has been out on the kill this morning, after the chickens were let out at about 9:30 am. We were lucky therefore to only lose one actually as those foxes move fast. I know it is spring time and there are (cute) baby foxes to be fed but it is just not fair. So we are all a bit down. I say all, only me and Phil so far as the others are at school. Carys has an emergency orthodontist appointment this morning so she'll find out then. (Nothing major for her, just a bit of brace has fallen off!). Blah is how I feel now. The other two are back in their coop and may have to stay there until spring is over!

bit of a shock also that it is cold enough here for me to have Winter clothes on. Admittedly the heating is not on, but I am almost tempted.

Bit of a shock too that our Clavinova is being fixed today. It has a sticky "e" 2 above middle c. Phil looked it up on the internet and it is an acknowledged fault so they are coming today with a brand new whole keyboard to fix into our piano. For free. And we have had it at least 5 years. Good on you Yamaha thats what I say.

Since I last chatted I have taught a class at Imagine That followed directly by card club (how do teachers do it? one full day and I was on my knees!); finished the magnum opus; went on a long walk along Regents Canal and had lunch at Camden Lock (caribbean mixed vegetable curries mmmm) on Monday; delivered essay in Cambridge on Tuesday; lots of worky stuff since then including preparing for a quiet day I am leading tomorrow. Oh and some Docrafts magazine work that I sent off and wrote up, nearly forgot that! Got to play with WRMK Tiffany papers. Oooooooh they are just my thing!

The only other craftyness was this weeks Daring Card. Tanya Leigh is back with us (yay!) and she set this Dare

Mum's the Word

This week it's my first time to set the dare since being back - it's Mother's Day here in New Zealand on Sunday 10th May (not sure about other parts of the world), so this week's dare is to make a card with the word MUM on it somewhere.
It could be Mother's Day, birthday etc.

I wasn't sure what to do for this Dare until I had my "Doh" moment. Its my mum's birthday in a fortnight's time so I could be really organised and have her card done. I decided to use one of the new Funky Wordbooks that I hadn't tried yet. I made sure it matched her sitting room so it would look nice on the shelf! The word books will be available from Funky Hand on Monday. You can't pre order so make sure you don't miss the launch date as I am sure they will be popular. And while I remember, there is a Design Team member spot available at Funky Hand so check out Anice's blog for details

And finally, here's my card!
to keep it more like a card I copied Anice's idea as shown on Ideal World and creased the edge and added some Doodlebug glitter brads. Then I added loose glitter to the letters and various parts of the card. Added just a few details
and may add more when I write inside it as well. The colours are so fresh aren't they! My parents arrived home safely from South Korea yesterday - they were there for two weeks and had a ball!

Right must go and break the news to Carys. Sadly we don't know which chook it is as now their feathers are all grow in they look identical to each other. RIP little one. Sob.

Friday, May 01, 2009

feeling sheepish

as having looked at the Daring Cardmaker blog today I don't think my card is a patch on any of the others. Ah well. I'll explain more after introducing the dare!

First I'd like to thank all those who participated in my dare last week. What a fab collection of cards. I'm also sheepish because I didn't manage to comment on them all. Life - and that essay got in the way. So sorry to those who entered later in the week. At DCM we do appreciate everyone who plays along. You don't do it for prizes, we rarely get sponsored freebies either, we all join in just because we love making cards (though I wasn't loving this one all of the time...)

Vanessa chose the theme this week it's...

Old MacDonald's Farm

I don’t know why I came up with this one, but for some reason I’ve been singing away to Old MacDonald, you know the song “Old MacDonald had a farm, Ee I ee I oh! And on that farm he had some .........”

........we’ll let you fill in the blank – that’s your dare this week, get some farmyard animals on your cards and pop a link in the comments section so we can come and see!

I have all these Paperchase stickers to use up and some are cutesy animals. There were 6 sheep, 3 facing one way and three facing the other and I thought "aha". What I should have thought was "crikey aren't they a bit small to use even on an A6 card?" But I didn't...

* the papers, flower and leaf sticker and the rub on arrow (rubbed onto acetate to make it pop) (not literally, obviously) (though that would be quite exciting to see) are all WRMK Nonsense range.
* The scallop was cut with my big scallop scissors and I I think I might have cracked cutting with these in a straight line now - woo!
* "unique" is a Christina Cole shiny hard sticker thing (not the technical name)
* The long strip is from a set of journalling cards I bought having seen them on Mystik Nat's blog (the queen of bright and funky) and have used um, this one. They are lovely and I must be more inventive with them. They are from Prima I think.
* the tiny red gems are from one of my local craft shops - the Craft Hut. Have I mentioned before that I have 6 local craft shops within 20 minutes drive of me. Imagine That (the best obviously) is in walking distance. Some of the others are walking distance from the church. NO wonder I get temptated. Spoiled I am (I say temptated because a guide in Greece said it like that 23 years ago and it kind of stuck)
* also Making Memories tiny alphas and Doodlebug letter stickers AND some of yer actual proper sewing too.

See I put a lot of work into it and it looks PAH.

Same with this one
which I had to add the brown layer to as the busy pattern sent the camera into fits "aaah I don't know what to focus on!" It'll go in the pile of cards to use as I send LOTS of birthday cards every year (to church folk mostly). But not the top of the pile... American Crafts papers, Nesties and Imagine That stamps were not harmed in the making of this card. (I do like my little hand cut branches though!)

Now this card I made on Wednesday as a quick break from the essay. Bish, bash, bosh, nice.
All from WRMK Nonsense apart from using a Doodlebug fuzzy brad, a Nestie and a Martha Stewart punch.

And finally.... I made a sample for card club tomorrow. How organised is that? It was also a reward for finishing the first draft of the essay. Good news - I have to hand it in on Tuesday and you won't have to bear with me moaning on about essays until this time next year... I saw a video online about making diamond fold cards and thought itwould be fun to demo, but I cna't remember who did the vid. She was British. Thanks Diamond Fold person!
All papers from the big Costco set. As they are cardstock weight you can make cards with them so even the back looks nice. Sweet and simple (like me!)
(Only I am not that sweet).

Right, red pen at the ready I have words to cut from my magnum opus and then type it up in neat!