Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Three years and one day

since I started this blog! Wow, what a time that has been. I've just been back for a look at the photos of my babies 3 years ago ... and look at them now! (Still my babies though)
(hair even longer now as this was last October)
(still need a long lens to sneak a pic)
(still photogenic. And at nearly 13 still able to carry a cuddly toy with pride)

We've been through a lot of chickens, have a different dog, no tadpoles now but two guinea pigs and still loads of dust bunnies

Work wise I am still working at the same two churches and things are good right now. Loads to do, always guilt at not doing enough, but I have hope and can see God present and giving purpose in different ways.

Craft wise I was asked the Autumn after I started the blog to join Daring Cardmakers - still there! Later I started up Salt - but Hazel does all the hard work! Emma then made my day by opening up Imagine That - my very local craft shop. And through me embarrassing myself on this very blog, managed to wangle a small teaching gig there which I love, love, love. More lately I started making cards and pages for Docrafts Creativity! Mags and have recently joined the Funky Hand design team. And much as I would love to try out for all sorts of other stuff, that is enough for me! (Otherwise work wise would not be happy!)

I'm sure there are other changes - oh yes my hair went from long to short ish and may soon get shorter. My tum is just as flabby. My dad got cancer and survived. Phil and I celebrated 20 years of marriage (21 in a fortnight - eek!) It is quite fun to read through my life, as much as I have shared on here.

And as a reward I would like to share a bit of blog candy with you. Its not quite ready yet but will include the Scrapbookers Creativity Kit as I accidentally ordered two and decided to save one for this very event. Although it says Scrapbookers I think it could work well for cardmaking too. I need to add in a few more bits that I shall buy at Imagine That tomorrow. SO I shall launch the candy probs on Friday.

As the latest Docrafts Creativity is out I can share some of what I did here. I was lucky enough to have two kit boxes to play with and they are LOVELY (not just saying that.True). The pink, black, white and grey is lush! Ditto with the teal and the other colours. And the cardstock is heavy weight. I was very proud of the box with lid as I worked it out myself. OK so t rocjet science but good for little old me.

Made a card with a full inside decoration

With the green I made 2 cards. Here is one. I try and make big cards as they are easier to photograph, but out of my comfort zone! And a mini book abut Lucky. Yes another one! I use her a lot to try not to just use my family for scrapping etc. for mags and TV. Phil is on one of the pages in the mag so he is feeling famous...

I'll be back when I have done some shopping!


Hazel said...

Congrats on your three years blogging - what a lot you've shared - I love visiting here. (I'm not sure about the comment about me on this post - I don't do all the hard work - just am a bit of a computer junkie, as well as a craft and forum junkie!). I saw the magazine article for the box, book etc - they look absolutely fab x

SueH said...

Congratulations from me too!

I can't believe how much the kids have changed over those three years or how fast those three years have passed for that matter.

Love your work for 'Creativity' and somehow while I was in The Range this morning the Teal kit just happened to fall into my basket.
I wouldn't mind I only when it to pick up some White Alpha rub-on's....Ooh well, that's life!


Kathy said...

Happyt Bloggyversary Lythan.

I've loved reading your blog from the start, and I hope you'll never stop inspiring me with your work and with your attitude to life.