Friday, December 14, 2007

Inside and out

Kind of sums up my life just now. Never a dull moment! Although I would love more crafty time the rest is pretty good too.
Actually a lovely thing happened yesterday. I am still trying to get a craft club off the ground at my small church. We usually do card making. One of the two wanted to try scrapbooking so I phoned the other one to bring some photos. I think she was a bit hesitant. But boy did she love it! Actually person 1 then forgot completely to come and so I made up a little kit, including my page so I can't show it to you yet. I did a page with the title Cute as a button. Person 2 suddenly said "no, I don't want a button on mine, I want it to be "cute as a butterfly", so we made a butterfly for her page instead. That little thing made me so happy - that she was already confident enough to do it differently from mine.
I gave her a little 6x6 album I have had for ages. I just can't do that small. SO I did my page 8x8 and scaled down for the class.
And apparently we are doing scrap booking again next time!

I can show you my dare card for this week...
Gillian chose the theme and the different ways we have interpreted it are fabby I think!

Inside and Out

I dare you to take the design of your card to the inside as well as the outside Add a little finishing touch to match the theme on the outside, or Surprise the receiver with a flap, foldout, decorated journal block to write on,or one of those pop-out delights....It really adds so much to a card when there is attention to detail on the inside as well as the outside. I know some of you are finished your Christmas cards already so this week it's Any theme, Christmas or not But make the inside count too :)

My card was inspired by some layouts on UKS. Someone used the same technique on a few layouts - curling paper at the edge. Can't remember who it is but thanks for the inspiration!
I used one sheet of Scenic Route Laurel. I love it all so much that cutting into it is torture - but then you can't keep everything. If anything, the card is a tad brighter in real life. Anyway using double sided cardwieght paper was a joy for making this, although it may need another panel at the back to stop it buckling
I just cut strips to different lenghts, rolled them up and attached them with double sided tape. The flowers are from the Euro shop in Achen, Germany - such a bargain as there were about 20 in a pack.. I spent ages choosing how many button flowers to put on! I added a little watercolour paper to break the stripes up and a safmat greeting.

I have been on a funeral visit this morning - to a family who have chickens! So we had a nice chat as well as the sad one of sorting out details of a funeral. there is never a good time to lose a loved one but Christmas can be especially hard. May all of you who are grieving find some comfort and peace even in your sadness.

PS: Kathy I have no idea how to put it in an envelope. Will need hand delivering methinks

PPS: Forgot to mention a big WOOT to Carys for passing her Grade 1 piano with a merit - and just a gnat's crotchet away from a Distinction. You go girl!


Andrea, said...

Great card, Love the idea of the paper curling it looks fab

Kathy said...

This is so fabbily funky (fabbily is my fave new word btw)

Love the colours, love the curls - but how the dickens are you going to get that in an envelope, Lythan?

Your job must be so full of these bittersweet times, but I'm absolutely sure that you know instinctively how to give the best comfort in sad situations - and if that comes through talking about chickens, then why not

Sandy said...

Wow this is so amazing. Gteat idea and lovely card. Gorgeous.

Rika said...

Gorgeous card!!

Anonymous said...

Funky indeed - unusual too. - Love it. :)


Jo said...

big w00t to Carys for passing her piano exam :) I love the curly bits on this card and the paper is just yumminess.

jo xx

Gillian said...

WoooHooo Carys! clever, clever girl :)

Lythan I so love your card, so beautiful with all the dimension and wonderful papers!
and a card this beautiful should never be put into an envelope anyway :)

Paula J Atkinson said...

Love this unusual design, very zingy too!

Rhi said...

W000T for Carys, well done girl! I love your card, so very clever and brave to use all that scenic route paper on one card, well worth it though.

Teaching crafts is so inspirational isn't it. Its so fab when someone gets the confidence to try something new themselves, soon your whole congregation will be into it!

Your job must be soooo difficult, hugs to you.

Rhi x

Hazel said...

Well done, Carys!! Gorgeous card, Lythan - love the paper curling effect.

Esther said...

how unusual and most lovely! A card that you would be tricky to put through the post! tee hee, gorgeous colours, and great technique

Gina said...

Absolutely glorious card! Lucky recipient! :O)