Friday, January 08, 2016

Best of...

I thought I would do a quick recap of some of my favourite cards and layouts of 2015. Probably more for my benefit than anyone else's! Especially with card making I feel in a bit of a style rut

So here are 5 that caught my eye looking back through my archive. 4 are from Daring Cardmaker Challenges and one was made because I always need thank you cards!

My top favourite (the one with all the circles) was a card-lift but whenever I spot it in the DCM folder it still makes me smile. The next one down is all hand drawn and lettered. If only I could draw more things!
Overall I think my choice says that I like painty bright cards with a little bit of texture.
And usually a white background. I also use a lot less layering than I used to.

Onto Quirky Kits design work... I do like my one photo layouts. Although I try and stick them in different places on the page. And white backgrounds. I have to force myself to use other ones!


And the ones from just my stash (and usually some Quirky Kit leftovers as the kits are ever so generous)

Less white backgrounds. And some of my faves have a lot less writing than normal and two have a lot more writing than normal. And the last one still has the ability to make me cry...

Doing this has been made more difficult by the fact that my computer bust in the summer - it wasn't the hard drive so that has been saved as an archive into my new computer but all the photos are in different places.

Hope you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane. It has kind of inspired me to keep crafting - most of all so I can tell stories and record something of my life.


Kathy said...

Wow Lythan, I just loved scrolling down and seeing all these wonderful projects

Jo said...

amazing round up- I loved looking at all of them :)