Friday, May 19, 2017

11 years later...

Friday 11th May is the date that I started this blog.
I can't remember why now, probably to have a place to note my crafty challenges.
I'm certainly not as prolific as I was but I'm still happy to have a place to note what I am up to and when it happened. Especially as I have a bad habit of not backing up photos so this is needed!
This is what I looked like then

 and now
 (is that a flattering angle where you can't see all the wrinkles? Possibly...)
 So much has changed - we have moved twice, all three kids have gone through University, (the oldest was a wee teen of 13 and is now almost 25!) Phil has a motorbike and loves cycling, I've started and stopped and started running (I say running, it is more like a small but heavy wilderbeest thundering throught the tundra very slowly). I now crochet as well as papercrafting - it makes evenings more sociable as I sit and crochet in front of the tv while Phil snores.

Here is the first card I put on the blog
I still rather like it. It was Phil's birthday card.
My latest is Phil's birthday card as well.
Last week's Daring Cardmaker Dare was All that glitters is not gold
where you had to make a card with lots of glitter but no gold. I went for something simple
 Lots of thick glitter paper circles punched out and raised up and stuck on a piece of cardstock which was given a glittery edge with a glue pen and more glitter. V. simple
(Paper Smooches stamp badly embossed with black powder)

This week the dare is Two's Company where you could only use 2 colours including the colour of the base card. I went for simple again with black and white
I painted the white paint onto a black card ready for another challenge but liked it and so decided to use it for this one. I found some old textured papers and cut and trimmed them into different shapes. I knew I had a set of paper trims somewhere but only found them days after making the card!
Little bit of glitter, little bit of die layering, a vellum heart to allow the eye to see the words and job done. It looks better in real life than it does here :)

I also made my first ever layout 11 years ago in July
and here is one of the latest

made for the latest Quirky Kit. That style has evolved a bit more than cardmaking!

I must make a blog post of all the pages I have done recently - I had a lovely time at the beginning of May when it was Scrapbooking Day putting lots of memories onto cardstock. Don't get time to do so much now but its still good.

Last weekend I made more memories and also remembered a host more. I met up with friends from Lancaster University - some of whom I have hardly seen since we left in 1986. We stayed in some luxury lodges just outside Windermere and I had a an awesome time. We are all quite different now (e.g. old) but in many ways very much the same. It was a delight and I hope I can do it again. I'm aware that I have chosen a road less travelled in that being in Church Ministry means spare weekends are rare. I wouldn't be without my job and perhaps that makes these times even more of a joy. Poor Phil was also away from home but for a work conference....
 I thought I had taken lots of photos but no, so I am hoping some of the others have some I can use as these are stories worth telling as well!

And here is to the next year blogging....


Dawn said...

Still looking fabulous. And loving all your creations and the colourful glitter card is amazing and love your colour scheme for this weeks dare. X

Sharon (glitterangel) said...

You don't look a day older Lythan :) Fabulous cards, I just love them all x

Unknown said...

Wow, that's a lot of blogging, congratulations! I love all of your projects, especially the scrapbook layouts. Cathy x

Angelnorth said...

Love your marathon catch-up blog posts! Great to see the evolution of style in cards and scrapping and good to hear you managed a reunion that was fun!