Sunday, May 21, 2006

Didn't we have a loverly time

the day we went to Shirley!

(its a place you know, on the Solihull/Birmingham border)

Yes finally the day of the CraftsbyCarolyn forum meet.

I had still been feeling a bit iffy the day before and probably if I hadn't been driving three other people I wouldn't have gone.
Anyway had a good night's sleep and woke at 7 raring to go.
I went to empty the mess out of the car at 10 to 8 and found Dingledel(Adele) sitting outside in her car with her family! Just as well there wasn't much mess then! We were all very restrained in what we took I think. Picked up Axaria (Anita) just down the road and then off to Loughton to pick up susan (Sue) and all her flowers!

The journey was ok - we only got a little lost and all coped very well...
Found the hall and went inside...

When I went to Hitchin last year I found it all quite overwhelming. I was suffering from mild depression at the time and just found it a bit much at times. Glad I went though. Since then I've met loads of people and I'm much better so this wasn't as nervewracking.
these are my observations

  • Carolyn's forum is full of lovely, lovely people
  • Some are loud
  • Some are shy
  • Some are loud and shy
  • Everyone is really, really talented
  • We can talk for Britain, even the shy ones!

I didn't get to chat to everyone, but I did try to mentally tick them off in my I-spy book of the Forum. I'm doing quite well now - I've even got 3 international stars of the forum - Nicola in Canada, Nicki from Switerland and NZJane (she wasn't at this meet and we missed you honey!)

I wasso looking forward to meeting Nicki Zugstitcher. She has a beautiful, animated face which never stayed still so my close up of her is not that flattering... Here she is holding a quilt

and still talking.

We didn't really get much of a chance for an in depth talk but the hug we gave each other said more than we possibly could and I shall hold it in my heart for a long time. Here's to the next time we meet!

And I didn't really get to talk to Canadian Nicola at all...

It is always so lovely - and so wierd - to meet people you talk to on a computer forum regularly.

Lovely - because everyone is so nice.
Wierd - because we know a lot about each other already. For those with big mouths - like me! people know more about me than the mums I stand with at the school gates or the people from Church for example. You start a conversation with someone and then realise you know the answer already!

Every time I meet with people the bond gets deeper and deeper. Its nice to know so many other people who will go ooh and aah over paper, stamps and ink. I wish we could go on a carding retreat together so there would be MORE TIME!!!!!

Fun things about the day:

  • Saffa's badge. Think she put more effort in than I did
  • I ironed my name on a t-shirt. Did colour it in usingPhotopaint. Its a cool font called Rebekah'sbirthday and I don't know where its from.
  • Having a laugh. I love this picture that Kel took of me and Rachel (turtlestres). I think she spent the whole time laughing! And she and her sister Nicola are so alike and seem to get on so well (Nicola gave her raffle prize to Rachel - what a star!)
  • Sheila Bookworm's demo - she is so talented, I could have watched her for hours. And she is another beautiful woman - needs to get a new avatar on the forum because she is so much younger looking and prettier in the flesh.
  • Seeing the talent in the card competition. Mine got one vote - thanks kind public! It was rather eclipsed by the winners that were just breathtaking

  • Sharing the joy of alcahol inks with others. I don't just share things I've discovered with others because I am part of an evil plot to part people from their cash, despite what some people think! Its jst that when I discover a good thing I want more people to try it. Anita is so much better at experimenting with the inks than I am - but ti doesn't take much work to produce something impressive with them.
  • Sharon asked me to do the vote of thanks - cos I'm used to public speaking. But then did a lot of the speaking herself and a good job she did too! She is such a lovely, lovely person - such a generous spirit. I think she and Sue (susan) are the mother hens of the forum - and I mean that in a nice way!!!!
  • Net liked her clip board which is SUCH a relief. It looks quite nice in a phot - its just close up you can see the flaws...
  • Having a meal later on. We couldn't all sit together but it was a nice relaxing end to the day.
  • Net's cakes -mmm
  • My QVC box that I bought from Sheilagh. I've now got the two things that I really wanted over Lent when I gave up buying craft stuff - and for a reasonable price. You are not supposed to be rewarded for your abstention but thank you Lord!
  • I won third prize in the raffle. I won the much coveted bebop scrapbook kit donated by I have bought from this site before and the owner is really lovely - and generous. Thanks so much. I was the envy of many and had to escorted off the premises with a guard. Anita won first prize and was so chuffed as she "never wins anything". She won the quickutz so next week will be borrowing my dies to play with!

So can you tell I enjoyed my day?

Thanks to all who helped organise it and here's to the next one!


Rachel said...

Hiya Lythan

what a great blog entry, I havent done mine yet about yesterday but will be doing.

I too love that photo of us, cant remember what was sooo funny, but your right I didnt stop laughing all day.

Was sooo great to see so many friends again, and look forward to the next meet

bye for now

Love Rach xxx

Jane said...

Hiya Lythan, what a great report of the day ! Thanks for the mention ! I would just have LOVED to have been there - maybe next time eh ?! Glad that you had a wonderful time.

Kathy said...

Fab fab fab

So sorry I missed the meet Lythan, but reading your report and a few others...has given a real flavour of the day.