Monday, February 05, 2007

Can't force the farce

I feel such a wimp. I've had to bail out of movie night. We were hoping to watch the new Adam Sandler but all the copies were out so Phil chose a film called "our house". There aren't many kinds of film I can't stand but comedies when everything goes wrong is one. Same for 30 minute shows. can't stick "Some mother's do 'ave 'em" or most of Fawlty Towers for the same reason. I tried so hard but as the things that happened went on and on I just got more and more wound up. They just put me in such a bad mood it is better not to be in the room. But you are not supposed to leave the room on movie night. Trust me family, it was in your interests really...

I woke this morning feeling a little washed out which was a blow as this is the only crafting time i will have this week. I have done my dare card for Friday and am struggling with my circle journal - probably becasue I still have a week to do it and I need my deadlines to be creative! I popped into Imagine That as Emma needs to borrow my punches for the exploding box class on Wednesday which I will be teaching next Monday. Gulp! (and why I have to get that CJ done today!). I got to drool over her CHA photos and all the things that she got Tim Holtz to autograph. Not that I am jealous of her going to CHA.


Right as can't show what i have done today I will show what the crafty club folks from Church got up to on Saturday. It makes me realise how much I have as I still am able to take loads of stuff I don't want anymore for people to play with and we don't seem to be using it up at all! I usually take certain colours of paper and try and teach a technique or suggest a theme although it often gets ignored! This time it was men's cards and I also took my supply of peel offs. I think they breed you know.
Here is the haul which isn't bad for two hours and some talking too.


Paula J Atkinson said...

Sending you get well wishes your way as you clearly are run down & catching some nasty bug like cold. They lay you low then they pounce.

Kathy said...

Take care of yourself Lythan - keep warm and try to have yourself some "me" time - sounds like you need a bit of a rest, me ducks!

On the theme of irritating comedies I think "The Brittas Empire" tops my list - I couldn't bear to watch even a few seconds without wanting to slap that man!

But how could you not like Fawlty Towers? :-)