Friday, March 23, 2007

Sad and tired

Tired... because I have spent all day at a meeting on Governance issues for trustees Actually a LOT more interesting than that sounds, but tiring.

Sad... becasue I have 2 funerals to attend next week. One for a dear friend who has died after a long illness. Our choir will never be quite the same again. One that I am taking, for a mother leaving 2 kids younger than mine, just about on their own.

So all that means my Friday blog post is late. And the photo is pants. But there you are. This weeks Daring Cardmaker Dare was set by the marvellous Keryn. She said
Your dare for this week is to create a card using any technique, any style, to welcome the birth of multiples. If you keep the card long enough there is bound to be someone you know having twins or more to send it to.
So here is my take on it...
White square card; printed sentiment; printed out lettering then covered with lots of tiny primas and opal liquid pearls (my style du jour really)
NB it takes quite a while to stick that many primas on. Just so you know.


Andrea C (Frog) said...

Ooo Lythan how did you part with all those flowers? its lovely.

Andrea xx

Kathy said...

Tought week coming up for you Lythan - this is such sad news. I feel so much for those poor kiddies.

Your card is lovely - did you count those primas?
(Kathy glances towards the bottle of tiny pink primas on the shelf thinking "I wonder what sort of a dent that card would make in my stash?")

Rhi said...

Such a pretty card Lythan. Such sad news. Sending lots of love your way (((hugs))) Rhi x

Hazel said...

Lythan, I really feel for you this coming week. On Thursday I will be going to the funeral of my friend who died of cancer on Monday evening.

Paula J Atkinson said...

Such sad news no wonder you feel tired.
I won't be doing this weeks dare as my colleague reads my blog & his wife lost the triplets last week. this comes after losing another baby last year. I know he reads every day & I can't risk hurting his feelings.
But I have done a layout of my 40th birthday instead!!

Sarah said...

Lythan, sorry to hear your sad news. Love this card it's really pretty.

Gillian said...

{hugs and prayers}for you this week Lythan..
Beautiful card, you are so patient.. such a clever and gorgeous idea for your twin card :o)

Sheila said...

Well we know who to blame now if there is a world shortage of Primas don't we?
What a fab card.

Sorry to read that you are going to have such a sad week. Oh those poor children.


Susan Hurley-Luke said...

So sorry to hear the news of the loss of your friend, Lythan. It's hard to think about children being left without their mother. I trust the Lord will sustain you through this week and beyond. Today I put a girlfriend on a plane to go have some cancer treatments at the other end of the country and she was insisting on giving her jewellery away to us all this week...she (and I) trusts the Lord that 'all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to His purpose', thankfully, but it sure hits me when things like this happen all the same.
Thank you for sharing your card. It creates a great big impact with all those primas. I like your technique for the centre of the flowers, too.

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Hugs and prayers for a little extra strength to help you through the week Lythan.

Lovely card - hugely brave of you to part with so many primas! Worth it though for such a beautiful creation.

Jo said...

I did think that it must have taken ages for those flowers - you must have so much patience, it looks beautiful.

sending you some {{{HUGS}}} and hope that you have the strength to get through the week. That is really sad news.

jo xx