Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So much to share

Had a busy weekend!
Carys and I had a lovely time with my good friend Anna. It only took 11/4 hours to get to Barnes Bridge from our house - I'm sure it has never been so fast before. Barnes is such a lovely place to live (slightly out of my price range) (well so is everywhere as we live in tied accommodation!). We spent the evening chatting, eating and watching Freaky Friday on DVD. Carys told me she has seen most of it before but she still enjoyed it. I love body swap films. The best is probably Face/off but Carys can't watch that!

Saturday we had a leisurely start then went walking along the South Bank to Tate Modern. Sadly there were tickets for the big slides and they weren't giving any more out at that time, but Carys went down a little one. But is it art?

She says yes.

There was a games area for you to choose things to do for free. We chose the surrealist stuff. I love this bag so much.

which was full of all sorts of things to do. We didn't use most of them and the gallery was a bit too full. But it was fun though! Then we carried on strolling through little shops and galleries etc up to London Bridge station where we went to our seperate homes. We had all brought each other pressies so came home lade. I made Anna a little prayer book and as she has nearly finished the notebook from last year I had better make another one of those soon. I have realised that I forgot to leave the thank you card behind (the one I made for the dare) so will have to retrieve it - but it may now be fatally bent out of shape!

Saturday night Phil's friends from the Omlet forum came round. I tidied away all my craft stuff too (big shock). They had been to Helen's grandma who lives nearby. poor Mike had eaten something that disagreed and spent the couple of hours with us throwing up. Poor chap. Phil ahd just cleaned the loo too...

Mother's Day was fun with brekkie in bed - Heat magazine (usually banned from the house for being a gossip mag and Carys frowned at Phil for even buying it for me then. She disapproves of such things). I later had some home made cards. Emrys' had a balloon attached. Must photograph them as I usually get cards as surreal as anything in the Tate and this year was no exception.
My favourite mothers day pressie was a song composed by Carys. "Mother dear I love you so" Awwwwww.

My Dad stayed with us overnight as he had a London meeting yesterday. I spent a lot of the day doing crafty things. Finally did a DCM midweek dare (see later for the reveal but don't get too excited) and two LO's. I'm getting in to this 12x12 now. May even change my SA kit again...
The first was more snow picutres - this time of the boys. I do worry about scrapping Carys more than them - but then she poses more!
{the layout will be back}

White card stock, BG Dasher; Craft Robo lettering, two circle punches and wooden snowflakes from an SA kit that I didn't think I would ever get to use!. I painted them white then embossed several times using winter wonderland embossing powder. You can't really see the sparkle but it is there. I did outline the letters but there is NO distress ink.

This one of Emrys flying through the air uses Crate Paper Cowboy paper and letter stickers; Craft Robo (heck I love my Jimbo and even if all he ever does is cut out letters that is great for me) ; distress ink (can't do without twice in one day); Christina Cole stand out stickers which are exactly the right colours. Don't you love it when that happens?

Then video night watching Van Helsing which is only a 12 - but still a bit scary which i how the kids like it. You can tell when they love a film cos they talk ALL THE WAY THROUGH.
Later started Carys off on her first scrap page. She is so excited. Hopefully we can finish it tonight.

Work beckons so have a good day!


Rhi said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend Lythan. I'd love a go on the slides in the Tate Modern, I'm not bothered if its art or not, it just looks fun!

Rhi x

Gillian said...

Lythan I really love both of these gorgeous LO's.. you really are so talented at Scrapping.. sounds like a great weekend :o)