Friday, April 27, 2007

Did you miss me?(yeah) while I was away?

Did you hang my picture on your wall?

Ah.. innocent days when Gary Glitter was just fun.
Anyway I am back. Again. Phil did go to the loo first but I did smile to note that both of us headed for the computer before doing anything else. Not that we are addicted...

So our time in the Clacton caravan is over. We worked. I slept a lot. I ended up thinking about taking some cardmaking stuff and took my tote stuffed to the gills! And made a few cards in the evenings. Phil did loads of work on his NVQ. I read a lot of books I have bought and put on the bookshelves. We watched Little Miss Sunshine - brilliant film. And have come home to a lovely clean house. My mum is fantastic. Or to use my dad's favourite adjective - tremendous.

Because of going away I had to do this weeks dare last Sunday. So to be honest I had almost forgotten what the cards were like!
This week's challenge was a little different for the Daring Card Makers- as it was completely sponsored by Self Addressed.
Self Addressed very kindly donated papers, cards and envelopes (from various SA kits) to the whole of the DCM team to see what we could come up with. So I (Jane) came up with the following template for you and the team to follow. We would like to thank Jenn at Self Addressed for her generous support of our blog, we really appreciate it. Many thanks Self addressed!

I have been getting the Self Addressed kits for a few years now and they are always brilliant value for money. There is so much in the kit for cardmaking and scrapbooking and I value it even more now than when I started. I was given the job of parcelling up the stash and sending it round the world (sounds grand doesn't it!) Somehow I managed to miscount the bits of stash and had sent half away before I realised it. So thanks to Kathy, who alongside me had to dig into her own stash of precious kits to do this dare.
Yes, I really am a Muppet.

To see the template - and all the other awesome cards, visit the Daring Cardmakers Blog
I am particularly excited that Lynne has joined the team as a full time member and that Tracy is joining us for a few weeks as Guest deisnger. I know it's Designer really. The alternatives spellings given by my spell check were "derringer" and "mudslinger"!

Here are my cards then...
February SA kit papers (sold out I'm afraid). Flower stamp cut out and layered. Fibres given to me by my lovely friend Sue (they actually tone with the papers in real life but you can't see the blue of the pattern very well here. Honest). Safmat greeting. Details picked out with a lime green stickles

The card itself as well as the paper is from the same SA kit. Wooden button from same place as cute house. Little tag is from a Making Memories set I splurged on at Alexandra Palace. I couldn't beleive how well it went with the papers and stuck a safmat sentiment on top.

I've been tagged by a few people so will give it a go!
You have to do seven fact/habits about yourself .
Now because I tend to tell all I don't know what there is to say that I haven't already blogged about! but here goes
  1. I bite my nails but not down to the quick, so I've always got short finger nails
  2. I hate celery. It is repulsive. Interestingly Knorr stew sauces contain the warning "may contain celery" so I can't be the only one
  3. I will read anything and everything. Including ingredients lists on Knorr Stew sauces.
  4. I am very messy.
  5. If I really were a Muppet I like to think of myself as Animal but am really more like Beaker
  6. My head is full of useless information like what I was wearing on a particular day
  7. I would love to be a backing singer
  8. I am still a bit scared of dogs even though we had one for 14 years and I am looking forward to getting another. I am also scared of cows.
Ok that is probably enough to have me carted off.
I won't be away for ooh another 4 weeks so I promise to blog a bit more often!


Andrea C (Frog) said...

Gorgeous cards Lythan and yes i missed you, thanks for doing the tag.

Andrea xx

Paula said...

Yup, celery is repulsive!

Sarah said...

Lovely cards Lythan, that button is so cute.

Kathy said...

Dear Muppet.....
Your cards are fab. SA Kits are Fab. you introduced me to the kits, so you must be fab too!

Welcome home, I missed you

Lynne said...

Welcome home, course we missed you.
Love your cards Lythan.

I like celery raw, not in things, thats just not right.

Keryn Campbell said...

Aren't those brown and aqua colours stunning. I've enjoyed using that bit of the kit. As always gorgeous cards Lythan.

Sheila said...

Love your cards Lythan...especially the one with the heart.......gorgeous.

Rhi said...

Welcome home, Beautiful cards as always, I love that funky flower and the fibre across the first card, what happened to fibres eh?

Jo said...

Glad you had a good time away, Mums are so fantastic at cleaning! - not sure when you obtain the skill but after 5 years of being a mum it appears not to have happened yet lol
The SA papers are yummy, thank you so much for organising it all :) Gorgeous cards, the colours are just stunning.
Cows are not scary :) and I like celery lol

jo xx

Gillian said...

Oh it does sound like you had a wonderful time away.. but we did miss you :o)
love your cards Lythan.. beautiful use of the sketch and those delightful papers...
and enjoyed reading your tag.. you and your muppets! lol!

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Fabulous cards Lythan and I enjoyed reading your random facts about yourself!