Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I'm back briefly!
Finally managing to get my head above water. Thanks in part to DH who has twice forced me to go and do some crafting. You know you are seriously overworked when that happens. This week too is busy, but in a good way as it is Holy Week and there are services of some sort every day preparing for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It is just the best time for having your faith renewed and revived.

Then this weekend Phil's mum and sister are staying over. Erica arrives at Heathrow on Saturday morning and we are a good recovery stopover! It does mean that I have to tidy up my craft space to turn it into a bedroom, but you can't have everything.
I'm around another week and then won't be able to craft for a while again. Sob. Combo of a little holiday time and a lot of essay time. I have a 6000 word essay to do. I keep telling myself that I write about 2000 words a Sunday so it is really a breeze. But it all looks a bit scary from here.

Anyway I have two services today so must get on. I have done a dare card for today - hence the post! The theme was Easter Greetings.
Which actually is harder than you might think for a Christian because cute as they are - and the other Easter cards on the blog are just the cutest I have ever seen, Easter bunnies don't mean Easter to me. But an empty grave and people looking puzzled don't really make for an exciting card either. So I was inspired by what we now do at both my churches. Which in turn was inspired by my dad and his church in Rochdale. That is, to have an empty cross outside the church on Good Friday and fill it with flowers on Easter Sunday. Here is a picture from 2 years ago. At this church the cross is outside all the time. We just cover it with chicken wire and fill it with flowers.

And this is my card interpretation of it. (When I showed it to DH he informed me I used the same design last year. Oh well)

The lens of the camera apparently needs cleaning...
I printed onto the card using the new Ali Edwards free font from CK. If only you could really join it up... The papers are from a BG Mellow 6x6 pad. Prima flowers added with Opal White stickles type stuff in the middle.

I do Sympathy cards in a similar vein. The strip effect on the side was an accident as I didn't have the greeting spaced evenly. But it adds a little something I think. Sadly I have had to make far too many of these recently...
I'll be back sometime on Friday - but worship preparation starts early so it will be afternoon. Have a good Holy Week. Think of us Christians as we go on the final journeys with Jesus through cleansing out the temple, eating with his friends, trying to share everything with them before he died, being betrayed, arrested, beaten, treated unjustly and crucified. All for the sake of the world God loves so much.


Hazel said...

It is so good to hear from you on here and to see some crafting. I've been praying for you to survive through this very busy time - good for Phil for sending you to do some crafting. How I agree about Easter cards - I make them for others with the bunnies etc but I like to send some with the real meaning of Easter - hard to convey, but you've done it so well.

Jo Austin said...

Lythan... I love your interpretation of the Easter card. And the cross at the church is a lovely idea....something that wedon't have here.

Hope to 'hear' from you again when things have settled down for you. x

Kathy said...

Great to hear from you Lythan - we miss you when you're off doing other things, you know!

This is such a good idea for Easter - and for sympathy cards too, both occasions can be a little tricky.

Good luck with that essay!

artfulstampin said...

Lovely card Lythan. have a wondrous week. How great is OUR LORD! that he should love us so much!

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Lovely cards Lythan.

Andrea x