Friday, November 20, 2009

Now I am a-Muse-d

Earlier in the year I had notice that Muse were playing the O2. Tickets went on sale at 9am. I remembered at 9:30 and I just couldn't get tickets. Now I think I gave up too easily. Yesterday I had a note to say they are playing Wembley next September. Tickets went on sale this morning at 9. "Ah I won't forget this time" I said to myself and wrote a note and put it on my desk. I looked at it at 9:30 and then said some words that a Minister shouldn't know and decided to give it a go and got tickets! Naturally it is going to be a bit more of a trek as the 02 is easy from here and Wembley isn't but I hope it will be worth it. Nope, I know it is. My poor hubby is coming with me and says I am not allowed to sing along. It is on a Saturday so there may be a tired and hoarse Minister at Church the next morning!

I think the meeting on Wednesday went well. It certainly generated a lot of food for thought. I know what I would like to do next but it needs to be collaborative so I must present a range of options as to how to take it further. Very exciting though (not as exciting as going to see Muse but then what is?)

It is Daring day today and Rein came up with one to get us thinking!

and mydare this week is:
"The First Letter"
I'd like you to put things on your card which begin with the first letter of your name. You can use other things too, but see if you can use at least 3 things that share their initial letter with your own name.
You must go and read the struggles that the "K" and "V" girls had. I was a bit stumped until I found a kids picture dictionary with lots of simple "L" words in it.
And so brought to you by the letter "L" is
it has
Layers (just thought of that)
Lemon ink and papers and gem
Lollipop flower
a Label
a Loo roll (which is what the heart shape is made from)

actually that may come off to be replaced by an ordinary cardstock heart before I send it!

the papers and stickers are all October Afternoon; the gem is Prima and the leaf punch is Martha Stewart. The lace is from a bag beside the table. Before that, I have no idea. The bag beside the table contains cards other people have sent me and this lace. I don't know why I haven't put it with the ribbon or in my other accessories box but it did mean I knew where it was. I seem to be able to remember where things are better when I am untidy than when I tidy. Weird.

Here is the page I amde for the class on Monday. The idea was that people broughtphotos of themselves so that is why there is another "about me" page. They mostly didn't so I could have done something else but there you areLovely K and Co papers, my Sizzix letters and embossing title and doodling and punching and it is done. Phil took the photo of me on Monday in the conservatory (why does that sentence always end "with the lead piping" in my head?) where the light and reflection are flattering... Last night I looked in the mirror and realised I can't have looked properly all day as my hair was all over the place. Ah well!

It is Church Fair tomorrow and I will be "helping" kids make cards. They better put the lids straight on the glue sticks - that's all I'm saying.


Ruth said...

When my little one was even littler (about 5) her teacher suggested I went in to 'help' them cook. When I explained that even with just one - and my own flesh and blood at that - I would end up screaming 'I said DON'T TOUCH!' she withdrew the suggestion.
Wise woman.

Very glam picture, BTW & of course lovely lay out & that (am I using these technical words correctly?)

Lynda said...

Fabulous 'L' card Lythan - I think we had the easiest time this week lol. Fab layout too and I love the photo!

Love Lynda xxx

Anonymous said...

Excellent DCM card...loving the loo roll heart - genius!

And the photo of you is gorgeous...

Im quite envious regarding the Muse gig,they are meant to be the best live band ever - my brother said they were amazing.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card Lythan. Mine has one "V" thingy on it! haha

Your layout is gorgeous too. :)
Well done on getting your Muse tickets.


Rika said...

Fabulous DCM card Lythan!

Enfys said...

super card Lythan, loving this challenge, think I will have time to play this week, although at the moment all I can think of is enema and emery board (I'm tired!). Look at your photo, blimey girl, you look like a model in that, fantastic
En xx

Vicky said...

Fabulous 'L' card, so many, well done. Great layout too. :)x

Rosanne said...

This is wonderful!

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Your work is so beautiful.