Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A card for me?

I've got a little bit of the lurgy. I do tend to the man flu I will admit so I have been falling on my fainting couch and catching up with location, location, location these last two days, intersperesed with things I must do! So if I still had this card I would send it to myself. Only someone else needed it much more than I do! (She fell down the stairs. She is mostly ok though). Huge work load and said sniffles mean that I haven't blogged about my Daring card for last Friday as yet. This is it!
Kathy set us the clever theme of cards that rock or wobble. Mine doesn't wobble as much as it could have done as I went for a lacy bottom and it is a little more sturdy. Still goes with a hefty push though!

I cut out the kites, clouds and bows from a MME Lime Twist pad, stuck them down and sewed in the kite tails. This was very fiddly. All the papers are Lime Twist, the dies are Spellbinders, stamps from Imagine That and a Sharpie pen was used quite a lot.
The other designers did an amazing job this week so do take a moment to look at their blogs

One of my many things to do on Saturday was to go to the Church fair which had a Kings and Queens theme. I decided at the last minute to get dressed up.I am QE2 circa 1950. The dress was in a drawer )I'm not sure why) it belonged to my grandmother who was oviously about the same size as me as it was a perfect floor lenght. She died when I was 8 and I always assumed she was the same height as my mum. Maybe not then (Mum is 5" taller than me). The fur was hers too. Being a vegetarian I am anti fur. But as this fur stole was created in the 1930's I think I can be allowed to appreciate its lightness but warmth and the way it makes my skin look brighter. (Must. now. put. it. away). I had a little coronet which is a sparkly necklace that stayed in my hair and the perfect finishing touch of beautiful long white gloves (aka Carys' old socks with the end cut off).

Hope you are in fine fettle!


SueH said...

Sorry to hear that you’ve not been feeling that good Lythan but a spell on the sofa watching some of the things you love best often helps, so I hope you’re feeling better soon hun…..or should that Your Royal Highness. Lol!

Have to say, you look stunning in Grandmothers frock and Carys’s socks. The colour really suites you!


Ruth said...

Get well soon - sorry I can't make you a fab card that says it x