Monday, May 04, 2015

Bank Holiday washout

I was hoping to have a crafting bonanza this weekend seeing as it was (Inter) national scrapbooking day.
But no.
Friday was filled with the sorts of things a day gets filled with right before a building project and then a little bit more. If you are a Church related blog reader rather than a crafty one (or both!) then my tip is - get a Project Manager - worth every penny. I think I would have exploded with stress without one :)

All of which meant that most of Saturday was taken up with work and by the time I had finished I had no hywl left at all. If you don't know what that means, allow me to quote from The Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru (the big dictionary of Welsh recently published by the University of Wales) 
Hywl: A healthy physical or mental condition, good form, one’s right senses, wits; tune (of a musical instrument); temper, mood, frame of mind; nature, disposition; degree of success achieved in the execution of a particular task &c; fervour (esp religious), ecstasy, unction, gusto, zest; characteristic musical intonation or sing-song cadence formerly much in vogue in the perorations of the Welsh pulpit.

Yea, I had none of that.
Sunday afternoon's just a bit of planning for the youth group and then crafting actually turned into mostly planning and a little crafting. I've had a little time today although it has mostly involved a misty walk around Shaldon and Teignmouth. Lovely, lovely, lovely even in the mist although when we walked over the Shaldon bridge the estuary tide was out. We walked for aaaaaaages, right from the top of the car park in Shaldon, did the whole of the Ness beach through the Smugglers Tunnel and back; through Shaldon, across the bridge, on a little path that winds round the sea/traintrack right almost through until the train tunnel stops play at the other end of Teignmouth. And almost back again except we cheated and got the little ferry across the channel. We now have a very tired old dog. And two almost as tired old owners :)
That is the ferry across with the bridge we walked over to the far right. What a lovely boat eh?
The cliff on the far left is one side of The Ness cove (tunnel is through that I think!)
Proof that we were really there (you see this from the train. In the picture above this one, you see the walkway on the right and then a cliff? In between is the train track. It is an awesome run up country along the coast just here)
Tired dog availing herself of water in the "O"
The old codgers. I like this photo so expect to see it on a layout soon.

What we discovered was that the really nice places to eat are in Shaldon so we shall do this backwards another time. All of this is 15 minutes drive from our house. Just fab.

All of which is a long introduction to my Daring Card this week. May already! And it was my turn to choose a pictoral inspiration which turned out to be sadly in keeping with the weather just now.
I was inspired by the colours, the little handdrawn houses, the large amount of green and the kite on the string.
I used an Echo Park paper pad (Here and Now) which had almost the exact shades of papers all together.  Result! I added an embossing folder background to a white panel (which i had already drawn the black lines onto) and hand cut all the elements from different papers. I also used some new Lawn Fawn alphabet dies and some bakers twine for the string. Pretty basic lift really - some of the team have gone for more sophisticated take than me but I'm still happy with what I have done.
Here is hoping I have more craft time/better weather soon :)

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Kate said...

Nice card Lythan and love looking at pictures of your part of the world - brings back so many lovely holiday memories.

Thanks for stopping by the blog the other day. 2 recommendations for the Goldfinch, I will have to take a look at it.