Saturday, May 27, 2006

Almost famous

I got a big mention on Kel's blog today! It is funny because there are probably not that many people reading our blogs but the name check still makes me feel all important! I'm jealous of Kel cos she had the cool idea of naming her postings after songs and I just rambled. Ah well.

I amde a few more cards with the QVC kit. It really does make card making almost too easy. I am trying not to look at the 'how to' photos so i can make them my own. So out come the distress ink pads! Will post photos when i reutrn home next week.
Mum loved her cards - especially the one Carys made!

Today has been wet. we went to the Library.
The good news is that you can now renew books online.
The bad news is that I had renewed mine but not the kids.
The badder news is that you now have to pay fines for the kids. £10.50!
Carys said that she would pay her part of the fine. Awwww.

The work stuff is clearly going to get much worse over the next few weeks. It isn't right to post any more than that but when I ask for hugs you'll know that I really, really need them. I have done the right thing, but sometimes, Lord, that sucks big time.

Photo of the day is beloved crocs! A woman in Artbase stopped what she was doing and said 'oooooh, I love your shoes where can you get them?'. Once more I ought to be on commission for something...

Next time I post it wiill be from sunny (hah!) Wales.
Pob hywl!


Kelly K said...

Ah, my heart skipped a beat at the sight of your Crocs! It's not like I don't have two pairs of my own... As for the mention, you're most welcome, m'dear! I love reading your blog and I think everyone needs to be Slightly Squiffy. As for the song titles - don't be jealous - it's such a chore searching the lists for a suitable title evrey time I want to post!

Anita said...

Hope you are having a nice time in Wales... your QK dies aren't missing you at all but are a bit miffed at being overworked!

PS. my money is on ONE update whilst you are away :)