Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Slowly improving

Still a bit of a wet rag but have bursts of energy. Even put away the washing - which means its time to do more - boohoo. Have been let off work today as i have very little voice and its no good chairing a church meeting without a voice. You know how naughty they can be.
yes, joke!

So I might as well introduce the rest of the fambly.
Here is Dutch.
This was taken in the summer when he ran out in front of a car. Long expensive story. He was better off than the car...
Dutch is mostly Border Collie. Its a dumb name but as we were his fourth home in 9 months I felt another name change would be too much.
For years he was a bit of a pain as he was not keen on small children and we had rather a lot for a while! But now he is old he is more mellow and they all mix well together. He does a lot of sleeping and snoring now as he is about 14.

Then we have 'the girls' aka Spot and Mrs Miggins.

They are chickens number 4 and 5 as Marvin the Paranoid Chicken (1) escaped. Very clever, except this is a fox ridden area so she didn't get far.
BiBi (the ravenous bugblatter beast of Traal, number 2) and Trillion (number 3) got eaten by a fox INSIDE their fox proof house because someone (and he knows who he is and has to live with it for life so i won't mention his name in this context again) kindly cleaned out the Eglu but forgot to put the door back on.

When we got these hens we decided that being named after Hitch-hikers characters was not very lucky so irony (Spot) and Blackadder (Mrs M) won round.

Incidentally last film night we watched 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'
Better explain that every other Monday is movie night where we have a takeaway and watch a film 'during which mum is not allowed to do any card making stuff'. The concession of cross stitching has been given cos otherwise I fall asleep.
So Monty P it was and they loved it. it has been sooo funny hearing them going round the house being the Knights who say Ni and 'I'm not really dead'. It feels like passing on a rich piece of heritage.
"we want a shwubbewy!"

To finish the pets we have goldfish who no longer get named cos they don't last long enough, tadpoles in the pond, a fish in the pond WHICH WE DID NOT PUT THERE. (Spooky eh?) ands lots of dustbunnies.

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