Saturday, May 13, 2006

Moan, sniff, moan, cough, moan, scratch

Yes I've got hayfever.
I am the world's worst hayfever sufferer.
What is weird is that before I was married I never had hayfever. Then every year it has gradually got worse and worse.
When we got married Phil had terrible hayfever and each year it gradually gets better and better.
I think he is secretly passing it on to me in the middle of the night.
If only I knew how...

Actually Hywel gets it worse than I do poor lamb.
I try and tell him "Just wait until you get married and you can secretly give it to your wife in the middle of the night" but strangely these words do not help...

Hardly slept last night, drove Phil to the Spare Oom with the strange noises that came from me trying to breathe. Totally knackered today and trying to work on my sermon. for which I need a clear head!!!!
I'm linking Anansi the Spider Man, Christian Aid week and Jesus saying "I am the vine and you are the branches".
I'll let you know tomorrow if it worked!

Plus I know you are all dying to know about the rest of the family but that will have to be tomorrow too.
This evening there is a family party at Phil's Church which is 100 years old and I have to sing 'Baby it's cold outside' with him (he is being Tom Jones and I'm being Cerys matthews from Catatonia. Actually at the moment I feel catatonic and sound like Tom Jones...)
Which means we have to record Dr Who.
Cue one unhappy family....


Kathy said...

I sympathise re the dreaded hayfever, Lythan! Mine only started about 10 years ago and contact lenses and sore itchy eyes don't really go together very well.

q1. Are Ministers allowed to say "knackered"?
q2. Has RevNev taken sermon avoidance to a new level now she's got a blog?

Lythan said...

If its ok for Prince Charles then its ok for me. But probably not in a sermon.
And blogs are quite addictive aren't they? I say no more...

Jane said...

really enjoying your blog Lythan ! you are making me smile as usual !

The Amazing Nevard said...

I'll have to remember that bit abot passing it on to my wife.
Then i an walk peafully throuhg the field- I mean... umm...
not get hayfever while I'm doing... sutff.

Wouldn't make me gooutside though =P

Rachel said...

Lythan sorry to hear about the hayfever (as a child I suffered badly, but touch wood havent had it for years) I too did wonder whether your allowed to say "knackered" hehe, am enjoying your blog and meeting the rest of the family. Good luck with the singing, hope you feel better soon