Friday, May 12, 2006

My family

Didn't keep you in suspense for long!
So let me tell you a little bit more...

I have been married to Phil for what will be 18 years on 28th May. Personally I don't believe that because
a: I am not old enough to have been married for that long, what with only being 28 inside
b: I can't believe that Phil has managed to cope with me for that long. My parents would agree. You have never seen people so happy to see their daughter married off.

So here he is...
He is wearing
a: the slightly resigned face of a husband who wishes he hadn't agreed to that new digital camera
b: the smug smile of a Bolton fan who has just watched Bolton beat Charlton 4-1 live at the Reebok
c: His brand new footie shirt bought to celebrate the momentous occasion

Phil is also a Minister in the United Reformed Church and serves 2 Churches in Upminster and Hornchurch.
Unlike certain MP's losing his hair has not made him seek out surprising company although now I think about it, the less hair he has the more dedicated to Bolton Wanderers he is...

When I was young and shallow(er) I used to think I could never love a man who was bald.
I know!
But hey, I'm being honest.
And I realised very, very quickly that it doesn't matter what state a man's hair is in (apart from a comb over obviously) he can still be beautiful.
And Phil is the most caring, wonderful, funny, laid back, handy man, brilliant, awesome guy it is my privilege to love.

You are right. He will be reading this.
But it's still all true!

Its Friday (aka sermon avoidance day) so back to Worship prep for now. Stay tuned for more Nevard news later.

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Rachel said...

awww Lythan, its so lovely to see Phil and Ive got a lump in my throat with your comments about him and your love. Neither of you look old enough to be married that long - wow, whats your secret.

and in answer to your "fancy clock" question. you can add them free to your template NZ Jane has helped me loads and inspired me with my blog.

Look forward to "meeting" the kids x