Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Phil!

I managed to get up with the kids, watch him open his pressies then i went back to bed while he made their breakfast, packed lunches and saw them off to school.
How I love that man!
I managed to finish his present yesterday and he was pleased to get his 'favourite' card from the ones have already made. It is one in this style

but using the American Crafts Bookshelf papers which I love, love, love.
I enjoy making this style of card as it is effective but super easy. Cut out rectangles of paper, snip some of the ends, punch out circles then turn them into flames (triangles with rounded bottoms!), ink around and stick on at funny angles!
Phil's pressies were
  • Phil's treats: my book of tokens (hopefully piccie will appear later when am human again). Has tear off coupons for a lie-in, night out etc. Had to buy a perforator in order to make it. hee hee!
  • Two pairs of smart 3/4 length shorts. Yup he was a bit underwhelmed.
  • A paper game and paper pen topper made lovingly by Emrys and Carys
  • West Wing series 4. Which is around when we had to stop watching it cos the schedhuling went funny.
  • A t-shirt with 'I love my chickens' on it and a photo of Spot and Mrs Miggins. I still haven't told you about the pets have I? Patience, my child.
  • a fantastic computer game made by Hywel called the Philifier. http://img474.imageshack.us/my.php?image=philifier1jo.swf

Tonight's cordon bleu meal may be a trip to McDonald's if he is really lucky. Then Phil has an elder's meeting. I have thought about making a cake but my sick bed sounds more inviting. Plus I have to turn my craft space back into a meeting room for his meeting.

Happy birthday Honeybun. Love you!!!!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Phil, hope you have a great day!!

wow Hywels game is fab, a very talented boy.

hope you feel better soon Lythan (((hhhuuuuugggggssssssss))))

Kelly K said...

Happy Birthday Phil! Love the card Lythan - you are so talented. And how cool is Hywel's game?

Jane said...

love the card Lythan.very effective. well done .