Saturday, May 13, 2006

My birthday surprise

so when I knew that number 3's due date was 26th June and my birthday is 29th June I began thinking.
And I thunk
  • wouldn't it be nice to have the baby on my birthday (yes I'm mad. What better way to spend your birthday than IN LABOUR)
  • wouldn't it be fantastic if I finally got a girl. (Boys love ya loads but I wanted some pink in my life)
  • wouldn't it be wonderful if she had red, curly hair.

Readers, thats what I got. Yes we share a birthday. And not just any old day. Not only is it almost halfway from Christmas but it is the Saints Day of St Peter AND St Paul. 2 of the toppest saints there are!

My baby Carys will be 10 soon.
NB: When we chose her name it was fairly unusual. I'd never met a Carys, just liked it because it is Welsh for love and also Greek for grace or gift.
BUT somehow almost the whole of Wales seems to have read the same baby book in 1996 because there are loads of them. Carys even has 2 cousins called Carys (Mine was first!). You shout 'Carys' in Swansea market and half the girls turn around.
It was the 19th most popular girls name in Wales in 2005. Even Catherine Zeta Jones Douglas has one. Ah well still like the name!

Here she is - I love taking her photo and she loves having it taken...


The Amazing Nevard said...

haha, yes you are crazy.
BTW, why am I not in your links yet? D=

only joking XP

Rachel said...

what a gorgeous piccie of a very pretty young lady, great photo to scrap Lythan x