Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy 12th Embo!

Yup. My middle baby is 12 today.
Doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago since I spent the night before watching 4 weddings and a Funeral in the cinema (laughed so hard thought I'd have the baby there)
He was induced which made life easy.
Won't bore you with the birth - here are the highlights

  • waters broken
  • baby in distress
  • Doc saves day at last minute with a pair of tongs
  • Dad eats sandwiches and watches cricket rather than gaze lovingly at wife and new son.
  • "You were both dozing"does NOT count as an excuse.

12 years on Emrys is still cute - though hates to be thought so. He spent AGES opening his cards and reading everything.

Here is the one I made for him

Here is the lovely poem Carys wrote inside her card (I missed off the end of the word 'perfect')

Here is the game Hywel made for him on flash- the Emrys sizemogrifier

And here is Emrys' stash

  • a big frisbee thing
  • latest Darren Shan book
  • Postman Pat trumps (ironic gift)
  • favourite Maom sweets
  • a thing that shoots foam bullets at people who come into your room unasked
  • a computer game
  • pens to design Manga comics
  • Do it yourself Beano maker (cool!)
  • some money

Have a lovely day sweetie!

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