Friday, May 12, 2006

Nevards: the Next Generation

So now we are onto the children...
I have 3 little dears.
This is Hywel

He is almost 14 and has just finished year 9 STS ready to start his GSC's. EEEEeeeeek!
Hywel is scarily clever. He can do maths and science type things like his dad and arty farty english type things like his mum.
Not so good at languages so I have something to feel slightly superior about
(what do you mean you're not supposed to be in competition with your children)

Hywel embraces his geekiness with pride.
He is naff at sports but brill at computers.
He remembers EVERYTHING.
He is quite outspoken. (e.g. dares to disagree with his honoured Mother from time to time. And sometimes even has the nerve to be right. OK most of the time)

By the time he was two he would mediate in 'full and frank discussions' by his parents at the front of the car.
"Dat's not what Daddy said, you wong Mummy"
"I fink Mummy is telling the twoof"
He loves to draw, read, plays the cello and most of all
play on the computer.

He is also a committed Christian. The children were dedicated as babies to give them the option to choose baptism as a mark of entry to their grown up faith. Hywel asked to be baptised at the age of 12 and shares his faith and good advice with his friends.

Hywel has a false front tooth due to an accident when he was 11. Excellent for scaring people with.
Can you spot which one it is?

First Aid Adviceof the Day:
Should you loose an adult tooth for some reason, place it as quickly as possible in milk and this will keep it alive longer allowing more chance of a successful rerooting. Otherwise you have about half an hour to find a dentist.


Rachel said...

wow Hywel looks sooo much like you Lythan

Kathy said...

hehehe I was just going to write that when I read Rachel's commnet!

maggie said...

Lythan Hywel looks like you oops i see it's already been said

The Amazing Nevard said...

Hey, Hywel looks just l- Oh wait, I'm Hywel.


Lythan said...

You do Hywel. Get over it.

Rachel said...

Hywel - just think when your 40 youll look twenty years younger too!