Monday, May 29, 2006

Keep your paws crossed

I'll explain the title later.
Here I am in - gasp - truly sunny Swansea. It did rain in the middle of the day when we were going to go to the Swansea show, but the rest of the day has been lovely.
Yesterday was our 18th wedding anniversary. I gave Phil the romance card I made for the Brun card comp. YOu can't write on it!!!! So he says he only presumes it was from me.
Apparently he ran out of time to get a card. Yes 364 days since the last anniversary does fly by doesn't it.
Still I have now got the gift that is more precious than rubies.
And he shall pay when he least suspects.Mwah, ha ha ha.

We spent the day in a combination of leading worship, Church meetings, a card making class and driving to Swansea.

During worship I told a story and everyone had to make the noise of various tools (yes there was a point to making everyone feel stupid.It was for me to have a laugh..No it was about how we need to work together but still need the master builder (Jesus) to help us do that.When I'm back home I'll post the link so you can all play along) Anyway we have a little baby called Ayomede who comes with his family.He is about 7 months old. We were all going 'bang, bang' bang' being the hammer and making a hammer action. And he joined in.He waved his little fist and went "ba,ba,ba" How cute was that!
Sadly it meant that everyone was paying more attention to him than the meaning of the story but I'm hoping the Holy Spirit will work on that during the week.

The card making session was part of a Primary Care Trust community initiative on being healthy.I had mentioned that I think card makign is therapy and so got roped in. It was good fun but I am learning that at public events people tend to think that card making is only fort he children. And the children either take your basic idea, turn their nose up at it and create something far better OR just use up ALL the stuff you have brought in a kind of 'more is more' effect.
I did get some adults to try it and their pride at having made their own card was fantastic.
(BUT if you listen to me and do EXACTLY as I say it would be much better)
Couldn't say it out loud at the time. Have done now. Feel much better.

The journey up wasn't bad and could have been worse as we were diverted off the M4 at Junction 17.If we had gone just a few yards further beyond that junction we might still have been there now thanks to a huge accident. We spent the whole journey listening to 8 episodes of Radio 4's Old Harry's Game. Hurrah for portable car radios with MP3! OHG is written by Andy Hamilton and takes palce in Hell. It combines philosophy, religion and comedy quite brilliantly with enough crudeness thrown in to keep most of the Nevards happy and the youngest puzzled. We have enough to fill the journey back as well.

Phil thought he would have to go back today as we have left Dutch the Dog with our fantastic neighbours June and Brian. Our poor hound had slept on the parquet floor all night and couldn't get up. A few worried hours and phonecalls later and he'd managed it. He will be sleeping in a carpeted room tonight. He is old, fat and has arthritis and a weak front leg following his car accident. Think we will have to take him with us or just leave him with mother in law from now on. I hope he manages to get up tomorrow.
SO now you know why the paws are crossed...
Today has been relaxing, lazy and fun.Hope yours was too!


Kathy said...

ooooooh Swansea!

Isn't there the most fantastic ice-cream shop there? Joe's I think it might be.

Go investigate, Lythan

Lythan said...

There are TWO most fantastic ice cream shops in Swansea. Joe's is for your vanilla and your chocolate sundaes. Verdi's is for your every flavour possible and toppings that aer sublime. We try and fit in a visit at least once a hoiday!