Monday, May 22, 2006


I drive myself mad sometimes, I really do.
I'm itching to do some crafty stuff after getting lots of goodies at the weekend.
I really have to do some tidying of the house first and some washing.
A NORMAL person could achieve this in two hours and then have lots of fun doing cool, creative stuff.
not me.
Oh no.
Why do something efficiently when you can do things
reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllly slowly,
take breaks and then have no time to do what you want.
on the bright side I did finish my latest read!!!
Good story - ended before I wanted it to. Love a bit of chick lit I do!
Must remember to pack it to take to Swansea next week to give to my friend Suzanne. Don't worry blog fans - my dad has a computer so I can still keep up with some entries. I've only been doing this a week and this is my 14th entry.
Do you think this could possibly be another form of procrastination? Surely not!

Anyway my tasks are nearly done so I can get on with a bit of card making.
Only trouble is that it is Movie Night tonight...
Once a fortnight we watch a DVD and have a takeaway so that cuts down on crafting time.

What do you mean I should be glad of the family moments that will help to shape my children in years to come?
I could be making cards!!!!!!
well as long as its a good one.

Photo of the day is another one of my lovely girl. It will look nice in my new scrapbook.....

....when I get around to it....

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Rachel said...

wow what a gorgeous photo, and dont you just love Marian Keyes. I like Jill Mansell too - easy to read, predictable but good chick reads.