Sunday, May 14, 2006

Really slightly squiffy

If you were wondering... the blog name comes from 3 things.
One is the nearest thing to a nickname I have ever had. (apart from 'Greaseball' which is what my brother used to call me. Gee thaks Bro)
A little girl (I expect she is about 25 with little girls of her own now) used to call me 'Wiffen' which gets shortened to Wiffy.

Another is that I can't cut straight or glue things on straight. At least not first time. When I started making cards I called myself 'twirly cards' (dunno why really). Now I wish that 'd thought of 'slightly squiffy' then...

And my view of life and sense of humour are probably more than slightly squiffy....

Anyhoo, today i really am slightly squiffy. One eye is almost completely swollen. I would show you a piccie but sadly Phil has taken the camera to photograph his church flower festival. Take it from me, its ugly. Hayfever has a lot to answer for - but I think I might have a cold as well.
Cue the violins.

Is it time for me to come out as a hypochondriac?

Phil has borrowed the harp for the flower festival which has reminded people that I can play it so in a mad moment of weakness I agreed to play for his colleague's sons wedding in August 2007. Why did I do that?
I have a love/hate relationship with the harp. People love to hear me play and I hate playing it in public.
Let's hope they forget the whole idea...

Oh in case you are wondering - there is a display that goes with the Psalm 'praise him on the trumpet, lyre and harp'. They had a trumpet and a little guitar thing and the arranger said 'if only we had a harp'. Phil said "Oooh we've got one at home". Its even the same colour as the material they have as part of the display so looks fantastic

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