Thursday, May 18, 2006

Munsching away...

I actually managed some work today. Gasp, faint.
Didn't have a good night because I am making a thankyou gift for someone for Saturday and it keeps going wrong. Yesterday I was almost in tears over it.
Sadly I am that over dramatic.
Phil said it would look better in the morning. And he was right.
There are still problems with it but I think I can work round them.
If only my hands would do what my brain wanted them too. Its mostly problems with being slightly squiffy!
Well as long as the "lucky " recipient smiles and doesn't look too closely on the day she can throw it away when she gets home.

This Sunday the worship is about love. Which is a nice thing to talk about. But also a bit limiting.
God loves you. we love each other because Jesus first loved us. Its a good message. A great message. But could be over in 2 minutes...

So I did what I always do in a sermon type emergency. I went surfing.
First stop was 2 Peas.
OK so its a scrapbooking site rather than religious, but it can be inspirational... And a black hole of sermon prep avoidance!

There I found a link to another fantastic site called Bembo's Zoo
That is an awesome timewaster!

And finally someone mentioned something that was a real help on textweek
That was to this book Love you forever by Robert Munsch. I have done a quick order on Amazon and God willing will get it before Sunday but you can find the text of the story here.
This is about a Mother's love for her son and how that love gets passed on. So I can talk about how God's love is so much bigger even than that.

I love Munsch books. We discovered them when we went to Canada when the boys were 2 and just born.
(When H was born I wouldn't leave Hartlepool until he was about 3 months old, just in case. Emrys went to Canada at 7 weeks...)
we have these...

Grandma has this one...
and my all time favourite (cos it has the word Fart in I expect. But it really is very funny)

They are brilliant stories for reading aloud over and over again!

Right back to the 'gift' and I need to make Emrys' birthday card as he will be 12 tomorrow.
Everythig done for Sunday bar the Sermon but that is halfway there thanks to Mr Munsch!

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