Wednesday, November 22, 2006

And life goes on

Can't believe so long has gone since I last blogged. OK so its only a few days but I try to write something every few days because I'm always disappointed when I open a blog and realise I have read what has been said before.

So what has happened in my slightly squiffy world?
Children's bit on Sunday was fabbo. we made our tower and i asked if anyone else could paly with it "NO" shouted one of the kids and we made up some rules it was just for us, agreed that wasn't God's way and they knocked it down. Toby cou;dn't have done it better if i'd primed him. What a sweetie.

Monday I met up with SueH my fantastic crafty friend who reads this but never comments (hi Sue!). we tried out the new craft shop in Upminster called Imagine That. oh wow. it is lovely. Not tooooooo much stock but some different things. A great cropping area and lots to see. I bought one pack of rub ons as I am trying to cut down on spending.

Then we thought we ought to go to Artbase so it didn't feel left out. Now that is crowded but lovely too. I just bought some crate Paper (Birdie) and matching Bazzill to make an exploding box as a Christmas pressie but I love the paper so much i don't want to cut it now!

In the evening my dad arrived for a stop over for a meeting in London. Then I went to an orchestra rehearsal as I am playing the harp in a piece with them. look this is me actually playing the harp!
I know you can't see my head but it is me honest!
And I did my cards for the dare blog this week. I have to do them early in the week in case there is no time later. I am not, and never have been a girly swot!

Tuesday was mostly work. Today I had an earyl start with a breakfast meeting at Romford Dogs! Interesting venue - but rather cold (we were inside but I think they expect people to have sports coats and flat caps on at all times). My second meeting finished early so i had more time with the girls at Royston. 3 craft shops in 3 days! A few of us who live within about an hour of Royston have met up there for 'Christmas' lunch for the last two years. its good fun.
I only bought 2 packs of 99p rub ons (OK so in the meantime I ordered BG Fruitcake from SA becasue they have a great deal on but I pretending to be a virtuous scrapper this week)

Here we are eating lunch. SueH and sueW. And the remnants of my baked potato. The ONLY baked potato left. I got in before Clare and carolyn who were then trying to force me to enjoy every last bite while they slurped their second choice soup. Carolyn spent the rest of the time looking daggers at me. watch
And here I am looking like a potato There is another photo of me where I look better but this is the nicer one of Janice who hates having her photo taken so as a reward for her you get all my chins....
and finally carol had so much fun sitting next to JJ that she felt forced to entertain herself
Pants weather driving home. Kids tea to make then out for a meeting. Not much time for crafting this week til oooh Monday I expect :(. But I may gaze at the crate paper a little longer...


Bex said...

Hiya Lythan

Shame I couldn;t make it today - I wanted to give you a big squeeze type hug!
Just busy this end making stock for a possible event next week.

Hope you are well and you will have to have a cyber hug instead

Love Bex xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Fab write up - and love the pic of you with the harp - can see your arms are long enough!

As if I was upset about the potato.....I mean it was only a potato! (Actually I had already decided on the soup tee hee).

Paula J Atkinson said...

I always feel guilty if I don't update with something as I get disappointed when I check my list of blogs & find some with several day old posts. However, we crafters are busy people & we shouldn't feel too guilty if we are on new project seeking missions such as stash buying!!!!
Look forward to seeing some of your creations with your crate paper!

Kathy said...

great catch-up blog, Lythan

Lovely to see all the photos - especially the harp one, I'm still in awe of you being able to play that - is there no end to your talents?

Glad you had a good time at Royston and were able to catch up with everyone.

Sue said...

nice pic of YOU Lythan did you get a PRO!!!! in lol this is so childish it has made me crack up

Anonymous said...

OK Lythan, you’ve shamed me into breaking my silence.

It was really great meeting up with you twice in three days but what did I do to deserve you putting that photo of me on here?

By the way that Crate paper is really scrummy!

Paula said...

Great pic of you and the harp, it's such a beautiful instrument - will you be demoing at the next meet?