Saturday, November 18, 2006

My new man

Yes Johnny Depp came to the Romford URC Church Fair today. So did our local MP. And Nemo
What is it with my daughter and large cuddly toys? she has the smallest bedroom one could have yet she insists on toys being lifesize...
Yes we had a Pirate theme.

Enjoyable but tiring!
And now I have managed to polish off my sermon and worked out what to do with the kids tomorrow (we will build a big tower of cardboard boxes, admire it and then I will knock it down being a kill joy. because what Jesus says in the Bible passage is a criticism of the way loads of effort has been put into building and maintaining the Temple instead of actively sharing God's love with people).
But I am tired after all that effort so it will be a craft free zonk in front of the tv.
Me and Johnny snuggled up together.
Sorry I mean Phil, PHIL, yes Phil and I snuggled up together
(wonder what he would look like in my bandanna?)


Paula J Atkinson said...

My oh My.... as the lurpak ads says you hussy you!!!!!
He is rather scrummy like that isn't he!!!!!!!

Gillian said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun..
Love your box talk, great point.
I'm sure it will have a great impact, as well as being fun for the kids.

Beadyjan said...

You made me laugh Lythan - would it be cruel to guess that he'd look even better than you in your bandanna!

Oblibby said...

Oooooo Lythan I love the life size Johnny Depp - he is so gorgeous.

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