Monday, November 10, 2008

Ever wanted to match your clothes to scrap product?

I can't capture the photo but look here

(its even better in this weeks Bella not that I would admit to buying such a mag to read with my tea. Oh no)

Do you think the designer is a scrapper? It is such a match for Ambrosia!

Right back to a powerpoint on the Desert Fathers and their passions...


Hazel said...

Looks like a true scrapper's dress (or maybe not!). Love your dotty card. Hope the seminar talk goes well tomorrow xx

Anice said...

Where do you think paper designers get their ideas from? Wallpaper, fabric, stuff you see all about you.. Dresses!!well that's what I do anyway!!!
Anice xx

jay670120 said...

Lol ive heard people like you !!! only kidding . I see stuff like papers all the time !
if you fancy showing off your work , entering competitions and challenges come and join us at theres a chance to win £50 worth of Tools too on the 15th of each month !
x jayne x