Monday, November 24, 2008

Production line

Today I have been mostly doing this
about 50 done - about another 40 to go!
I used the craft robo to cut the crowns thanks to my DCM buddy Kathy B. I have used a variety of papers - Piggy Tales, Crate Paper and Junkitz to stop me getting bored of the same design

Christmas card making was interspersed with more pages of the Aachen mini book. Actually I don't think mini book will be the right word when it is done! Here's hoping I don't bosh it up when it comes to Binding it all!
I'm still loving those Ambrosia papers. Just as well as I still have many photos to go!
I've also done some boring home stuff too but I've enjoyed crafting as I will have very little time for it later this week. Its Advent Sunday this Sunday and once more has caught me by surprise - despite me knowing that Advent usually begins in November. Friday is also the 16th anniversary of my Ordination (becoming a Minister). It always amuses me when I throw that into a conversation as people reckon I am only about 25 now. (Its creeping up thanks to the odd few gray hairs and the odd many lines)

I did squeeze in making a card for a Church Member in hospital
It features more of the papers from Fridays dare. I'm trying to make more than one card out of papers and even (gasp!) use them up. Sadly I still have enough left for another one or two cards, from this kit, but I'm getting there!


Canne said...

love the cards Lythan, wouldn't fancy having to do so many of the same though - you'll get there .

Pootle said...

those xmas cards are fab Lythan! Since you are making such good progress, do you fancy giving me a hand with mine when you're done? :)

Kathy said...

WOW! those C cards look fab! Your doodling really "makes" them iykwim

Great LOs and a cute get well card too - I loved those SA kit papers - I've only got a few scraps left now

Hazel said...

Love the production line cards - such a good design. Great LOs - I know what you mean about using up papers - I've got a couple of boxes that I ought to try to use

Hazel said...

Me again - there's something for you on my blog.